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  1. Here are two very similar but distinct plots that I thought it might be fun to play.

    They are both set in a steampunk world, though the emphasis is on the characters so the amount of steampunk tech that is introduced in the story can vary depending on how we want to play it. The backdrop is a European-type culture set 1880-1917-ish. There are limited(ish) monarchies, lingering vestiges of aristocratic privilege, a very wealthy bourgeois class, and a vast and immensely poor lower class. Most importantly, there is a war. It is a great war. How complicated the war is (how many sides, countries, etc, are involved) is up to us but it should be devastating enough to cause palpable tension even in areas far away from the battle ground. If we want to model our fictional war on WWI with the Allied and Central powers, we can but it doesn’t matter what side they’re on.

    Idea 1 (A sort-of gender reversed Snow White):

    He is a prince. He is smart and eager and young. He has charisma and influence but he is also naïve and is easily influenced. As he grows older, his charisma grows and his naïvetéshrinks. Someday, he might just get something done and that worries some of the conniving old politicians who had everything just as they liked it. Then the war broke out, a perfect smoke screen for an assassination as the patriotic young man went to fight for his country.

    She is poor. Whether she was originally from a wealthy family who lost it all or she was always poor is up to you. Either way, she’s been poor long enough to have learned how to cope with being at the bottom of the social ladder. She’s very practical but whether this is tinged with idealism or cynicism is up to you. She always takes care of her own.

    The assassination is botched and a charred body is sent home in the prince’s place while the real prince, suffering from a bad injury and amnesia, is sent first to a hospital and then back home because he can no longer fight. Returning to his homeland with no idea who he is, where home is, or even how to take care of himself under the circumstances, the lost prince quickly finds himself on the streets where he repeatedly runs into and butts heads with our leading lady. Eventually, they learn to get along and develop a friendship (or maybe something more). Then, one day, the prince goes to the hospital because his war wound’s been bothering him (maybe he’s been going there all along) and he runs into a lady of the Court doing charitable work by visiting wounded veterans and she recognizes him. Now how does he go about finding the truth behind his identity and proving it? What will it do to his relationship with our leading lady? Will she help him? Try to stop him? What of the would-be assassins?

    Idea 2 (Kinda sorta Cinderella):

    He is a prince or from an aristocratic family. When the war breaks out, he doesn’t hesitate to join the army and his family’s status guarantees him an officer’s rank. Fairly early on, his platoon is captured by the enemy and taken to POW camps within the enemy’s country. He is separated from his men and placed in a more comfortable “officer’s camp”.

    She is the daughter of a wealthy man (either lesser nobility or untitled but rich) but she is overshadowed by her stepmother’s influence on her father. While her stepmother and stepsister(s) are doted on, she is almost forgotten. Her situation only becomes worse after her father goes away to fight in the war, leaving her stepmother with total power over the household. Her things are the first to be taken away “for the war effort” and she is reduced an almost servant-like status. She is forced to play the part of happy and dutiful daughter in front of those who know who she is (threatened with being locked in her room with no food, or something similar if she does not comply) but she is treated like a scullery maid in front of those who do not know who she is.

    One day, she is taken along on a charity outing with her stepmother and stepsister(s) to visit the local officer’s camp for enemy POWs. They are visiting partially because of the novelty of seeing the foreign soldiers and partially because the public has come to realize that what’s happening to the enemy POWs is likely also happening to their own captured soldiers and showing concern for other mothers’ sons looks good. Our leading lady is forced to have the most contact with the soldiers (perhaps despite reservations) by doling out the gifts while her stepmother and stepsister(s) look benevolently on. Her attention is caught by one of the prisoners during this first visit and again during a couple subsequent visits with her stepmother and stepsister(s) until she decides to visit the camp alone (perhaps using her guise as a servant as an excuse) to talk with him more. A tentative friendship forms as they get to know each other better and come to understand their cultural differences. This may blossom into a forbidden romance. It may also lead her to befriend some of the other prisoners. She may begin helping out the prisoners by bringing them contraband or helping them to get work releases so they can do work for the citizens of the town and get out of the camp (perhaps convincing her stepmother to let her friend/love interest work in their house or on their land). Then the war ends. What happens after this point depends on who was on the winning side and who was on the losing side. It doesn’t particularly matter to me and it can be sorted out later.

    I’m looking for someone to play the female role for both plots.

    I require someone competent in spelling and grammar. As to post length, I appreciate long posts (I tend to write long posts, myself) but I prefer quality posts with attention to character and plot which leave me with something to reply to. I prefer to plan out major plot points and plot twists with my role-playing partner so fairly frequent contact is a must. I would like to note that I don’t intend to micromanage the story, I just like to have a road map of where we’re going, what stops we’re making, what we see along the way to those stops can stay a surprise.

    Let me know if you’re interested in either of the plots.

  2. I just have to say that the gender-bend snow white concept is lovely. :)
    We're already doing two, so I truly understand if you don't choose me. But, just putting my two cents in on the plot design.

    But....ya know how I am about a good story.... ;3
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