Two Cups Adventure, One Cup Whimsy, A TB of Romance... Now where did the partners run off to?

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  1. Salutations,

    I have these lovely little gems called character pairings and basic plots to create wonderful stories, but I am missing the final ingredient... partners! Do you know where I can find some?

    I prefer it if my partners are at least "Adept" level or above. Please, peruse below and see if there is a recipe that appeals to you. I love to tell a good, well written story!

    M / F Character Pairings:
    Court Minstrel / King's Mistress
    Highwayman / Noble's Daughter
    Knight / Mercenary
    Wandering Performer / Villager
    Dwarf / Gnome
    [Band/Drama/Choir] Student / [Band/Drama/Choir] Student

    Science Major / Music Major [Do you really want to put that reed in your mouth again?]

    Music-- Give me a decent plot with a musical character and I'm hooked!
    Intrigue-- Secrets, dark pasts, a mystery to solve, just no horror please
    History-- I love historical RPs, especially the Victorian, Elizabethan, Regency Period, and medieval England
    Fantasy-- LotR, Deltora Quest, original worlds, let the games begin!

    Did I mention music?

    Story Plots:
    1. Genie of Dodge City: An old west RP set in the untamed Kansas prairies. Have you ever wondered what it would be like for a genie in the cowboy culture of the old west? What would happen if the wrong people discovered her secret? Me too. This idea has so many potential pairings with sheriffs, cowboys, outlaws, townspeople, and a genie on the loose! I'd love to play the genie, but I don't have to. This could also morph into a small group RP if enough people are interested.

    2. They Called Him Jireh: A "Modern" [1950's] Fantasy RP in which two teens strike up an unlikely friendship at a county fair where Teen A lives. Teen B is visiting family in the area and lives several states away. They keep in touch through letters, in which a cartoon dragon is born. Eventually, they name him Jireh and begin to incorporate him into every letter. Then one day, Teen A receives a letter from Teen B without one picture of the small dragon. He's escaped! Both teens must work together to track down the loose dragon and reclaim him before it's too late.

    3. To Love Thy Neighbour...: A Mythical / Historical RP inspired by Ivanhoe and Robin Hood with a dash of Romeo and Juliet. On the road, a Saxon noble's son is attacked and left for dead along the side of a road. When a Jewish priest and his daughter come across him, they take him to their home where the Jewess brings the noble's son back to health. During this period they fall in love, which is expressly forbidden as their people distrust and dislike each other. Can their love transcend the animosity they face on all sides?

    4. Behind the Curtain: Character A is an actor in a local theater. Character B is a musician in the orchestra with a secret crush on Character A. Does the actor even know they exist? Unrequited love, romance, or a good friendship, I'm up for any of these outcomes. I have no set plot and would be willing to throw in some adventure. This RP is purely to indulge in the beauties of music and a little on the side.

    5. Looking Through Your Eyes: A High Fantasy RP set in my very own world! In the land of Iruknel, between mountain and sea, there is a stretch of forbidding wood where an elven druid lives in isolation. Her sole task is to keep the Darkness safely secured within the boundary of Rembark Forest. One day, a man stumbles into her domain. He's lost, he's alone, and he's blind. The druid is bound by oath and character to help return the man to where he belongs, but what will happen with the Darkness once she leaves the heart of the forest?

    6. And the Words Danced Off the Page: A Fantasy RP. While reading a fantasy book [Lord of the Rings, Forgotten Realms, Deltora, Shannara, an original world, take your pick], you suddenly come to a blank page. Confused, you flip through the rest of the book only to discover more blank pages. The book suddenly starts growing, or you start shrinking, and next thing you know, you've been sucked into the book to take the place of the main character. But wouldn't you know it, you're not the only one this happened to. You have a supporting character! [Me] Together, the characters have to finish the story and find a way back home... if they even want to go back by the end of the story.

    7. Closer Than A Brother: A SciFi RP set in the Star Wars universe. A young Jedi Knight/Padawan is sent to help end a civil war on [planet tbd]. While working with the Republic forces, the Jedi encounters a physically abused child who is force sensitive and saves him/her. Whether the Jedi decides to take the child to the Jedi Temple or not, the child is devoted and insists on accompanying the Jedi wherever he/she goes.

    The positions have been filled. I am no longer accepting partners! However, if you desperately, desperately want to RP with me, PM me an example of your writing and either a plot idea or something from this list and I will consider it.

    Thank you for your interest!
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  2. You have wonderful and unique ideas, and almost all of them appeal to me. While I may have been roleplaying for a few years, I feel that I simply lack the experience in diversity of my roleplays and I fear that I would not be up to par, or meet your standards if I asked. If you're willing to work with someone who's fairly new to roleplaying in forums and give him some advice/tips on how to be a better roleplayer while trying to tell a great story, I'm more than willing to roleplay with you.

    Note: I've always roleplayed with friends, so I've always been a person who's more focused on the thoughts and inner workings of a character, so my descriptions about the background and scenery may be severely lacking if what you're expecting a style more similar to Robert Jordan and whatnot.

    I could PM you an example of a post you could expect from me if you wish.
  3. I have added a new section of "themes" and a few pairings/plots!
  4. I'd really love to try 1, 2, or 3 or merc/knight
  5. On your band/drama students pairing, would you be open to something similar to battle of the bands, as well as that bein part of a grand performance arts spectacle that they were performing for? I have quite a lot to go on there xP
  6. Send me a PM and we can discuss things.
  7. If that "Battle of the Bands" is with marching bands, you've got yourself a deal!
  8. Lol, I think I can work with that. xP if you PM me, we can get started, or you can wait 4 hours for me to get off work and we can start planning then.
  9. Oh hey dude, you made a banner ad thingy.

    The bard/villager and student/student pairings both definitely intrigue me, as does They Called Him Jireh. (You should know I love anything related to the arts by now, lol.) I actually could easily imagine the plot line of the latter being used with either pairing in their own appropriate setting, maybe with some tweaking... Perhaps the bard and villager meet in a classic medieval fantasy setting where there are actual dragons, for instance. PM me mabes? Let's do some worldbuilding!
  10. I don't know if I'm interested in the Genie one because it sounds so interesting or if it's just because I find the term 'untamed Kansas prairies' really amusing. <-- (Lives in Kansas.)
  11. I'd love to try something fantasy! ^^
  12. I did make a banner ad thingy! I'm swamped for the next couple of days, but we should definitely work out something. :D
  13. PM me so we can discuss details.
  14. I think I would like to try your Merc / Knight pairing or the Science Major / Music Major
  15. You made this lovely thingy and you don't notify me? Now I'm hurt *grows mushrooms in a corner* T^T
  16. The Wandering Gypsy / Villager one sounds like it could be really interesting. If you're still looking for something like that, feel free to pm me!
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