uh-oh spaghetti-o's

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  1. Return of oddsox.
    Calling all the bird flocks.
    Flying back north to see oddsox
    but now he got chicken pox
    where did all these chickens come from?
    that's right, oddsox called all the bird flocks.
    knockin off your socks,
    now your feet are bare,
    whats not a bird is a bear.
    you dont care?
    then dont stare
    and glare
    at my nice brown hair
    we would've made a nice pair,
    but you dont care.

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  2. woah. I didnt post this here. magical right?
  3. It got moved because it wasn't suited to General Chatting ^x^
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  4. That made me smile, can't wait for more silliness next week.
  5. Ill do one every Friday. To make the Fridays more awesome(er)
  6. too anxious cant wait Ill do one now, follow meeeee
  7. O.O
  8. its in a different thread. My poems