Two Extremes

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Yaoi, FANTASY , magical, romance, every day, drama, violence, alpha/beta/omega verse (I have been craving an in depth roleplay for this)
Your character is an Alpha that is going through a tough divorce. Being unable to have children with his wife after many years, she grew frustrated and decided to leave him for someone who she believes would be able to give her children. He goes to visit a friend for advice, only to walk in on an argument between his friend and his friend's omega (my character). The pair aren't married, but the omega is pregnant with your friend's child. The friend refuses to take any responcibility and breaks up with his omega. Angered by such actions, your character takes the omega in and they end up living with one another. One relationship ending from the lack of children, the other ending for the presence of a child. But that was just the becoming.

Alpha and Omega universe. Is a male x male roleplay. Looking for someone to go back and forth with plot ideas and to have fun. Looking for dominant.
Not open for further replies.