~two finger salute~ Yo

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  1. I'm Arkane, I'm not really new to roleplay just new to this site. I'm really laid back and goofy. Ask any questions you can think of
  2. Hi there Arkane! Welcome to the site! :D
  3. Welcome to the Other side of the Fence xD. Be aware of the Bunnies and the flying marshmallow..~

    Nothing is what it seems in here >:)

    Enjoy your stay .:3
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  4. Whalecum to iwaku.
  5. Heya newbie *smiles* tumblr_n0b23eT5oQ1tpbdojo1_500.gif
  6. *Fixes hair, waves and smiles*
    Oh, hello!~
    Welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay.