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'Showcase cause whatever. Review if you are bored out of your skull and have nothing else to do. I just need a dump for ideas I may or may not develop later on. Standard disclaimer on recongizable subjects: I own nothing.

Queen Of Blades

The truth was, the Queen of Blades- while taken by the Zerg, invaded and infested by the Zerg, tortured and twisted and transformed by the Zerg- had been born before the first touch; as the hoard still circled.

"Boys? That Evac we were talking about?"

The truth was the Queen of Blades was born in that moment of silence; when hope became realization became dispair became anger... When Sarah understood that they weren't coming back for her, whether because of some personal vendetta of Mengsk's or because they simply couldn't justify spending the resources to rescue a single Ghost they wouldn't likely be able to reach in time anyway...

She could have shot herself. She spun in a slow circle, watching the abomination gather; she had seen infested Terrans, she knew there was a chance she might survive. A fate so much worse than any 'fate wprse than death'. But the anger, the hurt... her fingers tightened reflexively around her gun... And she dropped it. Let it fall to the dirt.

Let them come,

Let them fucking come.

She would die, or she would live.

And if she lived tere would be Hell to pay.

The Queen of Blades was born when Sarah Kerrigan just couldn't stop herself surviving certain death..


Just cause I dunno... I couldn't get that cutscene from Starcraft II out of my head. Kerrigan was a Ghost, obviously she wasn't stupid. She had to have known there was a chance the Zerg wouldn't kill her. It was her expression. She didn't look afraid. She didn't look resigned. She looked blank, like she was shutting down into 'survival mode' even when she dropped her gun.

But. I am drunk. It could just be me.

Anyway, I just need a palce to dump ideas that keep me awake at night...