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  1. ....I would've said konichiwa...but it's about 8:30pm here so.....yeah..........hi^^

    I love roleplaying

    I may not give the longest replies, but I do try to use correct spelling and grammar.

    I am an otaku...and a fujoshi(I like MxM anime/manga)

    I don't care how high the rating of the rp gets

    I LOVE MxM rps, but will do any gender pairing(I'm better at playing the bottom, though I can play either one)
  2. she is legit XD
  3. ....anyway....u should totally do ur profile stuff lol. u pretty much map out everything like the character forum on redwolf
  4. I'm doing that now
  5. I did the roleplay resume thing
  6. Welcome to Iwaku, Gen.
    Seems like you already found the roleplayers resume. That's good!
    It also seems as if you have a friend! ^.^
    Just one thing though... if y'all want to talk there is private messaging for that and a Cbox.
    The intro thread is strictly for welcoming =p
    I'm Celest, and I'm glad you chose to join us! ^.^
  7. Thank you^^
    And to the private message thingy....
  8. Hello and welcome to the community Madam Gen! 8D
  9. こんばんはございます。どうそよろしく。はじめまして。
  10. LEO STOP BEING AWESOME BY WRITING IN JAPANESE >_< Isn't it wrong to write to write gozaimasu after konnbanwa?

    Hello, welcome to iwaku :D I hope to get to discuss manga and anime with you in the future (hell yeah another manga/anime geek) :9
    See ya around ^^