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  1. Two faced-

    The story of 3 teenagers who where genetically modified before birth to have the strange 'ability' of swapping their original gender.Whoever was born male could change into female and vis versa. They could stay in their other gender for as long as they wont-hell they can live with it.

    The source:

    In a secret research laboratory their were 4 scientist who seemed to be very close.One day one of them has passed away, leaving behind very valuable research which allows this 'gender bender' ability.The 3 scientist all promised they would bury their friends research along with him. But, each and every single one of them ended up betraying the other. Secretly they made a copy of his research and used it on an ordinary civilian whom hey retrieved illegally.The took 3 pregnant females and modified the genes of the child they carried. 15-17 years later...these children are now working under each scientist as secret agents.

    In this world where science is highly valued over money or any other commodity or human desire.

    Remarks :
    1) Remember each scientist did not realize the other did the same thing so they do not know about other subjects.

    2)One the surface, the teenagers are just normal high school kids.

    3)Each one of the scientist share a common goal : domination , they wanted their names to rise high in society, aiming to earn the upper seats in the social ladder.

    4) After making the subjects the scientist erased the research- in fear of it being discovered by anyone.

    5)When the scientists wanted to make more subject they discovered that....The original research was also an unknown outsider.
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  2. 3f674a69da5581e8706f55bd8dc5dd6b.jpg
    Orginal gender : Female
    orginal name/other : Mackenzie/ Mike
    personality :A trouble maker girl.She finds pleasure in disobeying others and breaking rules. Very self centered and has a narcissistic air around her.She uses her other self for 'playing nice'.
    strength:Courage and fearlessness
    weakness:recklessness and over estimation of her own capabilities
    Ability : Camouflage -can blend in with her surroundings appearing invisible (works very well with her sneaky nature)

    Original gender : Male
    Original name/ other: Adel / Allia
    Personality : While He has an arrogant leave me alone 'air' attitude.He is actually a shy guy who has a hard time socializing with others.Never the less, His shyness never stops him from saying/doing whats needs to be done when the time calls for it.He is very righteous and self disciplined.
    strength:Calmness and maturity
    weakness:lacking a clear goal and initiative
    Ability :Superior vision and hearing -He can see through walls and hear sounds at long distances.


    Original gender : Male
    Original name/ Other : Alien /alice
    Personality : Alien has a very low self esteem despite being talented in a number of categories. He uses his other self living through life( school and everything)being his other self makes him feel at ease plus it removes the stress he has from gender stereo type of boys( tough and masculine )
    strength:naturally gifted and talented at different aspects
    weakness:low self esteem and self under estimation
    Ability :Shrinking- He can shrink himself to any size- even an ant if he wished to.
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  3. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
    Original gender: female
    Original name/ other: Cornelia / Conner
    Personality: she's the tomboyish girl who jokes around a lot, is normal around both girls and boys, loves kickboxing and food. Hates letting her weakness show. Doesn't like to be underestimated cause she's a girl. image.jpg
    Original gender: Male
    Original name / other: Markel/Maka
    Personality: lazy, teasing, Pervy. Has a sharp sense of smell (yeah it's tough for him). Judges people according to their first meeting, hates sushi.
    Original gender: Male
    Original name/ other: Marius, Maria
    Personality: hates genderbending and avoids it at all cost (his 'man-pride' gets hurt when he does it). He likes being around girls (not cause he's a perv but just cause he likes their presence). Is great at drawing (not as a hobby but he just is).
  4. okay~ with this ill be making the first post- hope you have fun
    -----------------------------------------------------------------(same as always huh xD old habits don't die)

    tusday-5:00 AM-
    (His mother abandoned him after giving birth to him so the scientist(dr. Martin) raised him instead.Alien choose to live alone therefore Dr. Martin provided him with the home he now lives in)

    Alice had just waken up for school ,the day before was very exhausting for him because he had to stay over at a friends house working on a group project all day.When he arrived home he barely took off his clothes and slipped on an over sized sleep shirt to sleep.

    Alien would always use his other self..Always unless his working.He stretched his arm and began his routine morning : eating a simple toast and hot chocolate breakfast then going for a short walk.After that he would head home take a shower and change into his school uniform.He looks at himself in the mirror..his other self and smile " its going to be okay today as well"

    -6:45 Am-
    (Mackenzie mother did not abandon her after she the research.Instead she made a deal with the scientist Dr.Timothy that he pays her a monthly salary in return for her to allow him to use her daughter for research purposes. Mackenzie wasn't really attached to her mother so this fact didn't really bother her specially when her mum DID rise her after all )

    Mackenzie had snoozed her alarm over a million times now already.Her mother called her from down stairs a million times already but it seemed futile. The only thing that woke her up the electric buzzer wrist watch Dr.Timothy had here wear all the time to keep her under control.The wrist band was specially made that it fits her hands perfectly and expands when she gender bends according to her male figure wrist size so that she can not get rid of it no matter what.If she made any attempts to disobey Timothy or break the watch it would send an electric shock through her body(the degree of the shock depended on how serious the matter is- in general he kept it low). Through the watch Mackenzie could also communicate directly with Dr.Timothy.

    The watch begins to rattle and Dr.Timothy sends her a live voice message "Wake up Mackenzie-it 6 5o already" . Mackenzie shock her head trying to shake the sleep of as she forced herself to set up "Why do you even care- screw SCHOOL!" Timothy chuckles" of course I care!I care about anything to do with my experiment" he would regularly refer to her like that- mainly to keep his wild experiment in check. "right" she said as she rolled her eyes getting off the bed and starting to get ready for school.

    - 7:00 AM sharp -
    (Adel's mother sold him to Dr.Kim for a sum of money,after that she completely abandon him.He grow up instead in the same house as Dr,kim under his care and supervision)

    Adel entered the class just as the bell rang- he did that everyday and his homeroom teacher would get surprised daily about how he miraculously makes it exactly as the bell rings every day.

    He took a set at the isolated left back corner of class looking outside the window down at the play ground 'pity' he thought 'spending times indoor at such a beautiful time of the day' Ade l was a nature lover, he loved spending time in nature in early mornings.
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