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    She was lost, so very lost, but that was the nature of this place. When they had lowered her into its dark may, in the basket that smelled of the piss and fear of past passengers, she knew she was not supposed to come back out. Yet she had stood bravely as they lowered her into the unrelenting dark, not weeping, not pissing. She was terrified, but she was not beaten. There was more than one way to die after all. Left in the black with only the lamp and the clothing on her back, the lamp was a cruel bit of kindness.

    She was an offering, no longer a person as the trapdoor through which she had been lowered clanged shut overhead. The sound of it echoed throughout the blackness, like nothing so much as a bell ringing announcing the start of a meal. She knew they were up there, waiting, listening to hear the monster come and get her. Well she would not give them the satisfaction.

    She wait but headed off into the darkness. Death would come, it was inevitable but she would not cower, waiting for it to find her. She would seek it out and make a bargain with it. She had plans and a fierceness that would not be cowed. She walked. Each step took deeper into the labyrinth. Each step seemed to echo infinitely, bouncing off the countless walls, skittering along the dizzying turns made by a madman, for a madman to house a monster. Each echoing step was accompanied by the roaring sound of her blood rushing in her ears.

    The small lamp she held sputtered in her shaking hand, the small amount of light it sent forth almost worse than the darkness that pressed in on her. In the flickering light there was hope, and in such a place as she was, hope was a dangerous thing. It seemed to bring the darkness in close, lustful darkness that hungered to consume the light. Yet she clung to the light and to the hope, she had nothing else but her stubborn determination to live. She lifted her chin, defiant despite the shaking of her hand upon the lamp and walked on.

    Death would come and she would take it by the horns.


    What we have here is a little bit The Tale of the Minotaur, a little bit Beauty and the Beast and hopefully a whole lot of fun. I’m looking for a male partner willing to take on the part of the Minotaur as his latest offering comes looking for him. I want someone who can play a dominant creature who has lost his humanity and will find his way back to it (maybe) while he and my character find their way out of the labyrinth and into the even more labyrinthine world above.

    The details of the setting and the world will be hammered out between the two of us, as will the course of the story beyond the seeds I have planted here. I want you to take the role and do with it what you like, surprise me, wow me and I will try to do the same back. I want someone willing to play as a dominant IC as well as OOC and know that I will not be a passive partner, IC or OOC.

    I’m looking for someone who writes Advanced (though I am less about word count and more about rich use of language) and can commit to a post every 1-3 days. I do not do well when there are big gaps between posts but am busy enough during the school year that I cannot always post back every day though I do try my best. I love OOC chatter and getting to know my partner is a welcome thing, so please be open for communication. Lastly, I will not do this with anyone under 18 (as per the site rules) since I want there to be adult content though this will be plot heavy as well. Preferably my partner will be well into their 20's.

    Please look at my RP resume, look over my current RPs and see if you like what I do and feel like we’d hit it off. I’m after sizzling chemistry, some brutality and maybe in the end some uplifting humanity. But who knows what we’ll find along the way?

    If you are interested, PM me a start like the one I have above, from your character’s perspective and we’ll see what fun we can get up to. Any questions you have, ask here or in PM.

    Links to my RPs (open)
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  2. I am greatly intrigued!
  3. Thanks for the interest and Welcome to Iwaku.
  4. I may have gone overboard in my submission, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless! :D.
  5. Thanks for all the interest everyone. I'm currently hammering things out with someone.
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