Two Ideas: One Normal, the other Strange

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Which one are you more interested in?

  1. Chasing Neverland

  2. This is My(Our) Life

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  1. I have two different ideas here, both brought back from the dead from a website I used to RP on. I've been looking to do some GMing recently and have figured these 2 ideas to be the best bets for something wonderful.
    I only plan on doing one, so it's which ever draws the more interest.

    Chasing Neverland (open)

    The Lead
    It's been about a month since Damien first decided to record himself sing. What he heard from himself sent shivers down his spines. Surely it wasn't HIM that was on that recording. Oh come on man! That's unbelievable! Such a passion in there he could hear. Sure, there were several moments where his voice did the absolutely WRONG thing, but most of the recording sounded like angels fucked his mother and that's how he was born. So with that, he found a new dream for his future. He wanted to make a life around singing. So what else is a guy to do but to try and write songs and play them right? Well,... He wasn't exactly good at anything other than singing and writing. He couldn't give himself a guitar and learn or anything, not really anyway...

    "Well. When you can't do something by yourself, find people to help."

    Damien knew there was one place he could go to do that. It was an old restaurant in his town, a rather small town at that, and it had community spotlights every Friday and Saturday night. If he could keep a watch out for talented people in his general style he might be able to get some people to help him further his dreams, and their dreams at the same time. It's the start of the summer, so if he was going to do anything he would do it now.

    So with that, he finds himself signing up to sing on the last day of may.

    The Band

    One by one a youth finds themselves up on that stage in the Mainstreet Diner, or somewhere in the crowd. One has lived in the town their entire life, one just moved here, and one finds himself visiting a friend in the restaurant. Little do they know they're going to meet a dreamer who offers them a way to escape from their lives and lose themselves to a dream. But first they have to get there, they have to get ready to break off any reservations and make a leap of faith.

    The Idea

    It's so cliche, a bunch of random strangers getting together to form a band. But isn't that what makes it so great? The Great American Band Story is ready to claim another set of musicians. It's going to be quite a ride though, cause these things never happen smoothly, not even in the movies, that is, unless you work for Disney.

    Just want 3-4 people :3
    Guitarist/Back-Up Vocals
    Bassist or etc.

    This is My(Our) Life! (open)

    I came up with an idea for a sandboxish roleplay with a rather original twist. I'm very happy I came up with this, because I've never seen anything remotely similar done before. Ok. I lie, there have been a few works similar, but none I know of in this certain way.

    My plan is to have exactly one character. Or rather, one person.

    Weird right? Well let me explain.

    There is a world known as the dreamscape. The dreamscape is... Well, a weird world. The dreamscape is responsible for producing a race of completely human creatures for some fantastical world of unknown origin. The dreamscape acts as a sort of "womb" for these humanoids as they grow up in there. They live enclosed in their own little dream, their only little world. But it's only them, and them, and more of them...

    Well, in a sense, it's multiple iterations of the same person. But there is only one true person, and they are influenced by all other iterations of that one, single person.

    The period of influence, or the period of time they are in the dreamscape before they are "born" is thought to be the equivalent of five years. In these five years the person decides multiple facets of their appearance and personality. They also go through a rapid growth from childhood to adulthood to which they finally "die" to the dream world and are born elsewhere.

    I figured I'd find around five other people to work with me in developing a man. We'd spend the entire RP talking to each other and controlling his iterations and trying to get him to decide on how he wants to live, how he wants to be. Well, you guys will try to convince him, I will play the true iteration.

    If I get at least three other people willing to attempt to work something out I can make a thread and we will discuss how we want this to work.

    Could probably work as the ground work for an RP in the world this character is eventually born in, giving everyone a chance to interact with said character with a character of their own! ^^

    These roleplays will be played at a minimal of Adept level, please be knowledgeable about what this means.
  2. I'd be very much so interested in doing your idea , Chasing Neverland :)
  3. I love the idea of the second one. Very strange. Dunno how successful it'll be or if it'll work at all but I'm willing to give it a go :D The way I see it, I think it'll feel like we're all different voices in the character's head telling him what to do :D
  4. I'd be really interested in playing Chasing Neverland. It's cliche, but band role plays are always fun. I'd love to play a female bass player too though!
  5. Chasing Neverland!
  6. Keep in mind the minimum level of writing for these RPs is adept meaning 5+ Paragraphs


    There was some misconception here, when I said this I was setting a bar that tends to be left unset for most of my roleplays. I understand when 5+ paragraphs can be wayyyyyy too much to handle, but if you find that too much to handle as a 24/7 rule you need to be looking for another roleplay, but that's also me saying 3 well written paragraphs won't get you frowned upon, just expectant of a reason why.
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  7. Never fear :D I can do as many paragraphs as needed (psst... I'm adaptable xD)
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  8. Since when did "adept" mean 5+ paragraphs per post? Adept means you have good grammar and rarely make any mistakes.


    An Adept roleplay is best suited to players who have a varied character repertoire and a grasp of complex themes. High reading comprehension is expected. There should be little to no "fluff" posts."

    5+ paragraphs per post is an impossible expectation and even those who fit in the "douche" category don't write that much every time. How are you supposed to do 5 paragraphs every post in a conversation based RP like either of these?
  9. It was an example for one, for two it's really rude to go onto someone else's thread and bash them relentlessly, for three most people associate paragraph count with writing ability so that's what the example was for, four I tend to forget to ask for a certain posting quality and I end up getting someone who thinks it's socially acceptable to write a three sentence reply to a 9 paragraph introduction to the IC.
  10. I'm not bashing you. I'm pointing out an issue. If I was bashing you, I would be insulting you personally, not the idea of writing 5 paragraphs per post. Asking for a paragraph count is fine, but you can't say it's not socially acceptable to write a 3 sentence response to a 9 paragraph intro. The intro is there to set the scene and create a way for other characters to join in on that same scene. There's no point repeating the setting of the scene in different words. Doing so is just a waste of time. I'm not going to complain if they do decide to respond with a really long post to a really long intro, but I'm going to skim read that post then because chances are most of it is completely irrelevant to the way I would then respond to that response.
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  11. You're not getting the point, please leave my thread you've done enough damage
  12. Nice edit there bud.

    I like your ideas honestly, but I have to say that even three really well written paragraphs and a well thought out character profile is a little bit too much to expect from such a cliche and simple idea. I'm adaptable, so for me it all depends upon my partners abilities, my inspiration and what exactly is going on at the moment. If your idea of 'adept' wasn't as high I believe you would garter more interest.