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  1. Duncan sat on a barrel as the loud clashing of metal commenced, the forging of steel. The sound was customary to him now, and almost soothing. He fiddled around with a worn cloth apron, but soon enough he realized the sound had vanished. He looked up to see the older gentleman, his teacher, staring back at him with bold eyes. "You aren't going to learn anything by doing nothing. Hard work is the means to an easy life." He always said that, Duncan always believed he was just waiting to retire, return home to England and live like the King. That would never happen though. Wallace would be smashing metals together until he was but a grave.

    Duncan hopped from his seat and made his way over to Wallace. As he went to grab some tools to assist, a low grunt stopped him. "No, no. Here," Wallace mumbled, grabbing a large case from a nearby table. "Take this to the mailing office, just down the road. Can you handle this at least?" Duncan shoved his words off, but knew Wallace was just pulling his leg. He smirked and grabbed the case, positioning it under his arm as he walked to the entrance of the shop. As he opened the door, the sun blasted upon him. Duncan threw his hand up to shade his eyes and took a few steps out. The streets were bustling as usual. Men, women, kids playing. But if not most prominent were the soldiers baring red coats and muskets, in formation marching down the road. A cornerstone of Boston.


    It was a rather bland day, clouds consuming the sky, rain almost inevitable. Leo was under a small tent, fumbling around with some papers. Soon enough a soldier ran up, out of breathe and almost shaking. "Commander Dubov, sir." The young man said, quickly yet with as much respect as he could muster in his tone. Leo turned and faced the soldier, saluting him when he saw the boy's arm shoot up, almost horrified that he forgot to salute in the first place. "Commander Dubov," He repeated," Captain Klepin requests you over in his tent." Leo simply nodded and exited from under his own tent. The boy watched, almost waiting for yet another order for him to blindly follow. "That'll be all." Leo said softly. The soldier nodded and ran off to fetch more errands presumably. Leo grabbed his rifle, walking through the field. He took the time to look over the encampment. They had taken this from the Germans not even two days ago. The smell of battle was still in the air.

    When he finally had approached the Captain, he noticed several other Commanders in attendance. "Dubov, good." The Captain said. He wasn't a man of many words, unless planning the next advancement was in order. And by the looks of things, it was about to be in order. Leo walked up and leaned on one of the poles supporting the tent. "We can not simmer in this victory for too long," Klepin began, "We must push forward before they can even attempt a counterattack. Our main forces are closing in on Warsaw. We will hopefully be able to push into Germany within the next few days. It's what we all have been waiting for. Rally your men, we move tomorrow morning." And with that the meeting dispersed. Leo left almost as quickly as he arrived. "Never a dull moment." He muttered to himself.
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  2. The American Revolution was still within the early stages but in full swing. Boston was still getting the worst of it and, yet, it wasn't at the same time. The English Parliament had enough of the colonist's attitude towards the government so they sent over Thomas Gage and a little over half of the English army to establish some sort of control over there. The rebels, John Hancock, Sam Adams, and the other Sons of Liberty, still continued on with their plans and continued to fight back. Soon enough, the battle of Bunker Hill came about. Bunker Hill was soon lost to the British and the Colonist had to find a different way to take on the British, using General George Washington to help them prepare for another attack against the British.

    Shortly after the battle, two of the English royals arrived in Boston to see what they could do to help with the colonist. The queen was against this, mostly because of her daughter, but after some persuasion, agreed to it. Her daughter, on the other hand, was rather excited to be going to a new place. The Princess was rarely ever seen and this was for various reasons. Not many knew about her and some thought she was some sort of made up person because she rarely left Buckingham palace. In fact, her father, the King, rarely ever paid attention to her or her mother because of what was wrong with the young woman. Her mother, on the other hand, treasured her very much.

    There was only one way to tell that there was something wrong with the young princess and that was if you looked into her eyes. They were a milky white that seemed almost unnatural when you compare it to her red hair. The teenager was blind and she had been born that way. It was the reason why her father paid little to no attention to her. In fact, he wanted to send her, and her alone, to the colonies so he wouldn't be embarrassed to say that she's his child and heir.

    When her and her mother had arrived to Boston, the red headed teenager had quickly gotten herself bathed and changed so she could wander around for a while. She slipped on a red and white dress before putting on her shoes and making her way out of the room she was sleeping in. Her hands were everywhere in front of her and off to the side. She was trying to get herself accustom to her surroundings and it was a tough thing when she had to watch out for stairs. Stairs happened to be her worst enemy and she often fell down them if she had no idea where they were. Stopping before she reached the stairs, she felt around with her foot and carefully started to make her way down, using the handrail to keep her upright if she missed a stair.

    "Mother!" Cecilia called out and with some guidance from a maid, she found herself at the front door. "I want to walk around for a little while so I will be back soon." She grabbed her cloak and buttoned it up around her neck, feeling around for the door handle. Getting a grip on the door handle, she pulled down on it and opened up the door, stepping out into the cold air.


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  3. It felt slightly odd for Duncan, ruffling through the crowd with this rather elegant looking case tucked safely under his arm. He kept imagining everyone was staring at him, and he was the center of attention, something he didn't like very much. Duncan always kept to himself. Whether he was working with Wallace or at home. Large crowds and such just wasn't his thing. This made Boston a rather ironic place to live. His father was in the army, and brought both himself and his mother with him, so he didn't have much of a say when he was told they were moving overseas.

    As he made his way towards the mailing office, he noticed a rather unusual number of British soldiers stationed outside a home. They stood at attention, guarding whatever was inside. Curiosity gripped Duncan as he began to slowly walk by, trying to see what was so precious inside this building. He noticed a young lady exit the house, wearing clothes that Duncan couldn't afford for his mother even with two year's salary. She was a pretty sight to see, but the angry eyes of some of the soldiers soon sent Duncan the message to keep his distance. He looked away, and continued down the road, nearing the office.


    The next morning, Leo was awoken from his cot by the sounds of yelling and footsteps. Orders were being spewed left and right. He jumped up and exited his tent. It was almost organized chaos. Grabbing his rifle, he ventured out to find someone to inform him of this dire situation. He stopped a private running wherever he was going, this would have to do. "Soldier," Leo said as firmly as he could, though his voice was rather soft. He was always told he could never make it as a general, for they would never feel threatened by him. "What the hell is happening?" The private took a deep breathe. "Sir, German forces nearly slaughtered the forward advances. They are headed here according to our scouts. There was a skirmish about five miles away. We captured some civilians, and there is a full retreat in order." Leo let the soldier run off. It was baffling how he wasn't aware of this until now. He disregarded the notion and headed to find the Captain.

    After some time of searching, his eyes found the Captain, gathering papers and overall in a state of panic. Not too far off he saw the apparent captured German civilians. This must have been a desperate attempt to combat the German forces. Maybe negotiations were going to take place, however that wasn't like Klepin. He reached the Captain finally. "Sir, we are in retreat?" Leo asked, just to confirm even though the whole place screamed the answer was yes. Klepin grunted. "The whole plan is shit now. We are moving back to regroup and defend against this counterattack. Early this morning a group of men, not of our own, came into the camp. Warsaw was a lost cause, and they themselves were in full retreat. They found us, so I took them into our ranks." Leo took a moment to analyze it all, before looking back over at the civilians. "And them?" He asked, still unsure of their true purpose. "You know me Dubov, that was not my idea. They came in with the soldiers. I'm still unsure what to do with them." Leo nodded, "Understood." He heard all he needed to and departed for his tent, gathering all he needed before heading off to the group of soldiers making their way out of the field.
  4. A woman soon appeared in front of Cecilia and pulled the teenager's hood up over her head since it was starting to snow. "Best keep yourself warm so you don't get sick." She made sure that the girl was covered up and turned around for a moment. Walking over to a small table, she grabbed a pair of gloves and made her way back over to her daughter, grabbing the girl's hands as she put the gloves on her. "And do not stray far. The last thing we need is for someone to get too curious with you around." Her eyes drifted towards two of the guards within the gates. "Go with her and make sure she stays out of trouble."

    "Yes, mother." Cecilia nodded and fixed the gloves as she turned around. Shifting lightly, she moved her foot ever so slightly to find the stairs and slowly started to make her way down them. She tugged the cloak closer to her body, the cold air getting to her a little bit, and gripped onto one of the guard's arms. This was her way of not getting lost and it was easier for her to figure out where things were so she didn't trip and fall. "Let's get going before she tells me to come back in."


    Among the civilians happened to be a young woman, blonde hair that was somewhat long, blue eyes, typical pretty girl that was hidden behind dirt and scum from her captors not taking very good care of her. Her eyes drifted around and she frowned deeply. She had been a prisoner for quite a while now but that didn't mean her fear of soldiers had just disappeared. Biting her lip, she shifted lightly on the ground and turned her eyes towards the other prisoners. They were in worser condition than she was since they had been in various camps unlike her. Shaking her head, she turned back to what was in front of her and kept her eyes to the ground now, not wanting to get in trouble or look at the men in front of her.
  5. Duncan entered the office, and soon shyness fell upon him. There were several well dressed men mumbling about. Typical rich folk banter. Duncan's presence brought upon a hush. A few of them locked their gaze on him and his face turned dark red. They seemed to be more interested in the case than Duncan himself, but that didn't help the embarrassment setting in. Soon a gentleman sitting behind the main desk spoke up. "Boy, come here with that." Duncan's eyes opened wider as he snapped into reality. He quickly scurried to the desk, and without being told placed the case on top. The main stood up and looked over it a moment, gliding his fingers along the crests engraved. "You are Wallace's boy?" He asked briefly. "Apr-," Duncan's voiced shutdown a moment. "Apprentice, sir." The man mostly ignored him. He reached below the desk and pulled out a small collection of money wrapped up. "Take this to Wallace. That is all." Duncan nodded and grabbed the money, before quickly retreating from the office. Once he was outside he took a deep breathe, the cold air pierced his lungs, but he could care less. He was just happy to be away from those men.

    He looked down at the money. It was a decent amount. He could buy the whole town he imagined. Slipping it into his pocket, he started off back to Wallace. Soon enough he saw the girl from earlier, now with two soldiers, obviously her guards. She didn't fit in around here, even with some of the townsfolk being high standing people, she topped them all. He once again noticed her formal wear. Duncan looked down, wiping some dirt off his rather dull attire before continuing to walk, hoping not to get on any of the guard's bad side, as he almost did earlier.


    After almost an hour of walking, most of the Russian forces had made their way to a small town. It was war torn already, and Leo figured soon enough it would be ravaged again by bullets and explosions. He took a moment to rest, sitting on the remains of a destroyed wall. He took a sip from his canteen and observed the area. Rank and form seemed to get tossed right out of the window, as everyone walked and ran about. His own men were scattered, he hadn't seen them together since yesterday. Leo figured this would all die down soon enough, so he didn't worry about organizing them yet. Klepin was soon seen with some other officers walking towards a building that seemed most intact. They needed a new base of operations and that was going to have to do. The captured Germans were net to appear. They were tossed and thrown around, without the slightest care. The were herded like cattle to a demolished house, where two guards stayed to watch, rifles pointed. Leo approached them shortly after. "Have we found out what we are doing with them?" He asked of the men. He shrugged. " I'm assuming execution to be honest sir," He began, "They are dead weight, not worth anything anyway. There is no way anyone cares about them enough." He leaned in to Leo, "If it were up to me, they'd be dead by nightfall." Leo nodded softly. As brutal as this war had proven to be, there was no way he was going to be anywhere near those captives if it would just end in a slaughter. They all looked scared, defeated. "Have they eaten, drank anything?" Leo asked after a few moments. The soldier laughed. "Not that I know of, maybe they will just die of starvation, save us the bullets." Leo was ready to retort his comments, but it would just end worse. He slowly walked up to the nearest captive, a young woman. Even with the dirt and fatigue she somehow looked nice to Leo. He knelt down and removed his canteen from his waist. "Here." He said quietly. "Pass this around. It's not much, but." He didn't finish his sentence, instead he stood back up and walked back to where the guards were standing.
  6. Cecilia stopped where she was and tugged on the guard's arm to make him stop. The expression on her face was curious as she could smell something sweet nearby. Her head tilted to the side and she hummed lightly. "What is that smell?" She asked and turned her head towards the guard, raising an eyebrow. This smell was made her mouth water just a little bit and she wanted to taste whatever it was she was smelling. It smelled like something so simple but yet, good.

    "The bakery, princess." The guard explained and glanced down towards her before back in front of him. "It's right up the road." He noticed Duncan but said nothing to him. The man wasn't threatening so it didn't worry him and he turned his attention back to the teenager beside him. "Would you like to go there?"

    Cecilia seemed thoughtful and nodded lightly. A bakery... She'd love to bring home some sweets for her mother. "Please." She gripped onto the guard's arm and followed him towards the bakery.

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  7. The woman looked up as he approached her. A small frown came across her lips but she nodded in thanks as she took the canteen from him. "Thank you." She murmured softly and looked at the object in her hands. Wasn't this against the rules within the camp and army? Or was he just being pitiful towards them? Either way, she was grateful for what he had done. She took a small sip and looked at the rest of the group beside her. Shifting lightly, she held out the canteen to a middle aged woman and smiled lightly at her, telling her it was alright to take it from her. She then dropped her hand once the woman took it and looked around. Soldiers were buzzing about and getting ready to move out from what she could hear. She dropped her gaze, unsure of what they would do to her if they caught her watching them, and twiddled her thumbs as she sat there, hoping that maybe she could get out of this mess sooner rather than later.
  8. Duncan soon arrived back at the Blacksmith's. He opened the door, and sighed in relief once the door closed behind him, the sound of the streets becoming just a hum. "What was in the case?" Duncan almost immediately asked. Wallace, caught him in whatever tinkering he was doing, took a moment to turn. Duncan wasn't even sure he knew he had returned until just that moment. "What was what?" The old man asked. Duncan laughed to himself quietly, setting the money down on the table opposite Wallace. "What was in the fancy case?" He asked again. "Oh, just some sword for an officer stationed here." Duncan was surprised he acted so non nonchalant about it all. "You mean I was just carrying a weapon for a high ranking soldier!?" He asked, honestly shocked. "I wouldn't even trust myself to do that again." Duncan said under his breathe. "Yeah," Wallace started, "The war is getting pretty bad, for both sides. Victories just don't seem like victories anymore. Them Patriots just don't know when to give up." Wallace was bound to start ranting on about war and politics, something Duncan was severely not interested in. He scooted over to one of the small forges and began to fiddle around with some steel. He could make a basic weapon, some swords and whatnot. Wallace was always picky about end results, and almost always his final product was trashed and smelted down.


    It probably wasn't the smartest idea to give the captives any sort of positive attention. As mentioned, however, Leo wasn't a typical soldier. Some were completely driven by the war, killing machines. Others were filled with pride for their country, and rejected any opposing enemies, and even allies. Leo was forced into war by his father. He was skilled with a gun, but never wanted to use it for anything other than hunting. His skills in war, one of his biggest flaws in his eyes, rose him in ranks to Commander. He could never fully admit he hated doing this. He had to hide a lot. Sure, the incentive to push back the Germans from total invasion made this all slightly worth while, but it still never felt right. Now that they had captured innocent people, the feelings of it all just intensified.

    Leo soon was soon called to meet with Kelpin and the others. Once they all were situated, the loud thud of a fist smashing down on a table broke the short silence. "This is all unacceptable!" Klepin began, anger fueling his tone. "All of this chaos, lack of discipline. Stalin would have all of our heads on a pike for this!" Leo was half paying attention, even if the shouting was making it hard to even think. "We will not disgrace Mother Russia with further defeats!" He paused a moment, collecting himself. "We will organize, fallback into more familiar territory. The Germans seem like they don't want to stop pushing. If they meet a heavy enough front, they will have no choice but to concede. We leave within two hours, no questions. Get out of here." That was that. Leo headed back outside. The captives' fates were now almost consuming his thoughts. The idea of a firing squad made him sick. He made it a point to stick close to them, and make sure if anything at all, there final hours were torment free.
  9. The teenager continued to walk with her two guards and kept a tight grip on the guard to her right. She hummed a quiet tune under her breath and attempted to get used to the loud streets of Boston. This was something she wasn't going to get used easily. Her ears were used to the quiet palace life, not the loud streets of the city. Shaking her head, she continued to walk and tilted her head up once the guards stopped walking. They had reached the bakery and Cecilia was getting giddy. She had never been in a bakery before and so this was exciting to her. Stepping inside the bakery, she was overwhelmed by various smells and it startled her for a moment.

    Shaking her head once again, she let go of her guard and stepped forward. The owner of the bakery was a little confused as to who the girl was until he realized that she looked very much like the queen of England. That was enough to make the man very nervous. He shifted lightly where he was and glanced towards his wife, who was also very shocked.


    The woman from before was handed back the canteen and set it in her lap as she sat there. Her eyes drifted towards her clothes. Her once lovely sky blue dress was completely dirty and her hair was matted. She felt disgusting. Shaking her head, her eyes kept to the ground and she toyed with the canteen, unsure of what to do with the empty thing. She let out a soft sigh and glanced towards the other beside her. They were just as uneasy as her and she felt horrible. She just hoped that if they were doomed to die, it would be swift and quick. Her mind went to her parents. Was their death quick and painless? Or did they suffer? She remembered that her mother told her to hide and after that, her mother and father were gone. She had no idea where they are currently. In the back of her mind, she knew that they were gone but that didn't mean she couldn't hope that they were alive somewhere and safe.
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