"Um... I kind of fell from Heaven...."

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  1. Garry was collasped onto the ground. Not remembering where he came from nor who he was. All he knew was that he didn't belong here. He didn't want to be here. He shouldn't be here. His snowy white hair covered his face messily. He ran a pale hand through his bangs, pushing them to the side.

    Taking a deep breath, he slowly stood up. His body ached all over, as if, he's been tossed around a bit and was slam dunked onto the Earth. He stretched out wings that were of the same color as his hair. One of them was broken.He cursed sofftly to himself and began towards the cloest town he could see. "Hopefully... I can find out where I am.

    He was lost, confused, injured and he hated this so, so much. He disliked the feeling of feeling helplessness very much. He hoped it wasn't going to last long.
  2. Dakota pacing in the field on the outskirt of the town, her stomach in knots. She had been laying in the tall grass reading a short fairy tale of some sort when she saw a blinding light shine in her eyes. She instantly got up off her feet to watch the sparkle in the sky. The light wasn't very noticeable, it was only that where she was laying that it caught her eye. A gasp emerged from her lips as she watched it fall at an incredible speed. Nothing excited ever happened in her town, Farbranch, everything was boring and old, farming houses, bakery's and what not. Dakota watched as the light hit the ground, when it did the brightness from looking at it directly diminished. Should she tell her father? The thought poked at her until she decided that was the best idea. Crouching down, she grabbed her flimsy book and sprinted back to the town, long brown hair bouncing with each step.
  3. Garry limped through a forest. Pain continued to throb in hi broken wing. He didn't understand the feeling though. As if he never felt such a horrible feeling before. He grunted as sharp pains struck. It felt like a full 10-20 minutes before he finalky made it to a very small town. He walked around, buildings and noticed multiple people stare at him. This scared him a bit. He disliked attention. Garry quickly began running until he bumped into someone. It looked like a female with long, brown hair. "Sorry... Um.. Do you know where some kind of... clinic? Or hospital is? My wing is broken... and it hurts real bad..." He mumbled as he stood and reached a hand towards the girl, to help her up.
  4. Dakota took the hand and pushed herself to her feet, pulling a big on the strangers limb. She rubs her knees of the direst and rubble on the ground, a small gash in one from the fall. Dakota ignores it and turns her attention to the man. "Clinic? We have a house of healing if that's what you're looking for." She says eyed the man, who looked in bad shape. "Did you say wings?" I say confusion still taunting me. She leans a bit to see a small portion of the wing come into view. Her eyes widen as she see them. Why does he have wings?
  5. He shook his head at the question, "No, I said wing. Singular. Only one of them is broken." He mumbled, trying to look behind him as he attempted to outstretch them. One flew open with no problem, but right when he tried to move the other, he cringed in pain. "Nnn... Ya... That isn't going to work... Can your house of healing help?" He asked with a raised brow. He hoped someone could help soon... He needed to go find out where he came from and how he got here, and it would be faster flying.
  6. "Hum, yeah they're this way." Dakota says uncertain. She hadn't seen wings before and she couldn't keep her eyes off them. But she managed to begin to lead the man to the houses of healing. Was he what fell from the sky? Or had the towns past FarBranch evolved into something unheard of? "I-I'm Dakota" She stumbles on her tongue, which instantly makes her feel annoyed.
  7. He smiled, "Nice to meet you, Dakota! I'm... um... uh..." He looked down in thought, trying to at least remember his name. Nothing could come to mind, though. "I... can't seem to remember..." He looked up at her and quickly exclaimed, "Eh, well! It'll come to mind soon!" His eyes wandered the town. It was so peaceful looking here.
  8. Who forgets there own name? Dakota was unsure of this man, he seemed abnormal. Father had warned Dakota of people who made her feel scared. But Dakota was also curious to see what would come of this man when she took him to the houses of healing. They rounded a corner and 3 buildings emerge. They're all identical. White, small square huts, trimmed with a blue. "Here we are" I say taking another glance at his wings before heading toward the middle hut.
  9. He stopped walking a moment to stare at the three buildings. He questioned, why they looked so simple. Though, he noticed you already walked inside so he hurried behind you, "Um, wait up!" He began to wonder to himself. Nobody he saw yet, had wings like he did. Was he adnormal to them? Or was it like two types of humans or something? He was quite confused.
  10. I stop at the door way of the house of healing. "Prepare yourself she may attack you" I correct myself. "She won't hurt, but she may be very interested in you." I push open the door, revealing a plump women dressed in white outfit, spots of stains are marked throughout it, the same blue as on the building is on the cuffs on the shirt, and the collar of the shirt. "There's a man out here. He is pretty hurt, but please contain yourself." I scoot aside sheepishly letting you stand in the doorway.
  11. A towering, musclebound man dressed in the traditional "Healing House" garb tends to a wounded man in the far corner. Catching wind of a conversation at the entrance, he decides to go and check it out. "Is that an Angel?!" he said, a bit louder than intended.