(two plots available) Succubus Slave/Wild West

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  1. Wild West: Bounty Hunter
    Your character is a female bounty hunter in the Wild West, and my character is wanted dead or alive for the supposed rape and murder of an entire group of female missionaries, including the governor's daughter. It was reported that the entire group of women were found raped and nailed to crosses. The bounty is $100 dead, and $5000 alive. A whole bunch of bounty hunters are after my character, Clint Jackson. After capturing my character, your character discovers that there may be good evidence that proves my character is innocent. The struggle of deciding to bring my character in, where he will likely not be given a fair trial, trying to keep him away from other bounty hunters, trying to prove his innocence or helping him escape the law and becoming an outlaw herself.


    Name: (Something Wild Westy)
    Age: (Iwaku rules apply)
    Picture: (Real image preferred)

    Succubus Slave
    My character is a mad scientist and demonologist. He summons your character in magical shackles. As long as your character is bound by the manacles, she must obey my character. He uses the succubus as a prostitute slave to win favors and make a profit off of the local underground supernatural community. Werewolves, vampires, demons, fallen angels, sorcerers and even wealthy humans come to have the succubus fulfill their darkest desires. For she will change and shift form based on her lovers wishes, a natural talent of the succubus. Unfortunately, from the bonds, she can only achieve orgasm when her master wills it, but he can also increase and decrease her pleasure as he wishes.


    Name: (Demonic/Evil name)
    Age: (Likely a few millennia.)
    Picture: (Any image of a succubus like woman will do)
  2. ooo I want the wild west rp. Are you still looking?
  3. I'm sorry. I'm already doing both of these RPs. I'm full up at the moment.
  4. Alright. Just shoot me a pm if you're ever looking for a partner.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.