ummm hi. I'm looking for some males and females too rp with.

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  1. good day everyone
    frist off i would like to say all my rules are in my blog. also I add stuff to it so cheek it out once in a while

    another thing I'm using my phone writing this so if i miss spell song thing or theres a "bb" in betwen a word sorry my fingers

    ok so anyways here are some ideas i want to do no plots. if you read my blog you would know that!

    alien x human
    alien x alien
    neww kid x populer kid
    new kid x goth/outsider kid
    cop x thif
    hero x thif (oh yeah batman and catwoman my fav pairing)
    princess x knight
    prince x knight
    assasin x triget
    assasin x assasin
    hitman x triget
    dieing kid x dieigng kid (some feels man)
    hero x hero
    angel x demon
    demon x human
    angel x human
    vampire x werewolf
    vampire x human
    werewolf x human
    killer x triget
    killer x killer

    magatron x oc
    megaton x prime
    prime x oc

    loki x oc
    thor x oc
    cap x oc
    cap x iron man

    fary tale
    hook x tinkerbell (oc x oc ) mordern
    alice x mad hatter (oc x oc) mordern
    red ridding hood nx wolf (oc x oc ) mordern
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  2. adding more
    soundwave x oc
    oc x oc

    bonie x oc
    foxy x oc
    chico/chicka x oc
    freddy x oc
    golden freddy x oc
    pruple guy x oc
    phone guy x oc

    hunger games
    oc x oc

    future diary
    oc x oc

    popstar x manager
    actor x manger
    popstar x actor
    fan x popstar
    fan x actor
    actor x actor

    oc x oc

    oc x oc

    rise of the gaudians
    jack x oc
    bunny x oc

    gaurdens of galixe
    oc x oc
    star lord x oc
    rockt x oc
    groot x oc

    artics x fan
    nabor x new nabor
    writer x fan
    writer x nabor
    artics x nabor
    party boy x shy girl

    primet head x oc
    oc x oc
    freddy x oc
    jason x oc
    hanable x oc

    creepy pasta
    slender man x oc
    offneder man x oc
    jeff x pc
    sally x oc
    ben x oc
    tici x oc
    masky x oc
    hody x oc (hoodies a girl)
    smily dog
    rake x oc
    trendy man x oc
    happy man x oc (slendermans really happy brother his name is just not in my head right now -.-#)

    south park
    damein x oc
    damein x pip
    kenny x oc

    itachi x oc
    pain x oc
    toby x oc
  3. If your still looking I would love to do a pair with you.
  4. yes im always open!
    notice all that im hoping to do half of that!
    ao pm me asp so we can talk about the rp you want to do

    evey this is still open!
    also i dont care if im already rping the same things
    diffrwnt charaters diffrent stroies! and endding
  5. great pm me please
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