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  1. This was it! Her big money maker! The Stormwatchers truck sped down the road, hurtling towards the forming twister at breakneck speed. They had the radio playing the local news, which hadn't shut up about the tornado. It was expected to be at least three miles long! Ainsley listened closely to what the weatherman was shouting.

    "The local fire station predicts that this twister will wipe out the entire Kansas City range. People this is going to be huge! Lock your doors, bolt the tables down, you only have about fifty minutes! Ladies and gentlemen! I have new word that the tornado is almost at the midpoint of touching. You must CLEAR OUT!"

    Ainsley grinned bigger and turned her cap around on her head. "Damn, you hear that boys? This one is gonna make us famous!" She screeched over the howling of the wind battering the sides of the truck.

    Kyle smirked at her and rolled his eyes. He was the dick of the group, and very sexist! She sometimes just wanted to shove him out into one of these storms one day. "You say the same thing every time Ainsley! What makes you think this time will be any different?"

    Ainsley scoffed. "The biggest twister we've recorded is only two miles wide, this one is going to be at least three. At least!"

    With that he turned around in the passenger seat. Sam gave her a ignore it look and then glued his eyes back to the road. The truck neared the touching Funnel.
  2. " Dont doubt her Kyle " A small smile on his face as his foot was on the gas the wind roaring around the truck, His black hair flowing in the wind that was coming through the window that was down not even half-way. His Amber eyes staring around at the cloud that would soon form this massive Tornado that was being casted through the news. " So where is this tornado suppose to be touching down? " he looked around the area at the clouds again trying to spot any weird fluctuation or maybe a sign of a flume. He had a small smile on his face his adrenaline starting to run, This guy Anthony aka Tones Hartman was ready for this tornado like a fat kid loves cake.
  3. "We should be a few miles from where it'll touch." She grins again, her excitement showing as she bounced in her seat ready for action. "Gah! I can't stand this waiting!" Ainsley turns in her seat and picks up her camera fiddling with the settings, and making sure it was storm ready. This was her fourth storm chase with the boys and she was a natural. Her feeds were always the most popular and she had a gift for knowing when it would be a good video. In other words…she never disappoints. After her brief check with her camera, she set it back in the waterproof case, zipping it fluently and returning her gaze to the window.
  4. " Boy i hope your right about this tornado " he leaned out the window and saw something in the clouds ahead, He gripped his steering wheel tighter and stepped on the gas. He flew past some cars soaring away from the area, A small smile on his face as he makes a rough turn the car skidding and drifting a bit. He steps off the gas a bit and then stomps on it again everyone in the car shifting, He looks back as he gains control driving off again saying " Sorry " he looked forward again putting his cap on backwards so his hair wouldn't get in his face again.
  5. As he turned wildly, Ainsleys hair flew out around her. When the car rebalanced she pulled out a rubber band, briskly putting the blonde strands in a ponytail. "Jeezus Tones, if I'm going to die it's going to be by one of those" She teases and points towards the rapidly growing cloud.
  6. He leans forward his mouth hangs open " jesus you were right about a tornado! " he fixed his cap and tucked his hair out his face as he slowed down a bit trying to get a location lock on where the tornado was to touch down and maybe he can get some winds so he can make a good path to figure out how to drive through this " Does anyone know which way the wind is going? "
  7. Ainsley looked over to the boy with his hood up covering his features with shadows. "Sam?" He ignored her. "C'mon Sam! Speak!" He was a little shy being the newbie in the group. This was his first storm. Sam finally spoke in a quiet lazy tone. "It's heading northeast at around 250 miles per hour." Ainsley smiled. "There ya go! That wasn't so hard now, was it?"