Uh... So I'm Here?

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  1. Introductions and whatnot sooo just gonna fill out this survey, though try and spice it up a little?

    I guess if you wanna know anything else just ask. ._.

    You Got A Name, Kid?
    Why yes I do. I prefer to go by the alias Blaze.

    Professor Oak Needs To Know...
    I am a male.

    Got Some Years On You, Eh?
    I am twenty-one years old and I'm going to be turning twenty-two fairly soon.

    Noob or Newbie?
    I am new to the site. An old member of yours asked me to come here when I adopted a Roleplaying character from her since she had an ongoing RP with him here between another friend, so I'm trying to pick things back up for them. :3

    Just You And Me Or Everybody And His Mother?
    I prefer one on one Roleplays to be honest. I have never cared too much for group RP dynamics.

    This Song Is Stuck Inside My Head And It Won't Go Away...

    Pop That Lock by Adam Lambert. Recently discovered and I've been playing it quite a bit.

    Also hello and welcome to the community! <3
  3. Hello welcome.

    I would well did you pack a lunch your going to be here for a while. It gets addicting

    Ray stop scaring the guest we need him for later...
  4. Hi there! I'm Minibit, and you can message ("start a conversation") any time you're lost or even if you're just bored and want to chat!

    Have fun!
  5. @Diana Thank you. ^-^ Yesss a few of his songs have been added to my media player. He has a lovely voice. Thank you kindly for the welcome.

    @DixeyRay Hahhaa, so I was warned. Sadly most of the time I can only access the site from a phone, though right now I am with a friend using her spare laptop. It'll give me some time to poke around~

    @Minibit Thank you! I certainly will. >< The layout of the site is different than what I'm used to, but I think I sort of understand it? ^^;;

    @Razilin Hello~~ ^-^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.