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  1. So am I a writer? Not at all.
    I am here because this guy Have I come to the right place? who is here because of this gal Hi Everyone! who I am sure found out from someone else who heard it from aliens or the reanimated corpse of Nazi Viking Berserker. Or something like that I am sure. POSITIVE EVEN!

    Stuff I seem to gravitate to: Star Wars, because DUH! I do likey a little Star Trek, OH! THE BLASPHEMY! Fallout out of course. Nothing like sneaking around the wasteland sniping everything that moves. I also like Skyrim. Nothing like sneaking around Blackreach slinging arrow into the heads of the Falmer...I have a very specific play style! Don't watch a lot of TV, but I do watch netflix at night. I always find myself watching Futurama, because Zoidberg is my spirit animal. I have been watching Brickleberry lately along with Archer. As far as anime goes I love me some Sgt. Frog and Angel Beats. Of course Neon Genesis and the hot one eyed red head Asuka...yeah it gets weird.

    I don't know what else. I am full time student and have a full time job so not a lot of time for cool stuff.
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku! Love the username 8D
  3. Well hi! I love your enthusiasm, and your tastes in hobbies sound fun. I hope this forum helps you get a liking or even a knack for writing!