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  1. Hello, thanks for dropping by! Due to circumstances, I happen to have some free time! I looking for at least one game, but I might take more, who knows?

    So, to start with, I generally post at least once every one-two days, though usually bit more. It highly depends on my work schedule. I'm not unwilling to do romance, but I only care for it as a subplot with a M/F pairing, though I'll do either gender. I definitely do NOT do sex scenes/Libertine. I write in past tense and third person, and expect the same from you. I'm also fine with roleplaying with blue star members as long as the aforementioned is enforced! I'm generally an aggressive poster myself, but the more we talk about the story, the easier it will be for us to post! In regards to post length and the like, it varies based on scene, but as long as you feel confident that you are at the level of Intermediate/Adept or above we should be fine. I also only really care to play on the website, but I'm alright with either threads or PMs.

    As for genres and the like, I'm mostly interested in Fandom games with focuses on original characters at the moment. For many of them, there's a strong tendency towards similar base plots to the original, but I feel as though they're very malleable within those plots! And that could just be the start; who knows what can happen? I might also be able to be wrangled into something else if you think it might be in line with my interests!

    Speaking of those interests, here's a few game ideas. In no particular order:

    Tiger and Bunny – This game would hold the same basic premise, but replacing the canon characters with OCs. Our two characters might be crimefighting partners, or simply hero rivals as they protect Sternbild City in the eye of millions of viewers. We would also be creating the other heroes vying for the title of Hero King, with varying levels of importance based on the arc. I have a few ideas for the plotline, but it would largely be character based! Again, that goes for both our characters and the others. Either way, there would definitely be a lot of action, so hopefully you enjoy creating neat powers and writing fight scenes! We'd both have one main character each, but also share the NPCs.

    Neon Genesis Evangelion – Pilots in Eva units against Angels, all with original spins. Playing multiple characters would be alright here though! It would also be in line with the tone of the series, as you could guess. I love my twists, you see...

    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure – Stands and weird shit in amazing locales! Once again, I don't have any specific ideas for a plot but it might be cool to try something!

    Hunter x Hunter – Having read it fairly recently for the first time, I'd love to mess around with the Nen system. Again though, I have few to no ideas for a plot, but I'm open to them!

    I also might be open to other ideas. As far as Fandoms go, I'm always down for One Piece, for instance, and it never hurts to ask!
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  2. A little bump never hurt no one.
  3. Hello there! I generally consider myself fairly literate, though that depends on the partner of course. I can definitely do advanced/adept level.

    Of the ideas you mentioned, I would love to try either a Chihayafuru (you're right, I've never seen that suggested before) or a Hunter x Hunter. I do tend to be a more follow-the-lead type of roleplayer, but I loosen up as we get more involved. So! I hope to hear from you.
  4. Ah! Hello! Also welcome to the site!

    I'm super glad you're interested. Since you're more of a 'follow-the-lead' type player, and I have little for a Hunter x Hunter game at the moment, Chihayafuru it is! I'll send you a PM in a bit, and we can discuss things further there.
  5. Did you want just one? I'm looking for a little side project.
  6. @☆Luna☆

    Well, I might not be able to start it as soon as you like, since I'm a shade busy with starting some other games at the moment, but I'll gladly hear out your idea!
  7. Well, I was actually thinking I'd go with the flow and try out the HunterXHunter theme.
  8. Oh, alright then, I can do that! Like I said though, I'm a bit busy at the moment and also lacking in fully fledged ideas, but I will definitely get back to you on that! If you have/get any ideas though you can PM me at any time. o:
  9. Well, if it is HunterXHunter, I'd say that the Hunter exam is the easiest thing to RP. The beginning wouldn't need much in the way of ideas, as it would just be our characters meeting up.
  10. Good point! And they probably wouldn't have Nen yet either but I can work with that. I'll think on it and get back to you when I can~