Undead Fantasy Game

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  1. I came up with this idea while I was high. It seemed like it would be entertaining and I wanted to share it.

    Fantasy/Horror game. Dun dun dun!

    It combines one's love for zombies with one's love for a fantasy realm. So yeah. Surviving knights, mages, rangers, dwarves, whatevers fight the undead. We'll have swords, arrows and magic to defend ourselves. And whatever else that's appropriate for this genre.

    I'm still working everything out. I have the flu, so I can't do anything except lay here and stare at my computer. >:[ If people are interested, I'm sure I could get something thought up in good time. I'll probably only want 3-4 other players for this game. I work better with small groups, and it's just all I can handle right now in addition to my few private games. <3 Together, this few and myself can form a balanced team to battle zombies and uh... Find sanctuary, or destroy the necromancer behind it, or... *goes brain dead*

    That's about all I feel like posting. I need to, like, go lay down and take a nap now because of this fever and shit. I apologize if this whole thing doesn't even make sense or whatever. *passes out*
  2. Interested.
  3. I'm interested as well
  4. Sounds like a cool idea, I'm interested too. Hope you start feeling better soon, if you haven't already.