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  1. It was a quiet evening on Ethion. The Planets moon was hanging over head and the stars were glinting brightly in the sky. Malikai sat on the window sill watching the people below doing last minute errands or some drinking and laughing loudly at the pub or children getting yelled at by their parents to come home.He watched his people silently for a while then moved away from the window."Soon we will be united as one" he thought to himself, he felt uneasy about it for a while now, they had just found out about planet earth a couple months ago and all of a sudden because both parties wanted to play it safe they were going to slap two people who knew nothing about each other and expect them to just accept it. He had never really had a good relationship with his father mostly because he was never around, but when he was around his father had expected only greatness from him expected him to achieve leadership one day. Malikai looked at himself in the mirror and frowned, he was really tall and his jet black hair brushed his shoulders, It wasn't like him to get all dressed to see his father but today he decided to appease him.His clothes were dark blue except a white under shirt that could be seen from under his blue blazer, when he had finished dressing he strode down the hallway and down the steps to find his mother who had been waiting for him. "Hello Mother...has the man I call father decided to visit us again?" he asked her smiling at her. "Oh stop it Malikai you know he has business elsewhere and with the wedding preparations coming up....." she stopped short. She knew her son wasn't pleased with the decision and more so wasn't pleased that she had agreed along with his father about it as well.

    "What if I said no....what if I just stayed locked up in my room or disappeared somewhere until you guys gave up looking for me?" he asked her sharply."Then everything I have and own will NOT be yours....everything you are would cease to exist and you couldn't come back here" The loud voice boomed. It was his father who had appeared just in time to hear him. His mother got up went to him, kissing him on the cheek and hugging him tight. "My love how was your trip?" she asked. "It went well my lady...we will be trading supplies with them halfway into the year, it will help make our planet prosperous." He answered in a happy kind of tone. He then turned to his son with a frown on his face " I am leaving for earth to further discuss this agreement with the leader there....I expect you to follow me can meet your bride at least and she can show you around for a while....maybe even make you a little bit useful too." He snapped. Malikai rolled his eyes " I am interested in what an earthling looks like but I am more interested in how many beautiful women they have over there. His mother put her hand over her eyes and his father glared at him menacingly "You are not to engage in any contact with another are betrothed now and you must do your duty to unite both Earth and Ethion." He shouted. Malikai waved him off "Here I was going out of my way to impress you tonight but now I am bored of you....good night Father...." With that he left Manor.

    After much arguing,yelling and fighting his father (Which he lost) He woke up in the transportation pod that allowed them to teleport to different planets. His father was standing patiently waiting for the pod to reach its power limit to send them off.His mother was standing next to him looking concerned for his beaten body but also shook her head in disapproval.Around the three of them were the guards and solders of their people all waiting to be teleported. "You knocked me the hell out didn't you" he asked looking up at his father. The man barely looked at him and didn't answer. The pod reached its limit and slowly they de-materialized and materialized on earth. It took a while to gather up his things and follow his parents but what he saw blew his mind away.....
    Tall buildings and weird signs that he couldn't read and so many people! it was all so fascinating. "My son" His Mother said to him as they walked " You will be meeting the Earth Leaders daughter soon...please for the love you bare me....BE NICE" she whispered. Malikai smiled wickedly....."I cannot help if women love me Mother....Its a curse really....but I will TRY to give this Earthling girl a chance...if is makes you happy"
  2. Luna sighed as she stood there, in front of her mirror, as the other women of her tribe fussed over her; tugging and pulling on her hair, making last minute amendments on her clothes and caking up her face with heavy makeup. Her hands were outstretched to the side, like a scarecrow as one of the tribe woman started to stitch up the sleeves, seeing as she had lost a considerably lot amount of weight from since the dress had been made. Once they were done, they ushered themselves out of her room, leaving her standing there. She looked at her reflection, looking so different from the kind of girl she was. Her big round eyes were enhanced with the khol they had put around her eyes, in contrast to her pale skin and light blue eyes. Her hair was done into a simple yet chic bun, with a few strands hanging out by the side of her face. They had also painted her lips blood red, as well as her cheeks to add some life into it, the black dress she donned on was made to enhance her curves. She looked regal, yet elegant, which was the total opposite of who she was. She moved away andsat on the rocking chair near her bed as she await her father's call for her, remaining alert. Today was the day, the day she was going to meet her fiancé for the first time. She, however, was feeling nothing but emptiness and hollow inside. Shutting her eyes, she went back to the day their engagement was announced.

    When the news that people from foreign land had come, the tribe council had appointed her father, the most influential tribal leader to meet them. He had readily accepted and packed his bags, leaving his family to meet them, coming home only when he had accomplished his mission; to make a truce with them. The people became more in awe with him. He brought great news with the treaty, and many more. He had brought back with him the news that the both of them had wanted to marry of their children, as a reinforcement to the treaty. Not wanting her father to lose face if she rejected, she accepted the proposal with little protest that tinged with hesitance. In just a snap, she had devoted herself to one she had never met.

    Sighing yet again, she hoped she had not make the wrong decision by accepting the marriage. Just then she heard her father call for her and she stood up, taking deep breaths as she walked towards her father, her head down, too nervous to look up. She stood slightly behind her father as she stared down at the floor.
  3. Following behind his parents Malikai walked into a large building which had stairs going high up and a couple human women an men who seemed to be servants showing them inside. "This is someone's house?"Malikai said out loud in an interested tone.He never knew that Human's lived in such lovely homes, he had always thought they lived in huts made of mud or something....then again no one on his planet knew of how they lived except his father. They were shown into a large room with a long table in the center so they sat down and waited patiently for their hosts so appear, while they did his father shot him a look "you are not to eat like an animal when they serve us dinner and you are to answer the leader's questions and do anything asked of must seal this proposal today"He told him. Malikai rolled his eyes "You knocked me out and when I woke up we were already on our way to expect me to just listen to you?" he asked crossing his arms. "YES"his father snapped. Maikai frowned but nodded reluctantly. He wondered what the girl would be like...what she thought of his people...what she knew about his people...the Draconian's might be freak show to her, after all they had descended from an ancient race that did look a little scary in the beginning. He was jerked from his thoughts when it was announced that the leader and his daughter were coming. Malikai Yawned as they walked in and sleepily looked over immediately at the girl walking close to her father as if she was frightened "figures" he thought, she was afraid of them before they even met. He could see she put a great deal of work into her appearance and it made him chuckle quietly to himself and his mother shot him a look of silence.

    "Hello friend"His father got up to shake the earth leader's hand Ällow me to introduce my lovely wife Myrrah and this is my handsome son Malikai."Malikai stood up and placed a hand on his chest and bowed respectfully as it was custom to do this to your elders. "What's for dinner?"He asked out loud after he finished bowing. His father looked like he was going to clobber him and his mother put a hand over her eyes. "forgive him....he forgets himself...."His father began "no I didn't"Malikai said sitting back down before anyone else could "I am hungry and my parents forgot to feed me today because they were too busy knocking me out to come here"He finished. His father and mother looked at him ins complete shock as did the servants but Malikai didn't care, he looked over at the girl who was still by her father "we are not monster's your Majesty"He said in a sarcastic tone.
  4. As Luna and her father entered the room, she could feel the overpowering presence of what she presumed to be her fiancé's family. She looked up slightly to glance at them before looking back down and pressing herself nearer to her father. She wished her mother, who was out at her parents' house, was here. She was the only one who understood her aversion towards crowd and overwhelming folks. Beads of sweat had started to form on her forehead and palms. Trying to be discreet, she wiped the sweat on the side of her dress as she heard the other party introducing themselves. She gave a side glance as the father introduce his son, and her vision was met with a very tall man who would tower over her due to her short stature. She looked back down to her feet, only to look up once again, throwing her fiancé a glare at his quite hideous behaviour, the feeling of wanting to give him a slap overpowered her. She could not believe that he had the audacity to shame his parents. Furthermore, it was infront of his future in law. Her eyebrows creased as she averted her gaze, her eyes closed as her head hung low. She was to marry a man like this, one who was most definitely the opposite of her. He was not the only one that did not want to be here. However, as the duty of the heir and successor to his father's throne, that kind of behaviour is atrocious.

    Her father, unlike her, dismissed the act with a nonchalant laugh and continued by introducing both him and her. She looked at her future parent in-laws, and gave them a dainty bow and a small smile before straightening back up and looking at her fiancé. She gave him a bow and a tight smile before speaking, her soft, high-pitched voice filled the room

    "Nice to meet you. I do hope you enjoy your brief stay here on earth. Food will be served soon and again, I do hope the food is to your liking."
  5. She had manners all right...she knew what she was doing when it came down to being gracious to her hosts. Malikai said nothing to her when she finished wishing they could just eat and leave.His parents however greeted her with warmth and complimented how she looked and how lovely their home was. The food came out soon after everyone was seated, they made sure she was to sit in front of him to strike conversation while the elders did their boring talks of trade and so on.What exactly was he suppose to strike up? It was hard enough being in a world he never understood but now he had to try and coax this woman into speaking to him. He took a sip of his drink which to his surprise was very tasty and began to try the different foods presented to him, nothing like this was made on his planet so he savored every bite. "So I suppose you had other plans before being betrothed me" he said to her dipping fresh bread into a kind of sauce. "My parents always seek to control me and I find it more annoying then anything else.....I don't care if it's for the good of both sides...we barely know each other and I don't think it's right to force what isn't there." Malikai finished miserably, it was more then he actually wanted to say to her but he said it anyways and now she knew he had no interest in her. It was lucky his parents weren't listening or he would have gotten scolded again.Dinner seemed to take for ever and a day and when it had finished Malikai was the first standing "excuse me but I want to explore the area a little bye!" he called a he proceeded to walk away but as he did his ever diligent father suggested that his fiancee give him a give them some private alone time to get to know each other more.

    It looked like the Earth leader agreed to that and to Malikai's annoyance she came along with him.He figured it wasn't so bad as he didn't know where to go or what things were and once they reached outside he could feel the eyes on him. As far as Human's and Draconians went they practically looked the same, maybe it was his markings along his arms that made people stare or maybe the fact that this Luna girl was with him he wasn't so sure. "I want to see a moving picture box" Malikai told her excitedly as it hit him "You know little people who move around inside a box?"
  6. Luna plastered a strained smile and curtsied her future in laws as they drowned her in a sea of compliments from her dress, her hair and her manners. She kept her poisture as graceful as possible, her face blank of expression. The slight twitched in her eyes were the only gaveaway of her irritation from the lies that spewed out of their mouth. Pretty? She is the most average looking of all humans and being short definitely did not help. She curled her fingers into fists, bunching the side of her dress to keep herself calm; she did not want to embarrass her father by bursting out some unnecessary comments.

    Sighing in relief as the signal of the arrival of food was given, saving her from being a disgrace, she walked briskly towards the table, taking her side beside her father, her fiance in front of her. She gave him a tight smile before dugging in the scrumptious food spread that was in front of her. She ate quietly, tuning out the elders who were talking about the economic of their world, looking up only when she realised he was talking to her. She listened to him talk without interrupting, taking occasional sips from the glass, only giving her opinion once he had finished.

    "It was only because of my duty to my father and my people that I had agreed to marry a stranger who's name I do not even know before this. I am not going to abandon my responsibility as the daughter of the chief and ridicule him in front of many others for my selfishness. If I had known the kind of savage you were, I definitely would not have agreed. Too late though, if anyone is going to cancel and cause a ruckus to this marriage, it would be you and you only."

    Her mouth curled, forming a satisfied smirk as she looked up at him before standing up. Her father had wanted her to take him around and she would do so, without any question. She bid goodbye to the elders before going off, not really caring if he trailed behind after her. She was walking down the path that led towards the main courtyard when he heard his request. She stopped on her tracks, and turned slightly, looking up at him, her neck straining slightly due to the difference in height.

    "Small people in boxes? Oh! You mean that."

    She could not help but giggle slightly at his silliness before taking his hand and tugging it slightly, changing her direction.

    "Come on! I'll take you to the small 'people'"

    She dragged him as they walked down the winding corridors and stopped when she reached a door. Opening it slightly, she dragged him in with her and pushed him gently, plopping his ass on the mattress. She hold her hand, a signal to wait before she went to her side desk and took a little box with intricate design. She placed it in his hands and opened it, the doll in it started to dance to the tune.

    "They're not people. They're what we call dolls. Lifeless, yet deathly beautiful."
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