U.N.S. Romulus

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    The year is 2159, earth's resources are running dangerously low and fear grips the world as it is unknown what the future holds in store for them. In a desperate attempt at new and steady resources various nations send brave men and women into the depths of space to find what is in high demand on earth; water, energy sources, iron ore, copper,...
    The United Nations Spaceship Romulus is the first of many built and manned for such an expidition. However the crew of such an "adventure" is trained and tested to the limits of their capacity for a trip such as this could prove disastrous for all those involved and every member must do what he can when he can.
    The engineers must make sure everything keeps working around the clock or it may cost the lives of many. The information systems technicians ensure all the software doesn't haywire and cause the air filtering system to break down. The security crew is tasked in keeping the peace. The security chief watches that his men, being stronger than the average crew, don't get too crazy ideas about starting a mutiny. The doctor does what he can to make sure no one loses a limb... or their mind.. The communication's officer guarantees that all messages go through and arrive... eventually. The flight officer ensures they don't accidently fly too close to a sun or planet and get stuck in its gravitational pull. The quartermaster keeps a close eye on the cargo so no vital gear and supplies go "missing". And the captain and first mate keep the entire rabbel in order.
    Simple tasks for those trained to do it, you may think, but the average back and forth trip from earth to another planet takes about ten years. Ten years locked in a metal container floating through absolute nothing, locked in it with the same people day in day out. Doing the same routine every day, taking your free time in the same places every time. Watching the same movies, reading the same books and listening to the same music over and over and over...
    A lot can happen in ten years and in space... no one is going to stop it.​
  2. Viktor walked through the metal halls toward the mess hall, his boots made the distinct sound feet made when walking on hollow metal plating, a sound he found all too annoying especially during his off hours when he was trying to sleep. He entered the dining area and found it empty to his pleasant surprise, normally it had one or two groups sitting there talking and eating as he sat by himself somewhere forcing the slob they called food down his throat. He didn't mind so much, the people didn't trust the security all that much, even without their guns and batons, and Viktor didn't like them very much.
    He grabbed a metal tray, placed it beneath the food dispencer and pressed the button. Four times he heard something squirt out onto the tray and with that it was full. It was true the food dispencer would make sure you had everything for a healthy and balanced day, but that didn't erase the little detail that it all tasted like rubber erasers, not to mention the fact that it all had the same texture: mashed potatoes. If only it tasted as good
    And with that he sat himself down at a nearby table, the bench he sat on was cold and uncomfortable, but then again so was everything on the ship; the seats, the hallways, the food,... the people. He grabbed himself a fork and began trying to enjoy his "mashed potatoes".​
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