Twisted romance plot [needing males]

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  1. Hello hello,

    I am interested in potentially starting a RP with you.

    I do tend to get bored if the RP falls below two-ish paragraphs (4-8 sentences per paragraph) if the plot isn't being moved forward - just as a heads up. Though I will always try to push through that if it does happen under some circumstances,

    I would prefer playing the female for this plot. This RP will have cursing, violence, and other mature themes, so please be okay with that :)

    So here is the idea:

    Chance had put them together. Two twisted souls fighting to stay on the right track. Somehow they were drawn to one another, whether by the peculiar attributes of their own, or of the other, or by their fates intentionally being intertwined. Each an unparalleled force in their family business - while a common establishment, each business is very very different. One evening smashed their lives together. 'Her' last name a fragment, a hidden piece to the puzzle which is her father - a man of deception, a man of power among the North side, who treats her like an outcast, due to his new wife. She is only kept around due to her loyalty and the fact that she is a secret to his enemies. 'His' last name tells of no lies, for his speaks of his true nature, of who his family is, and the fact that they run the South side. So what happens when their fates collide? When their identities, and roles in the mafia's life are revealed, each believes the other has betrayed them...

    So the concept here is two children of mafia lords end up meeting by chance. Only exchange first names, end up falling for one another. Have a few dates, get peculiarly attached even while hiding who they truly are. Her last name is her mothers, even though her father is the mafia leader of said territory. When they find out, they sort of struggle with it, with their desires for the other. They come to terms, some event causing them to trust one another again before they settle on being together in secret to see where it goes.

    This though brings new troubles. When people in their own mafia start poking around, and finding things out, I will say that my female offs them - whether your male helps or not, is up to you. Whether we have him know, or not is also up to you. Her past is tattered, her father pushing her around, disrespecting her, hitting her even at times, making her be the madam of a trafficking rink - so a bit psychotic in some ways. Also do not let this fool you, she will still be a very strong character still.

    This is mainly plot based, and if there is to be smut (which I only do if appropriate to the chars),

    I will say that this RP is more likely to not have a happy ending, but I am up for suggestions ;]

  2. Hey Im definitely interested! I love mob/mafia RPs haha Heres a character description for you.

    Name: Adrian
    Height: 5'8-5'9
    Personality-Violent, Cursed with his fathers temper, cocky, charmer, protective, secretive

    any more info you need let me know and post on my wall if you want to start anything!
    aide2.jpeg aide3.jpg
  3. Hey,

    that sounds wonderful, i will message you and we can get to discussing :)

    still accepting other partners to do this RP :)
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