Um hi...

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  1. Um, hi. I am Domina Della but you can call me Domina or Della or whatever suits you...

    I really like to roleplay and I usually roleplay with my friends but I want to branch out and roleplay with other people so I am here. This is my first time roleplaying on the internet with people I don't know so um sorry if I screw stuff up.

    I admit I am nervous and kind of shy but I hope I will have a good time here.

  2. Well, most of us won't bite ^^ (first hehe)

    Welcome to Iwaku, there are plenty of people here who want to roleplay with you, just have a look around and beware of the plot bunnies. They lurk from everywhere o-o
  3. Beware the plot bunnies?


    Embrace them.

    Seriously though, welcome to Iwaku.
  4. Domina, huh? You don't happen to watch Spartacus do you?

    Don't worry about screwing anything up! No one is perfect when venturing to try something new, and you will get better and better as time goes on! Try not to be nervous or shy either. Everyone here is quite friendly and welcoming to new people. In fact if you want to meet people and chat more readily you can pop into the chatbox. That is where a lot of people hang out when they aren't busy writing.

    Hope to see you around Domina!
  5. Um thanks to everyone. I appreciate it.

    No I don't watch Spartacus...I just like Latin and want to learn it, ha ha...
  6. Learning new languages? That's awesome. =D

    Welcome to Iwaku, Della. Don't be shy, we don't bite...most of us anyways, <__<;;. You should take a look at our Creative Challenges forum. You can get your feet wet with fun challenges created by staff and other members if you still feel uncomfortable or just want to do it for fun. Whatever floats you boat, :).

    You'll be okay here.