Undead Sons of Death

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    This would be a story about two brothers who continue to resurrect after dying and wake up somewhere nearby completely unscathed. This is maddening to them, for they still feel the pain and usually die each day with their bad luck.

    The story is they are the sons of a mortal man and the Goddess of Death, Aiya. They are not allowed to enter the Underworld and join their mother because the God of Mischief, Morys, cursed the boys to never enter.

    This is because he is angry at her for having an affair with a human and will not let her see her children.

    I'm looking for more than a partner, I'm looking for a friend that I can laugh with and joke with. But I also want them to have a good understanding of grammar.
  2. Oy, I'd like to do this. I'm a little rusty on my role playing though. ^^" and isn't the picture of Poland and Lithuania from Hetalia┬┐
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    Well, cool! Uh, care to PM me?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.