GROUP RP PLOTTING Two Possible Group Ideas

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  1. So, I have two possible group ideas. One is original, and the other is Mass Effect.

    I don't like huge groups, so for the Mass Effect, I would say five max, possibly six. It would take place during ME3 or in between ME2 and ME3.

    For the Dream Plague, I would say six max.

    1. The Dream Plague
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    Long ago, a group of people were cursed by the last sorcerer alive. These people had wronged the magic users and punished them for practicing magic. The curse dictated that the group, and their eventual descendants, would be plagued by nightmares. If they could overcome the nightmares, they would be taken into the Dreamrealm and attempt to vanquish the spirit of the last sorcerer. If they died while in the Dreamrealm, they died in real life, and their soul would be transported to the Dreamrealm and morphed into a nightmare creature to haunt someone else afflicted with the curse. Once death had overtaken them, the curse would pass on to their firstborn child, regardless of gender or age. Some made it into their old age, and some didn't live past 30. If they chose not to have a child, the curse would jump to someone else, even if they were not related to the carrier. Should a Dreamrealmist destroy the spirit of the last sorcerer, the curse on everyone would be lifted, but no one has ever made it. Maybe someday, someone can change that.

    2. Mass Effect: Stranded
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    A racially-mixed N7 team, despite the odds, completed a tough extraction against the Collectors during the Reaper war. After reaching their home ship, they are attacked by a Collector carrier and crash land on an undiscovered planet. It's small and hospitable, but it soon becomes dangerous as new forms of Reapers attack with unrelenting force. The N7 team must learn about one another to defend against the onslaught.

    If anyone has questions, let me know. :3
  2. I'm interested in the Dream Plague idea. I would want to know a little more about the setting and sort of characters you had in mind, though. ^^
  3. Thanks for taking interest. :3

    The characters would be people affected by the Dream Plague, a small group going out to destroy the last spirit, in a world that's entirely up to the people playing those characters. I had nothing set. The world could even be consistently changing, because it would come from the product of many dreams colliding. Or something like that, haha.

    I didn't really want to have anything set, since it is such a broad idea. Any ideas that anyone had that could make something out of a world is always helpful too. :3

  4. Alrighty. ^^ Are there any real givens for the plague-ees? (infecteds? they kinda need a cool name)
    I like the idea of an ever-changing world, maybe based on their current emotional state?
    And, out of curiosity, how are they going to kill this last spirit? Would there be specialized weapons/methods they would have to discover before they could defeat him, or is it pretty much just a matter of stabbing it through the heart with whatever's handy?
  5. I am interested in the Dream Plague idea as well!
  6. I've decided upon Infected, Minded, or Impures. I can't actually pick one. xD And yeah, that world sounds pretty good.
    As for killing the last spirit, I'm not sure yet. I think that might be another thing to hash out.

    Yay, thank you. :3 that makes three people so far. I'd like at least four to get started and then two more can jump in.
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  7. Dream plague sounds awesome can i join in!?
  8. Yeah, that would make four people. :3
  9. I'd join Dream Plague. Definitely.
  10. Awesome, that's five. I'm thinking I can get this started soon. Also, I want your Lon'qu and Gaius chibi in your sig. :3
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  11. Yaaaay.

    Lonqu and Gaius are awesome. <3