EXERCISE Two Sentence Challenge #2: Joy

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  1. The Two Sentence ChallengeWe've all seen what can be said with a paragraph. You can raise and cull armies, destroy civilizations, and save the world. But what if you could inspire emotions in people... with only two sentences? That is the challenge today, to attempt to, in a concise way, right a powerful, two sentence post on this week's topic!

  2. Lazarus glanced over his armored shoulder, at the large ravaged land, the annihilated forest, the mess that once was a beach, and the obliviousness of the ocean, then turned back to the human. This human, the imbecile life form he could destroy in seconds, had made him want not to, and even though he couldn't comprehend how, something in him had changed, something that hadn't in millennias.
  3. The air smelled like sunshine and grass, so fresh that it was like breathing in happiness itself, and the birds overhead were singing sweetly in celebration. Amelie could feel her heart swelling with their song and wanted to sing alongside them, savoring the feeling of the grass underneath her as she flopped down to look at the sky and plan what to do tomorrow for her first day of summer vacation.
  4. I'm quite certain you know that feeling of relief, that sudden knowing that everything will be great and glorious, that sweet sense of joy and success, when you finally reach the summit you have set out for yourself, like great men do. I now wonder how they deal with the bitter realization that all you have accomplished by this action is placing yourself inside a tough decision; keep climbing to higher mountainpeaks endlessly, or give up and fall down into the gorge of failure.
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  5. You are the lights in my life that chase away the darkness within. So please, my love, my daughter, never let that light be extinguished and may it forever flourish.