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  1. Hi there. The name's Junkie, but you can call me Ryu, VileSnake, or Junkie. I just chose Junkie because it wasn't taken. As you can probably tell I'm new to the site, but not to roleplaying. Now I'm not the best roleplayer or and advanced one. I just roleplay for fun when I have free time. Um....er.....I like video games? Yeah, don't know what else to say. Hope to have fun roleplaying here though.
  2. Hiya, Ryu! I'll probably call you Junkie later, but Ryu sounds niftier right now, so I'm going with that.

    Welcome to the site! I'm rather new too (still a 'new member' anyway), but like you, I'm not new to roleplaying. Also like you...I like video games, and mostly RP for fun.

    So, in order to better get to know you (because I feel this attempt at welcoming you is becoming lamer by the minute..), what kind of video games do you like? xD
  3. Hi :3 This hello is just cause I loved it when people actually said elloh to me when I put my hello so spreading the welcoming :3 I'm also new like... three days new haha it's a pretty fun site and like you I rp for fun nor am the most amazing roleplayer. Hope you do enjoy it look forward to maybe rp-ing with ya :) I like old video games. Xbox and I don't get along... the controller hates me haha
  4. hey its nice to meet you Junkie =) Im Reba
    Im new too. Just exploring the site and getting to know all the places to go. Hope to RP with you sometime on here :)
  5. Welcome to iwaku and have a great time here hope you have lots o fun.
  6. Mostly I play action adventure games. However, I also like racing, I play a few RPG's like Pokemon, Paper Mario, and some Final Fantasy games. The only FPS I usually play is Halo.
  7. Ahhh Halo...Junkie my friend, you and I will get along. Although people are attempting to make me cheat and play Black Ops 2 (EYEBALLS CERTAIN PEOPLES)...but that's okay. =D

    Welcome to Iwaku! As well as the other people posting here, :3.
  8. Yeah I'm not a Call of Duty fan at all. I mean I don't dislike the series, it just doesn't interested me anymore. I think the last COD game I really played was Modern Warfare 1.
  9. I just recently started playing and boy oh boy do I get killed easily. =D