Ummmm.......looking for a one x one roleplay!

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  1. So, I have been wanting to get a new roleplay! Every time I start a new roleplay, it never ends up going very far, and I would like a longterm roleplay that will last. Below I have a couple of ideas, but they are only ideas. I will be open to more ideas :)

    Wild West:
    For this idea I was thinking if of a roleplay were the guy comes from a another country to the American West looking for adventure and wealth. There he meets a young saloon girl. The two have very little in common, even to the point the young saloon girl is dreading every time she sees him. The two are, however, forced into an adventure together when a group of outlaws attack the two and threaten the young woman's life. I know this plot seems choppy, but maybe we can work something out.

    Stable Owner and Rider:
    I would love the idea of a couple working a horse stable. The young woman is a rider at a horse racing or jumping stable, while the young man is the son soon to be taking over the stable empire that had been the family for years. The two spend a lot of time together and the they eventually end up falling deeply for each other. The two compete and have dreams of running the stable together, but will his father end up allowing for that to happen?

    College Students:
    This one I figure can be pretty straight forward. Two college students meet in class and the two of them eventually fall for each other. Rather it be at an opening of a party or something along those line. I don't really know a lot of what we could do with this one, but maybe we could come up with some ideas.

    As for anything else....well if you have an idea shoot it at me! Maybe we could come up with something interesting. ^^ I look forward to hearing from everyone!

    ***As a side not, I normally only prefer to roleplay females and I LOVE historical roleplay ideas! :)
  2. My gosh, historical roleplays are my thing! However, I'm currently craving a Regency era plot and not many people seem to share my interest. Do you? ^.^
  3. I would love to roleplay that era with you! :) It has been a while so I may have to do some research, seeing as I like historical roleplays to actually have the history right! But yes, I would enjoy that era perfectly.