Um...Hi. I'm new here

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  1. Hello everyone. I'm Ashlynn WolfCraft and I'm new to this site obviously ^_^;;

    I have roleplayed in the past and recently, I was on another site but decided to leave because of unintentional mature content.

    I am a good roleplayer, will reply as soon as possible, and I love good plot. My post vary from long one-liners to paragraphs long post.

    I hope I can roleplay with someone soon.
  2. Does unintentional mean you wanted or didn't want it? O___O

    In any case, welcome to Iwaku! <3 We've got people coming out the wazoo, I'm sure you'll find plenty to do!
  3. It means that I wasn't properly keeping an eye on others in a guild I lead, which lead to a bunch of nonsense that I would rather not talk about -_-

    Anyways, thanks for the welcome.
  4. Sounds like controversy. But have no fear, you're safe here! ... I think. Don't quote me on that.

    Anyway, welcome to Iwaku. I hope you enjoy it here, and there's plenty of opportunities for role-play lurking around every corner! Mayhaps we'll end up role-playing together at some point. Don't forget to peep the FAQ and Rules, which can be found in the FAQ and Help tab. Other than that, poke your nose in the chatbox and say hello!

    Most importantly, welcome again and have fun.
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome ^_^
  6. Heyla Ashlynn Wolfcraft and welcome to Iwaku! Here you'll find all roleplays containing super mature content neatly corralled into two areas that you don't have to go to if you don't wanna! Enjoy your time here! May the Muse be ever in your favor! Have lots and lots of fun and if you have a problem, that's why we've got the wonderful blue-named Staff Members!