Two of a Kind [MXM]

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    So, there's kind of a lot to this idea but I don't really know how to get it across. If you're interested, bring it up with me in a PM conversation and we can discuss it c: I am only looking for one partner on the idea. And I would like for their to be a little bit of "sexy times," but I do want plot. This idea calls for about 50/50, starting out with developing plot and characters.​

    To the idea: Okay, so lets call them Character A (CA) and Character B (CB). CA just moved into CB and his mothers house, CA's father becoming engaged to CB's mother. CA knew little about the relationship until his father threw on him the fact that he was proposing to CB's mother. I was thinking our two characters could have already known each other from around school, but they haven't really ever talked until their parents got together. I was thinking that they could be 17-ish, seniors in high school. After the initial awkwardness, the two step brothers start realizing their into each other (whether just lustfully or romantically). But while CB is more social-able, an artsy, charismatic character; CA is more isolated, mysterious, and has gotten himself involved with gang-related activity. CB knew that CA was kind of a bad influence, considering his reputation as the "bad boy" around school, but he doesn't really know how "bad" until CA comes home late and is kind of wigged out, and beaten up. As their relationship progresses, CB starts getting more and more involved with the gang-stuff, unintentionally though, because of course CA is trying to keep him safe while still trying to conceal this as best as he can from their parents.

    If you don't mind, I would rather play as CA, whom kind of isolates the idea of being attracted to the same sex, while CB is more accepting towards that part of himself (whether he's "out of the closet" or not, is your decision). Plot can have things edited/added, this is just what I want out of it ^.^ I don't mind if more than one person is interested, I can have multiple threads going.
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  2. Hello! If you are expecting this story to have a plot/sex ratio, it belongs in the Liberteen section. I've moved it for you. Best of luck on your hunt.
  3. Still looking c:
  4. This seems like an interesting plot. I would be glad to roleplay it with you.
  5. Still looking~
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