Two Tails

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  1. Name: Chot

    Age: 19

    Race: Half Wolf, Half Cat

    Personality: Energetic, Outgoing.

    Pic: Will when I'm not on a phone
  2. Kyy kills his prey and starts eating the now dead deer.
  3. Eclipse strolled aroun the area as he cuaght scent of a fresh kill, he followed the scent as he stumbled upon what looks to be a wolf. " Hmmmm.. "
  4. Kyy looks over. He moves just incase he wants any.
  5. Eclipse slowly approaches the wolf as he lowers his head and tail showing his submission showing he means no harm at all. " ....... " He stayed silent as he watched closely tilting his head to the side alill bit.
  6. Kyy nods at him in understanding as he finishes eating.
  7. Eclipse tilts his head to the side as he smiled lightly. " Hi. " he said as he looked at the wolf.
  8. "Hi." He sits by a nearby tree and stretches.
  9. Eclipse climbes said tree and hangs upside down as his wings hang down with him. " Im eclipse the winged fox. " He said as he giggled lightly his purple hues glinting in the sunlight as he smiled lightly.
  10. "Kyysucara. But most just call me Kyy. Half wolf." He starts climbing it too.
  11. Eclipse flapped his wings once as he made himself flip up and watches the wolf. " hehe. Your cute. " He siad as he giggled .
  12. Ooc: i changed my chara. Figured i would before we got further lol. He's called Chot now. Using my fursona lol.

    Chot smiled. "You're not bad yourself." He sits on a branch.
  13. Eclipse giggled more as he blushed lightly. " So what do you do for fun around here? " He asks as he swings his legs around while he sat on a branch.
  14. "Mostly hunt and run around. You?" He smiles as he hangs upside down, his fur blowing in the breeze.
  15. " Well i like to cuddle, play, ummmmm other things. " As soon as he said the last one he blushed intently thining of the otherthings being nuaghty and what not.
  16. Chot stands up on the branch. "Me too!" As he speaks he looses his balance and falls.
  17. Eclipse swoops down as he catches chot and places him on the ground. " You almost got hurt. " He said as he landed gracefully on the ground beside chot.
  18. Chot giggles. "I did that on purpose. It was comfy in your arms."
  19. " Oh hehehehe. " He giggled as he blushed lightly.
  20. "I like you. You're pretty cool." He gets on all fours and spins around before lying down.