Ultimate Amalgam: DC + Marvel Intertwined

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  1. That's right. I've gone and done it. This gal-pal has decided to make something only real comic fans will recognize, and non-comic fans want to remove their heads after realizing how mind-blowingly-fantastically-epic this idea of a superhero rp really is. This isn't a Marvel rp, nor a DC rp, but it is both. Oh yes, the Amalgam Comics universe where both DC and Marvel characters and universes are fused into one. Too much power you say? Uncanny you think? That's the point. Durr.

    Something tells me this is about to get a lot of interests and such so I'll go ahead and post this now: YOU MAY NOT HAVE MORE THAN ONE CHARACTER EXCLUDING NPC's. PERIOD. YOU MAY NOT CREATE A NEW OR ORIGINAL CUSTOM CHARACTER FROM TWO MARVEL AND/OR DC CHARACTERS. PERIOD. Whew, ok!!! Now, rule time:

    1. You aren't required to make a full bio here, instead I will provide the wiki site with a list of Amalgam character so that you may find and lock in a character. Afterwards, simply post with your desired character's name and pic (google it) to lay claim to him/her/it.
    2. If two people claim a character involving the same person (ex. both people's amalgam character has Barry Allen mixed in) then simply find a way to make them related or something.
    3. I will be making a group to join for this rp. Make sure you get your entries in fast before someone takes it/we get extra full. I'll be as patient and fair as I can.
    4. I will purport villains and story arcs for the rp so don't worry about any of the rogues and such.
    5. No bullying, there's actually no way to god mod in this universe (lol), and be CREATIVE and FUN, play your character's role!
    6. Be sure to research your character's background and such. You can make up details to fill in background stories and history and what not. NPC's are welcome also.
    7. Lastly, Have. Phucking. FUN!!!! I know everyone's ready to form Judgement League Avengers in this rp but take it one post at a time =)
    Are you ready? <3 Ok, respond below if interested!!!!
    List of characters: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Amalgam_Comics_characters

  2. My claim is: Wanda Zatara aka "White Witch" [Zatanna(DC) + Scarlet Witch(M)]

    Wanda Zatara (open)


    White Witch (open)


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  3. Oh yay, this looks like it could be a lot of fun!

    I'd like to claim: Spider-Boy! [Superboy + Spiderman]

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  4. Claiming mercury (Pietro Allen)
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  5. FYI: For extra help on your character, ComicVine.com has extensive bio and powers on the Amalgam characters :]
  6. [​IMG]

    I reserve


    Because I play enough brooding stealthy, smart, and intimidating antiheroes in ch0sen1's games (namely Batman and Skullman). Time to play something new. BECAUSE CHALLENGES ARE ALWAYS ACCEPTED.

    And I want to be the "big good" type of guy for once.
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  7. Little do you know, he's an Anti-Hero lol (and I work under you haha)

  8. DAMN IT
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  9. I think I sent everyone the links
  10. Probably be more nice to have more females 0_0
  11. I'm potentially interested. I might play as Bizzarnage or the Amalgam version of the Joker (which I know exists but can't find anywhere), so stay tuned.
  12. [​IMG]

    I'll nab Canary. DC's Black Canary and Marvels Mockingbird. ^^,
  13. Ok gotcha
  14. Changing it up, gonna go with a gender-reversed Sparrow (meaning, she'll become a guy)

  15. refer to the rules, you have to take characters as-is in the amalgam universe.
  16. Oh right, forgot about that rule. Well, back to the drawing board.
  17. lol you have an endless list!
  18. Haha I know, but a lot of my top picks are taken and I'm trying to find a combo I like. I would've goon with Moonwing, but I don't know just yet.

    I'll keep you updated, I guess ^^
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  19. Okee doke!
  20. I've got a couple of ideas in mind for Bronze Panther based purely on him being an amalgamation of T'Challa and Ben Turner. But the real question is....can I call him B'Tana?
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