Uncle Raven's Super Happy Fun-time Carnival is Back in Town

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"When your world's been crushed, and your new world is fear..."
"...and your dreams brutalized and shattered like mirrors..."
"...and you flee on the run, with a face full of tears..."
"Join us, my love, join us right here."
-Uncle Raven, The Ballad of Lost Hallow Act II by Paul Shapera

Hello! and thank you for checking this out! This idea essentially came to me in a wild fit of inspiration unlike anything else I've ever really felt, and I may not be at my highest level of skill at the moment of presenting this, with that in mind, I am very open to ideas and suggestions about the nature and conflict within the RP.

You see, I've been recently hooked on a large quantity of media which had had the central themes of characters warping reality through the recognition of their place in a piece of media. Examples include things such as Doki Doki Literature Club, Undertale, the various musicals written by Paul Shapera, etc. With that in mind, I've set out to create a Pan-Fandom RP with a special leaning toward these Reality Warpers in question.

And I feel the best setting for such a place would be no less than Uncle Raven's Super Happy Funtime Carnival, as our dear Uncle Raven has shown to have a desire and drive to find other people with reality warping powers like he does, and now that his Carnival is free again to roam the "Outer Narratives", he can hunt down some fine companions to end his loneliness. The basic idea is this: Uncle Raven is a powerful reality warper whose main concern and life work is the creation of his own personal realm, a "Carnival" that functions to attract people by offering whatever their heart desires, while in turn consuming their soul and using it to maintain and expand the itself. Due to a "Skirmish with a demon" his carnival was temporarily trapped in a fixed location in a dimension known as the "collective unconscious." Due to recent events, however, he has found himself unsatisfied with the carnival, and sets out to find individuals from farther dimensions who he can relate to. He'll pick up anyone that finds them self in the Carnival, but has a special eye for those who have come to understand themselves in a meta sense.

The lights dim...
The chatter stops...
There's the sound of a drum roll...
And the spotlights flash onto the figure of an incredibly handsome man in a flattering suit!
"Our carnival's come back to town!"

The show begins again, and doesn't end, and while the fun doesn't stop for everyone around him, Uncle Raven finds that the distractions of maintaining his carnival can only do so much to ease his deep loneliness ever since Lloyd left and Han Mi refused his offer of companionship. His steps become heavy, and with a melodramatic sigh he collapses onto a nearby bench and tilts his head back, his hat falling from his head and softly falling upon the brilliant sidewalk. He stares wistfully at his creation, all of the crimsons, emeralds, golds, and blues... He sulks and taps his cane impatiently on the ground before him.

Suddenly, a pair of hands rest upon his shoulders, one of the many workers about the carnival, and a backup singer for many of his performance.
"What's the problem, Raven Baby?"
"What's getting you so down?"
"Ain't things better, Raven Baby?"
"Now we're all back in town!"

Uncle Raven’s eyes widened, and his eyebrows curled into a great big angry expression.
“Oh yes, thank you for pointing out what I can VERY CLEARLY see right in front of me! Functioning Carnival or no, I’m tired of all this hanging around without people who can truly appreciate the wonder that surrounds them! All these people around me are nothing but buckets of paint to keep the place vibrant. I need someone who can match me, someone who can challenge me! Someone who I can compete with!

His head turned back to the woman, who was looking at him with the most peculiar expression, one of anticipation.

Uncle Raven couldn’t help but inquire.
“What are you thinking…?”

She smiled a wide smile, and handed him a little device.
“Just lookie here, Raven Baby”
“We got you something new!”
“They got the gift, Raven Baby!”
“We can get them to you!”

Raven smiled an even wider smile from ear to ear, and leapt to his feet with unbridled excitement. His eyes lit up and he tossed his cane in the air, it spun several times, and he caught it perfectly. It was time to get to work, at last, Uncle Raven had a new reason to keep the Carnival running.


Of course, questions and suggestions are encouraged and appreciated. If you have your own plot or conflict ideas, I'd be very happy to hear them.

Lastly, I would highly recommend the works of Paul Shapera, they can all be found on his Bandcamp Page.

"Many who awake don't make it. Self destruction, insanity, some get lost in little recursive sub-realities... but I can show you the ropes, guide you through your flowering!"

As it stands, the conflict will be decided based around the characters picked up by the carnival, and fact that Uncle Raven himself is a dangerous man all too willing to screw with people's minds and feelings to get what he wants.

Origional characters are allowed.
The carnival itself is on the prowl for people who can warp reality, and often picks up their companions as well if Raven isn't sure which one is the reality warper in question. Of course, the Carnival still welcomes any who come to it or are caught by it.​
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