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Dorian Gray

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"Oh god, he actually got me."

Dalen Vael got up from the ground, having been put there by the "always better than you" Boan Fash. The dumb brute had found out he had an affinity for the Element of Earth, so he had celebrated by forcing Dalen to the round by making the very earth bind him. Boan was the school bully, and Dalen was a little nerdy, so this could be just the beginning.

"You see, Dalen? You'll NEVER get your element. 'Cause you're a nobody! You and your parents are the same! Worthless, little nothings!"

They were only 13 years old the two of them, but tempers could still flair. Especially if your Element was in control of YOU.


1025 years ago, in another universe all it's own, a war broke out on an already unsteady planet. Each side fought to expand it's borders and to find the next level of warfare. In an unseen incident, both sides found the answer: The Elements. The ancient power wells that kept their planet together. They found them at the same time in the ancient catacombs that housed them, and battles broke out underground. The Elements gathered that if they were to survive, they needed to eliminate the threat of war. The Elements faded from their holy resting place and vanished, lost to the ages. But not until a few had come into contact with the Elements and learned to control their gifts. These gifts could be passed on: how to control the very Elements of Nature themselves. And they had been passed on, until it became common place to teach it in schools. And THAT, is where our story begins...
Well, that was my first attempt. Don't blame me that it sucked XP
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