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    When humans who have a balanced scale or never got a true chance at life die, they go to live in the Undercity for a year. The Undercity is the more popular name for the Underworld. It is ruled by Hades, his wife Persephone and it is managed and overseen by his Reapers.

    The Undercity resides between Heaven and Hell and is adjacent to Earth. However, without having judgement passed upon you, it is impossible to leave the city and enter those places.

    The Undercity is filled with skyscrapers, and just about every establishment that you would find on earth save for any establishments relating to physical health, and death.

    Every room in a skyscraper serves as an apartment for a single citizen. No matter who you are or what you’ve done, you will always have a home in the Undercity until your judgement day. All of the rooms are the same size and consist of a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen. If desired, it is possible to acquire a terrace or patio in which to garden, however in order to acquire one you must submit a request to Persephone.

    The city is split into two parts by the River Styx. It is impossible to cross through the River of Styx without being dragged into hell. In order to cross to the other side of the Undercity, you must make use of one of the bridges passing over the river.

    Arriving in the Undercity
    When a human dies, their soul is pulled out of their body and they have the option of remaining in place or wandering. Either way, a reaper departs from the Undercity to fetch the soul and lead them to the Undercity. But that is only if the soul fits the requirements of citizenship in the Undercity.

    The Reaper brings the soul to the entrance to the River Styx, where they board a boat, and begin their journey to the Undercity Port. Upon reaching the port, the orientation of the soul begins.

    The Reaper who brought the soul to the city informs the soul who has now reaquired their previous human form, of their purpose in the city.

    A human who has done an equal amount of Kalos (good) and Kakos (bad) deeds, cannot enter Heaven or Hell and therefore must enter the Undercity so that their destination can be determined. The purpose of their citizenship in the Undercity is for them to live their life. How their life was lived will determine if they go to Heaven, Hell or if they are given a second chance at life and are reincarnated. You have 365 days to determine where you will go.

    In order to keep track of the Kalos and Kakos deeds that they commit, every human is given a stone tablet. One side is rough and the other side is smooth. The rough side represents the Kakos side of life and the smooth side represents the Kalos side. When a human commits a bad act, a tally mark is added to the Kakos side. When they commit a good act, a tally mark is added to the Kalos side.

    One the 365th day, Reapers will come and escort the human to the palace of Hades, there Hades will count the amount of Kakos and Kalos marks. If there are more Kakos marks than Kalos, the human will go to hell. If there are more Kalos then Kakos the human will go to Heaven. If the amount of marks are equal, the human will be reincarnated.

    Now go. Live your life. And I, being the one who brought you here, will see you in 365 days. Here is the key to your home, as well as your tablet. Keep in mind that tablets cannot be destroyed or marked by a human.

    Undercity Beings
    Hades is the God of the Underworld and the ruler of the Undercity. He is never seen until one exceeds their time in the undercity and must attend their judgement day. The only ones who know his appearance are his reapers, his wife and the citizens that attend their judgement day.

    Persephone the Goddess of Spring Time, unlike her husband she is rarely seen but does make appearances when someone’s garden flourishes. She is also the one a human must submit a request to if they wish to have a garden.

    Reapers are creatures that oversee the Undercity, lead humans into the city and run various establishments in the city. Reapers resemble humans in every way save for their gray skin color and gray eyes. Reapers wear black and speak in low, whisper like tones however they are capable of screeching when angered. Unlike in human lore, reapers do not carry scythes to reap the souls of humans. They instead collect the waiting souls at the time of death with nooses that they loop around the souls essence.

    Undercity Ctitzen Requirements
    In order to be a citizen of the Undercity, a human must have been;

    In a coma. [Moderate]

    A suicide victim. [Common]

    Someone who did an equal amount of good and bad things. [Rare]

    Someone with schizophrenia.* [Common]

    *When these people are brought into the city they no longer have mental health issues.

    Life in the Undercity
    A citizen can choose to work, start a family, commit crimes or spend all of their year mourning their own death. There are no laws to restrict them.

    A human can submit a request to the Goddess Persephone, to be given a plot of fertile land to garden. The success or neglect of this garden will impact the Kakos and Kalos marks. If the garden flourishes, Kalos marks will be given. If the garden is neglected and dies, Kakos points will be given. If you don’t have a garden, nothing will happen to you.

    Both wild and domestic animals are present in the Undercity. However if you wish to have a pet, it is encouraged to adopt one at a pet store or a shelter. If a wild animal is taken as a pet, Kakos marks will be added to the owner’s tablet. However, if the animal is happy living with the owner, the Kakos marks will be removed and Kalos marks will be added. If the animal, wild or domestic is unhappy living with the owner, Kakos marks will be added.

    I will private message you with the status of your tablet every in game day

    Include the amount of days left in the Undercity in all of your posts

    No Godmodding

    No Special snowflakes, Mary Sues, Gary Stues etc

    Site Rules Apply

    Sex scenes should fade to black and/or taken to pms

    You don’t have to be JK Rowling, but you need to know how to write properly, and use proper spelling and grammar.

    Two paragraphs (one paragraph is 5-8 sentences) minimum, per post.

    If you are a new citizen, the rp will start at the time of your death. You roleplay the reaper that reaps you. Please keep in mind the description and personality of reapers.

    If you read the rules put Tombstone at the end of your post.

    Reapers have Greek names.

    Hades, Persephone and the Reapers are NPCs. (Except for when a reaper is bringing you to the city)

    At the time of your character's judgement the reaper that brought you to the city will take you to see Hades for your judgement day. I will rp Hades.

    Character Sheet
    Appearance: Description or Picture (real only)


    AoD: (Age of death)


    CoD: (Cause of death)

    Remaining Citizenship Time:

    Personality: (Description, no list)

    Background: (At least two paragraphs)

    Kalos Marks: (only if you aren’t new)

    Kakos Marks: (only if you aren’t new)



    Requesting a garden?

    So this is just an interest check and I need to see who's interested. Sooo, who is interested? Also can anyone make a banner for lil ol' me? Only if this gathers interest though.
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  2. Def interested. Sounds very cool.
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  3. Count me in on this!!!! :) :3
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  4. Awesome! Hopefully my banner will pull in some more people once it gets approved. :3
  5. I am interested in this as well. :]
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  6. I love this concept. Count me as interested.
  7. Yaaay! :D I'll be making the Sign Up thread soon.
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  8. This certainly looks promising! :3

    Question, if our character has lived in undercity for some time, is it possible for them to already have a garden or must the request happen in the IC?
  9. @Lady Bernkastel

    Yes, current undercity citizens can already have gardens, they don't have to role play the request. That's only for new people, or current citizens who didn't already have a garden.
  10. Sweet tombstones ;)
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  11. This is interesting! Can a murder victim enter the city or does it have to be one of those above situations?
  12. @Yuuki_Tatsunohi
    If the murder victim fits under the 'balanced scale' category, sure. ^^
  13. hmm I might have to join this.....

    it looks good >.<
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  14. look kewl
  15. @Leo

    Check out the sign up thread linked at the top if you are interested. ^^
  16. Love the sound of this! :)
  17. awwwwwwwww.... ;(
  18. @Princess of the Teacup
    I was really looking forward to the RP, but I didn't want to post again until more people posted so we can know their general whereabouts and interact. :c
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