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    The weather was dull; overcast, chilly...it had been raining all day. The diner was rather empty, not that anyone was complaining, less work meant more sitting, sitting that they’d get paid for. There were two waitresses working the day shift. One was a blonde, she was rather skinny, not very tall. The other was a much taller woman; at a guess, at least five foot eight. She was the opposite of the bubbly blonde that stood behind the counter. A natural dark brown colour, untouched by hair dyes or bleach. Her eyes were a blue grey, features sharp but strong. She wasn’t skinny like the blonde, she looked about average, maybe a little heavier, the only reason being the evident muscle tone and definition in her body. She was probably an athlete once, maybe in high school or college.

    The bell chimed, both girls looked up from what they were doing. A tall man walked in. Must’ve been at least six foot three. His hair was dark, an unnatural black, his eyes piercing blue. He seemed very smug and certainly wasn’t dressed like someone who would go to diners. The blonde was already dealing with a customer.

    “Laila hun, can you get the gentleman that just walked in?” The blonde’s voice was rather apathetic.

    The man smiled as he looked over towards, the dark haired waitress, Laila. He walked through the store with a smirk before taking a seat at the table that was being cleaned. Blue grey eyes stared into the bright, lighter blue ones. Laila quickly finished wiping down the table and turned to go grab a menu for the customer. The man lightly grabbed her arm, his finger getting caught on the silver chain that was wrapped around Laila’s wrist several times. With a small tug it snapped. The man let out what sounded like a victorious chuckle, disbelief in the sound of his voice as well.

    As she turned around the chain fell to the floor, time seemed to slow as unknown images and memories flashed through her mind. Voices and whispers echoed, confusion spreading across her face. The whispers and voices multiplied the echoes getting loud as the images flashed by her faster and faster. Suddenly it all came to a halt. There was silence, complete and utter silence.

    A loud, fearsome roar boomed through Laila’s ears as she jumped and almost screamed.

    A loud crack of lightning flashed in the distance booming thunder following soon after, almost as if it was a warning. Slowly she came to, blinking a few times she looked down at the man. He smiled at her. “I don’t need a menu darling, just a coffee for start.” The smile remained. “Also.” He handed her something.

    Laila looked down into the palm of her hand. It was her chain, she forgot it had just broken off. “Oh, right.” She chuckled nervously. “Thank you.” Taking the chain she turned around and made her way to the counter. Ordering the man’s coffee she waited. Her mind began to spin, she was trying to remember things but seemed to be remembering different things. She shook her head with a sigh. The coffee was placed in front of her as she thanked the blonde.

    Walking over to the table she placed the coffee down in front of the man. “Are you sure you wouldn’t like a menu or anything else sir?” She smiled.

    He took a sip of his coffee and put the mug down. “No thank you, uhh...” He looked at her name tag and smiled. “Laila.”

    The girl simply nodded and walked back to the bar. Her head was slowly starting to throb, she felt really hot. It was weird. She fanned herself with a menu as she sat down for a moment.

    “Hot flashes at twenty four? Laila, hunny you need to relax. What’s got you so stressed dear?” The blonde asked.

    Laila looked over at her co-worker and sighed as she shook her head. Continuing to fan herself Laila spoke. “Honestly Carol, it came out of nowhere. It was just...” another deep exhale. “I'm really hot...” She seemed worried.
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    It was a large gathering of the most important gods, all of them meeting in the halls of Sessrumir. All of them were dressed in their best armors and equipped with their various weapons. Today Odin would select a god or goddess to explore the human world, there were rumblings of Ragnarok and it needed to be stopped. Mighty Freya with her long silver locks and golden armor suggested they send one of her Valkyries instead, they were more expendable after all and were warriors.

    "No," Odin said firmly behind his gray beard. His large stature earned him the head of the table at Freya's request. However he was too impatient at the time to sit.

    "HILDA!" he barked, "MORE MEAD!"

    [​IMG] The blond girl sighed and nodded. She looked almost identical to her mother in many ways, though many argued that her skin was darker than her mothers, but only slightly. Being the youngest, it was her job to fetch the mead in her mother's hall and she despised it. She wanted to fight alongside the valkyries and her sister Fridra. It felt like her strength was wasted in simply carrying around mugs of the sweet drink but she tried not to complain. As asked, she brought Odin his drink. Promptly he downed it in a single gulp and turned to her. She came up only to his shoulder though she supposed she was somewhere around five foot ten.

    He stared down at the young, eager face and could see the fire in her eyes. "Hilda, what say you about this mess?" he questioned.

    "I..I only do as I am told Lord Odin. Though if given the chance I would like to find and stop the cause of all this," she responded with a little courage.

    Odin's chuckle rumbled in his chest as he looked down at her. He placed a war-worn hand on her shoulder and smiled. "Then you have your chance. We will send Hilda. She is young and eager with a fire in her eyes like no other. Any objections?" he looked around the room.

    Freya was furious and stood up. "She most certainly will NOT! Send Fridra instead! She has more experience!" she argued.

    "Ah but how can a young whelp learn if she does nothing more than carrying a few mugs of mead?" Odin countered, "She WILL go and that is final. Hilda, go get your things."

    With a nod she bolted off, using her long legs to her advantage. It would be the first time she'd ever left her mothers field. The thought was slightly terrifying but exhilarating at the same time. She knew a little of the human world and knew she would have to hide herself in their clothing. Times had changed and to humans, they were just myths...old and dead gods, but she'd show them.
  3. The day felt like it took forever to end. The tall man with the dark hair stuck around until Laila’s shift was over. The hot flashes only got worse. Perhaps paying a visit to the doctor after work would be a good decision. She had already changed shirts twice. Elias was already complaining about the shirts and that he had no more. Eventually Carol told Laila to just go. The tall man leaving the diner with her.

    “You wouldn’t happen to need a ride anywhere would you?” He asked curiously as he raised a brow.

    Laila looked at him, something felt awfully familiar about him, she simply could not place it though. Snapping out of his gaze she shook her head.
    “No, I don’t need a ride. But...” She gave him another look. “Do I know you from somewhere?” She was curious. Such a damn familiar face.

    He grinned and opened the door to his SUV. “I think not.” The grin remained as he took a seat in his car. “Thank you for the excellent hospitality Laila. Till we meet again.” He bowed his head towards her and shut the door. Starting the engine he pulled out and drove off.

    Laila couldn’t help but watch him go. Turning around she walked towards her little sedan and got in. Starting the car she pulled out of the diner’s lot and onto the main road. Taking a left she made her way towards the hospital, it was on the other side of town.

    The traffic was beginning to irritated her as she sat back in her seat. There was a loud ringing in her ears and she jumped. The familiar buzzing had her brow raised as she looked around for her phone. Seeing who was calling Laila was confused for a moment. “Shit!” She picked up. “Hello.”

    “Hey baby girl, how are you?” Her father questioned on the other line, his voice sounding rather joyous. “Are you on the way?” He asked.

    Laila mentally cursed and covered her eyes for a moment as she sighed. “Hey dad, uhh...yeah I am. I should be there soon. What’s mom making for dinner?” She asked.

    He laughed. “I don’t know hunny. You know she never lets me in there when she cooks. I’ll see you in a bit. Drive safe. Love you.”He spoke happily.

    “Love you too dad. I’ll see you soon.” She hung up the phone. “Shit, shit, shit!” Laila gritted her teeth. How could she forget dinner? It was her parent’s anniversary. They always had dinner all together. Turning the car around she muttered a few more curses before focusing on the road and getting to her parent’s house.

    Pulling up to the large fully detached home Laila parked in the two car drive-way before stepping out of her vehicle. With a sigh she pulled back her hair and tied it in a simple ponytail. Walking up the front steps she knocked on the door. She heard the movement and commotion from inside but the door soon swung open as a large man greeted her. Large arms wrapped around her as she was hugged tightly by her father. A kiss was placed on her cheek as he held the door open for her.
    “You don’t visit as often anymore Laila. I feel like I never see you.” The man’s chuckle was hearty as he walked passed her and into the living room. “Come, take a seat.” He patted the couch next to her. “How’ve you been Laila?” Her father asked as he turned down the television.

    She smiled and looked up at him. “I’ve been good. A little under the weather today but other than that pretty good. You know, work then home. My life isn’t very exciting.” She chuckled and pushed some hair behind her ear.

    Her father’s gaze grew wide in slight shock as he looked at her bare wrist He blinked and looked away briefly. The mood in the home had suddenly become heavier. “That’s good hun. What happened to your bracelet?” He asked, a thick eyebrow raised. He took the girl’s hand and studied her wrist.

    Laila raised a brow and pulled her arm away. “It uhh...it broke.” Glass shattered in the kitchen, both Laila and her father looked at each other before turning their eyes towards the kitchen. “Mom? Is everything alright in there?” She called out. No response. Slowly getting up her father told her to sit back down and not worry about it.

    “How did the bracelet break Laila?” He asked, the man seemed very intrigued by this minor event. He looked from her wrist to her eyes as if he was searching for something, his eyes studied her intensely.

    “I don’t know dad, it got caught somewhere and snapped. Does it really matter that much? I’ll go get it fixed.” He laughed as if she was telling a joke. Laila looked at him in confusion. “I uh...I know it was important to the family.” The man continued to laugh slightly as he covered his mouth. Laila just looked at him as if he had gone insane. “What are you laughing at?” She asked in confusion.

    He looked at her with false surprise. “You think you can go fix that chain?” He shook his head. “No one can fix that chain...” He smiled and met her eyes. Laila was confused, why was her father behaving so oddly. The surprise in his gaze was genuine this time. “You really have no clue. Well that’s a positive change of events. Ha, well then. Let’s carry on, shall we?” He stood up and moved towards the dining room. “Diana hun, is the food ready?” He called out.

    Laila followed and took a seat. “Dad, what are you talking about?” Laila was still dumbfounded and rather confused as to what had just happened.
  4. Hilda couldn't help but wonder what she should take to the human world, after all she'd look odd in armor or any of her traditional dresses. She sighed and hoped that they had a plan set up for her. She was thrust into this situation so the least they could do was make sure she'd be able to appear normal. Soon she heard the call of Odin. He was calling specifically for her. His thunderous voice echoed through the halls. At his summons she ran out of her room, a small bag of comfort items in hand and her Halbrid on her back.


    It was more or less a straight shot from her room to the stairs. Once she was in the main hall she stood before Odin's imposing figure. Her mother's beautiful face was creased with worry as she wrung her hands.

    "Now Hilda, you are to go into the human world and seek out Fenrir. If it has awakened then you must stop it. Do you understand?" He thundered as he looked down at her.

    "Yes Lord Odin. If I may ask....where am I to stay down there?" She asked, "Will I need anything that I cannot get here?"

    "I will be sending you to a family who will think of you as a foreign exchange student. Your youth will easily fool them into believing you are in what they call college," He answered simply.

    Hilda nodded with a sigh of relief. Then she turned to her mother and assured her she would be alright. Her mother made her take one of her cats along to keep an eye over her. Hilda laughed as little Hemi jumped into her arms. She held the cat as Odin sent her down. A brilliant flash of lightning and a loud boom of thunder announced her arrival into the mortal world. Hilda looked around as Hemi leapt from her grasp, it was quiet except for the cars on a nearby street. She ended up in the middle of a field behind a set of houses.

    Hemi scurried off to lead the way. Hilda giggled and chased after him, his brown fur just barely standing out from the ground. She was now wearing a pair of blue jeans and a simple shirt with thick white and brown horizontal stripes. She wore a warm and infectious smile as she ran after the cat, allowing her heavy boots to make deep tracks in the grass and mud. She didn't understand this world but she was sure she could understand in time. Soon she arrived at her 'exchange parents' home. It was a small stand alone home in a nice neighborhood. Hemi jumped up to the doorstep and she knocked on the door.

    Her exchange family lived across the street from Lailas' parent's home. She was greeted warmly by a slightly older couple who were happy to open their home to a foreign student. They thought she was just a norwegian transfer student, who was excited but unaccustomed to life in a city. The two brought her in and soon the woman began a nice quick dinner for them. They even allowed Hemi inside and he perched himself on a windowsill.
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