U.S Drought is a troll!

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  1. The drought here in northern Illinois is pretty bad, I can't imagine what it's like down south, where it's worse. O_o
  2. Isabellas are in Northwest Arkansas.. in the worst area. Drought level D4 now! It looks like fall with all the brown leaves.. yet it is hotter than Summer!
  3. This makes me glad I'm in the pacific north west and don't have to deal with this drought stuff.
  4. o_o 3-6 inches for my area? Surprise. It was raining quite a bit while I was gone, apparently. But then again, other than the last few weeks it hasn't been raining as much as it normally does. Worrying since I like my rainy weather.
  5. Arkansas saw me coming. :|
  6. We had rain for the first time that i coudl remember yesterday. I LITERALLY danced naked in it.
  7. It was actually raining not to long ago here, lightning and thundering too. O_O
  8. We're doing fairly well right now, actually. That's good. We've suffered from fairly severe drought within the last ten years, and making everyone else suffer with higher cost for beer... but for now, it seems to be doing decent.

    Pan, sacrifice Asmo to the rain deity and see if that works.
  9. dude... that is good but at the same time fucking sucks.
  10. *notices Kitti's location* There is an Elysian Fields in Vandoosa... wonder if it is the same place.. Do you see a minimum of 5 tornadoes this very second?
  11. stalker bella.....
  12. Perhaps I'm merely in the eye of the storm at all times, Pan.
    Looking at my older comment, I did mean to say a higher cost for beef, since we're one of most cattlecentric states but we also brew the most beer, so that works too... curious how that ended up.
  13. hmm... texas is lukily getting more rain... now we just need the heat to die...