Two Halves of a Whole (w/ Cherry Blossom)

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  1. Yuuki's POV

    After entering my apartment, I closed the door behind me. Leaning back, I let out a exhausted sigh and stared at the ceiling. What a mission, I thought, replaying the memories of my recent past in my head like a film. My mission was suppose to only take about a week or so, but due to unforseen circumstances, it ended up taking more than two months. Thanks to those bloodthirsy monsters death of Variel, I received huge wounds on my skin, so many to the point that now I look like a mummy with blonde hair poking out of my head.

    I slouched onto my bed and went into a phase of deep thought. Ever since I was a baby, maybe even as an infant, I had always felt like something was missing. It was like as if I was a puzzle, but someone had stole the last piece, rendering me unable to finish it. Pinching the tips of my glove, I took it off, revealing the ugly birthmark on the back of my right hand. Other than it fact that it was about as ugly as anything, the birthmark also had a radiating but dim glow around it. Again, those agonising questions I probably would never get the real answer from was asked again in my head---What it is with my strange scar? Why do I feel empty?

    Before long, I found myself in the darkness of sleep.


    I pushed open the door of my favourite pub. As usual, I took my seat at the bench in front of the bartender. "The usual." I said to the bartender, who promptly nodded his head.

    "I'm surprised that your business is still running at a good pace." I remarked as I sipped down my sparkling wine. "Not that I want your place to go under or anything."
    The bartender left a soft chuckle, "I guess I'm one of the lucky ones." he said as he was wiping the glasses clean, "These days, the taxes are just so high I'm actually starting to struggle a bit to pay it on time."

    Ugh. The King of this country was horrifically corrupted and a massive dictator. You would thing someone that old would have stepped down by now, but he still hasn't. The King cared more about his golds and possessions than the welfare of his people. Yet, for some odd reason, some citizens still bow down to him like a god. I never fell for the King's bullshit. Every month, we had to pay an absurd amount of tax to the King, supposedly to 'raise fundings for the homeless and the poor'. Even if he actually did put all the money into reducing those kind of issues, it would still not change my opinion on him. He was also the one who forbid twins to exist in his country. I never understood why he would make such a law that would pierce people's heart, and I could only speculate that it somehow threatened his reign.

    I supported my head with my hand as I sighed. Life wasn't very easy here
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