Twisted Minds, Intertwined Hands

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  1. Two young women, Alex Chevalier and Delilah Elizabeth-Lynn Jones, have recently been admitted into a mental hospital. Not for suicidal tendencies, not for acute depression, nor severe anxiety. They've been taken for displaying irregular tendencies, Alex having expressed she could converse with animals and Delilah having shown psychic abilities. Both peculiar talents have aroused the suspicion of their guardians and those around them, landing them in captivity.

    The hospital, Mercy Vale, is very secluded. It is a large plain looking building with few windows. Encircling the facility is lush green grass and even a garden that grew flowers and vegetables alike. Around the expanse of green is a four meter tall, thick brick wall with sharp decorative metal spikes atop. There is one exit, a metal fence that connects to a gravel road, a pass code preventing unwanted exiting or entering. Beyond the walls is a thick redwood forest, separating the patients from the outside world. This ensures that no one can hear their screams.

    That's right, screams. The pretty picture on the pamphlets and well crafted lies weave the illusion of safety and well being. It could not be more wrong. Here at Mercy Vale the nurses and doctors treat their patients with little respect, using inhumane and outdated methods of treatment and more violent ways of subduing any rule breaker. Alex and Delilah hardly know they are stepping into hell.
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  2. A green pickup truck wheeled through the opened gates, giving view to a sprawling yard and the towering building that was 'Mercy Vale Hospital.' Afternoon sunlight filtered over the land, giving the dismal place a sunnier appearance. Lazy clouds roved high above, oblivious to the plights of the people below them.

    In the backseat with a police officer next to her and cuffs on her wrists was Alex Chevalier, looking pissed off as ever. Contempt shaded her features, setting her jaw and narrowing her eyes as she took in the sights. Sunlight danced upon Alex's dark brown locks, marbling her features as they passed under a few large trees that sat on either side of the gravel road leading to the hospital, which was seated on a small hill.

    Pressing her nose against the glass to peer back Alex watched the towering metal gates lurch into motion. As the gates swung close behind the vehicle Alex felt a sense of foreboding and suddenly wished to run. Looking over to the police officer beside her Alex bitterly thought that having the policeman only made her appear to be criminally insane. In reality she was just stubborn, having been recently caught trying to escape via horse. Such thrashing when being dragged towards the truck also warranted more precaution.

    Alex was fuming. There was no reason for her to go to the 'loony bin' as she had hollered at her parents earlier. There was nothing wrong with her mind and all that set her apart from another was her odd ability. Why couldn't her parents have just accepted it and kept their mouths shut? Well, it was because they thought she was hearing voices and warranted evaluation. It wasn't easy for them or anyone really to understand what she was capable of doing. As the truck pulled closer to the front stairs leading up to the hospital entrance Alex fidgeted with her cuffs, receiving a look from the officer. "Will you behave if I uncuff you?"he asked, voice aged like the the wrinkles curving his face. Alex held her wrists out in answer, the officer producing a small key that released the manacles into his waiting hand. Alex rubbed her wrists with a sigh, resisting the urge to kick the car door open and bolt towards the exit. She knew that was futile at this point and instead exiting calmly after her father had halted the car and exited to open the door for his daughter.

    Out she went, sending silent glares at her parents. Voice already raw from yelling, Alex was in no mood to pick up the act again in fear of being labeled as crazy, which she believed she wasn't despite her admission to Mercy Vale. The police officer waited by the truck as Alex's parents led her towards the door and into the building, looking somber all the while even though they still believed this action was for the better. Inside the building was cool breeze that twisted Alex's guts into knots. The front room was crisp and clean, a few waiting chairs positioned before a long wooden desk. Behind this desk was a few receptionists, wearing false smiles that tricked Alex's parents into feeling reassured by their poor decision. "Hello and welcome to Mercy Vale. Is this Alex Chevalier?"a plump woman asked with great energy, having guessed the name based on the information that Alex was expected to be admitted today.

    "It is,"Alex's father answered, wheeling a small suitcase that only held approved belongings like a few outfits, some books, an old stuffed animal, and a pad of paper and pencil. While her parents handed over some ID and signed some papers Alex looked at the grey tiled floor with clenched fists. After a while her parents returned, wrapping their arms around her and saying what sounded like goodbyes to their daughter. Too frustrated to feel sadness, the farewell Alex gave her parents was brief. Just as they finished up a male nurse in his white uniform approached, offering to lead Alex away. It took some prodding from her parents for Alex to snatch the handle of her suitcase away from her father and practically stomp off behind the nurse. He led her down a hallway, the walls white and the stagnant air sterile smelling. Up a flight of stairs they went, footsteps ringing off of the floor. The nurse introduced himself as Jeremy, but Alex hardly cared and didn't answer. They continued until they reached another hallway lined with doors, some opened and other closed. The faint sound of crying form some of the rooms identified them as some of the patient's lodgings.

    The man led Alex into one of them. Inside were two plain looking twin sized beds with blue covers, neatly tucked and positioned on either side of the small room. In between them were two dressers for belongings. On the other side of the room was a table with two chairs, legs looking beat up. A small barred window opened on the wall furthest from the door, making Alex feel like this place was a prison. A small lamp on the table was currently turned off since it was around three in the afternoon and there was still light out. Folded at the end of Alex's bed was clothing, a simple white t-shirt and a loose pair of drawstring matching pants. Soft loafer looking shoes and thin socks also sat on the covers. "Dress quickly, you'll have a roommate soon."the nurse instructed, closing the thick wooden door and leaving no option but obliging. On the door were dents, a small barred window also located towards the top to allow nurses to look in or patients to loo out. Alex's small size made it so she could only peer out if she stood on her tippy toes.

    Dejectedly Alex unpacked the few contents of her suitcase closest tot he dresser near the bed with the window, the one she was picked as hers. Then she undressed and redressed quickly, placing her clothes in her dresser and looking down at her new looser ones. Alex walked over and tried opening the door, finding it locked. "Of course,"she mumbled bitterly, returning to her bed and sitting on the edge. Resting her head in her hands she watched the door and waited for the nurse to return with her new roommate, hoping the person she'd share space with wasn't a complete loon that made her fear for her life in any sense. Apprehension picked up her breathing slightly.
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  3. She felt like she had just killed a million people. Like she was danger to someone with the cuffs that were wrapped around her wrists and a nice little knot in the back of her head. The last memory she had was a gruff looking man telling her that she was being escorted to some mental institution with a name she couldn't quite remember at the time because after he had said the name she got the butt of a gun to her head. Her parents had seen the whole seen and they hadn't even screamed, in fact she believed that her parents were the ones who told the guy to hit her in the head with a butt if his gun. Like she was the monster in this scenario.

    Her parents had been following behind the green can she was being escorted in closer as if they cared for her safety and she was riding side by side with the guy who had put the knot in the back of her head. He kept apologizing constantly but she was in one of her moods where she could care less, in fact his constant apologizing was working her nerves. Or the last little bit of nerve she had, cause the calm demeanor she was showing could be describe as the look a psychopath gives his victim as he decides which tool of theirs they wants to use to kill their victim. Maybe going to this institution could actually help her, if she was clinically insane that is. But her parents had taken her to so many therapists that they were both growing weary, and it hadn't taken a rocket scientist to see that.

    The green van that she had arrived in finally pulled into the institution that saw had the name Mercy Vale and it had come to a slow stop beside the front door and the police officer sitting next to her stood up opening the double doors and had helped her out after him. As she was getting out of the van she shared a small look of hatred with her father as he pulled out her small luggage and drawing pad along with another smaller luggage filled with all the books she could fit in the bag. The police officer looked at her bored but terrifying glance and decided to leave the cuff on escorting her personally into her new home. Her parents must have honestly scared the shit out of the poor guy.

    He had lead her to the desk and her parents followed shortly after returning a smile to the receptionist who clearly was faking her smile. Not that her parents were smart enough to actually realize that, in fact they were just loving the "kindness" that the woman had be showing towards them. "This must be Delilah..." She said as she grabbed a clipboard bedside her and her father nodded his head wearily not even gaining the strength to say yes. While we parents were busy filling out and signing some papers Delilah had finally gotten her cuffs removed from her wrist but was quickly pulled into the tight grasp of a male nurse she assumed worked here.

    Once her parents were done they faced her and her mother was the only one that could muster up a smile behind the fake waterworks she was making appear so that she looked like the trophy mother. "We'll miss you fact as soon as we can come and visit we will" Delilah wasn't stupid, with the way the gate looked she knew damn well that she wasn't getting any visitors, especially from her crap parents. She hadn't even responded as she stepped away from the male nurse for a second to grab her luggage, not even sparing a look for her father, and looked at the male nurse muttering smal words. "I'd like to be shown to my room now" she said and he nodded his head turning to give her parents a pity look.

    "We did this cause we loved you lilah! Don't treat us this way!" Her mother shouted and she hadn't even turned to give her the satisfaction she wanted. Her mother wanted the perfect family and since she hadn't gotten it, she pretended that it was flowers and unicorns.

    The male nurse that had been escorting her to her room kept a firm glance on her as she walked ahead of him seeming as if she had known what was going on. Screams of terror and cries of pain lined the hallways she was walking down and before she had known it she had been meet with a door the nurse had told her to stop out. He had gotten in front of her and unlocked the door showing her inside. "This will be your room and that's your roommates, please refrain from hurting her" Delilah looked back at the guard wondering how much her parents had actually said about her. "I promise..." Her soft voice said and he pointed to some clothes neatly folded at the edge of her bed with a crooked smile.

    "That'll be your uniform...I can't wait to see you in it..." Delilah rolled her eyes and Aiden seemed to take that as a threat to her safety cause before she had known it a lamp was being thrown across the room shattering into a million pieces and her dresser had fallen on the floor with a loud crash. The nurse hadn't even thought twice before he quickly slammed the door behind her and she felt Aiden calm down. "Stop it..." She said sternly to the air above her and sighed as she went over to her dressed picking it off the floor. "See the trouble you get us into"

    She mumbled those words softly to herself as she went over to the lamp picking up the small pieces that had fallen onto the floor. "You should be helping me..." She said once again in a softer tone completely ignoring the person that occupied the other bed. She wasn't in the mood to make any new friends, but she stood up off the floor after failing to pick up all the glass and gave the task to Aiden as she walked over to the clothes on the edge of her bed and sucked in a huge breath and quickly undressed and redressed again. And once she had noticed the sleaves were not there she quickly grabbed a cardigan from her luggage and finally turned back looking at the girl that filled the other bed.

    "You hadn't been hurt had you?"
  4. After some time the door opened again, hope filling Alex's chest. As for what brought the feeling, she didn't know. There was little reason to be hopeful in this place, confined against her will for an illness she didn't have. However, there was some excitement that had made her perk up. She wondered who her new roommate would be and what their mental state would be. Alex wished to have someone she could talk to in this place, someone that didn't scare her to death. And on top of it all someone who wasn't going to kill her, someone with a scrap of sanity. If she were fortunate she'd be rooming with someone who could actually be a friend and understand what was going on. The first impression didn't suggest such fortune.

    The door opened to reveal a male nurse, a different one than the one who had escorted her. With him was a young woman with red hair, not hard on the eyes and seemingly bashful. Then a lamp was hurled, whether or not the girl had actually picked up the lamp unknown to Alex. The appliance sailed through the air and shattered against the wall a few feet away from Alex herself, plastic shaft broken and bulb splintered. Shock spread across Alex's face, eyes wide and mouth parted in shock. "What the fuck!"she yelled, crawling back further onto her bed as the young girl pushed her dresser over onto the floor with a loud thud. The nurse exited as opposed to helping out, leaving Alex even more perplexed. Why wasn't he doing his job to contain the patients? He worked at a mental hospital for crying out loud!

    After his departure the woman's condition seemed to improve, no more destruction. The unnerving feeling didn't cease yet though. The woman spoke seemingly to herself, peering upwards at something unseen. Oh, god....Great, just great. I get stuck with a psycho who tears everything up and speaks to herself. Alex thought to herself, back pressed against the wall and legs pulled towards her chest defensively. Even though she didn't want to let this crazy girl out of sight, she had the decency to avert her eyes while the girl dressed herself, looking back only after the girl was clothed/

    Then the young woman spoke as if nothing had happened, only asking if Alex was alright after the little melt down. Alex nodded her head in affirmation, irked and a bit frightened. "Nah, I'm good...Uh, are you okay yourself? That was...some episode you had just then,"she replied.
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  5. She smiled softly even though it hadn't met her eyes. "Oh that...that was nothing" great, she forgot the whole rooming with someone and now she looked flat out crazy to the girl. It was just talking to Aiden has become so natural that she hadn't even realized when she done it. Now talking to him was the only thing that calmed her down, and when he was upset her voice would stop him...half the time. "I didn't mean to scare you honestly...sometimes-" then she thought about her next words and decided not to say anything. They weren't friends, in fact Delilah couldn't even find out why she was being so nice.

    Maybe it was cause she felt bad, not just for herself but for the other girl because she hadn't seemed like she belonged her. She looked and acceded like a normal functioning human being, it was Delilah that knew deep down maybe she had belonged here...that's why she felt bad for herself. But not this girl...this girl looked like she had it all together. So she just shut up and went to unpacking herself. Delilah wasn't here to make friendships and ride off into the sunset, she was here- well because she was forced to be. She placed all her books on top of the dresser that she had fixed and then placed her neatly folded clothes inside. Something in her knew that the girl was afraid of her, maybe it was the way she was sitting...acting as if she was going to walk over there and jab a knife in her throat. But this was something she was so used to, having people afraid of her was nothing new.

    Once she had finally put her stuff away she relaxed onto her bed hoping that Aiden would sense her calm demeanor and calm down himself. She could still feel how in edge he was, and she wanted to calm him down...but talking to him in this moment wouldn't be the best idea. Delilah reached over and picked up one of her books at random and opened it up to discover that it had been Stephen King's Finders Keepers. They hadn't let her bring a phone so she couldn't really ease into her happy place but it was something. "You don't have to keep that position...I promise you I won't kill you" she teased looking up from her book wanting the girl to remain comfortable like she was when she had first entered the room.

    But her presence made people uneasy, luckily she wasn't like most girls that desired the attention of others. Because the only real friend she could remember actually enjoying her presence was Aiden, but Aiden wasn't an actual human so she hadn't known if that counted or not. She kept to herself though after her last comment finally getting into her groove and not wanting to be bothered by the other sitting across from her.
  6. In an attempt to distract herself from the rowdy seeming roommate who had passed the episode off as 'nothing' Alex pulled out her pad of paper. Idly she drew small circles with her dull pencil, giving her anxious hands something to do. Each little circle was clumped tightly together, beginning at the top right corner of the white, lined paper. While she doodled absentmindedly her muscles remained tense, legs still drawn towards her body as if provided some sort of shield against any sudden assaults. While her new roommate appeared calm now, there were still worrying thoughts to be had. After all, she had passed the little episode off as nothing.

    If hurling and breaking a lamp as well as pushing aside a dresser was 'nothing,' then Alex would hate to see this woman be more upset. What would happen them? Trying to push the bed over? Pushing Alex's stuff over? Actually harming her directly? Alex didn't know for sure and quite honestly didn't want to, already threatened. Sure she could handle a feisty stallion and subdue him, but fending off a mentally ill woman was out of her league of abilities.

    More small circles were formed on the page, clustered together. Out from the corner of her eye Alex saw the other girl pull a book out and begin to read. Then the woman spoke, trying to calm the now anxious and defensive woman. Even if murder wasn't the intent of this woman, any episode could make her forget that. Still, the girl had got off on the wrong foot and deserved a second chance even with Alex now apprehensive. Alex slowly released the tension in her muscles, the circles on the paper drawn with a bit of a lighter hand. She hadn't realized how hard she had been pressing down until now, tracing a finger lightly over the small indentations she had created.

    After a while Alex couldn't help but start up a conversation, at least as far as introductions so she could put a name on this girl. "I figure we'll be rooming for a while, so it's best if we know each other's names. Mine's Alex, Alex Chevalier,"she introduced, raising her eyes from her paper to look at the other girl.
  7. Delilah looked up when the girl began introducing herself and really hadn't payed it any mind, that is until five minutes of silence passed and she figured the girl was actually trying to introduce herself. She hadn't looked up from her book but sighed softly looking over at the glass that was being put on the dresser it sat in originally, but in tiny pieces now. "Delilah...Delilah Jones" she mumbled to the girl softly but finally looked up seeing that her demeanor had finally moved from its tense state.

    Then she saw her drawing pad begin to float across to the girl, now known as Alex, and open up to an empty page. After that the pencil that was in her grip was onto the pad and she assumed that Aiden had been introducing himself. The words had been messy and smushed together, but they had still be legible. "And that's Aiden...though he's not very keen on introducing himself to people so he must see something special in you" she flipped the page of her book and began reading still curious as to why Aiden had even taken the time to introduce himself to the gir-Alex.

    "You seem pretty put together though, why are you even here" in flat she was pretty curious about Alex in general. She looked like she could walk down a street normally, so why had she been admitted into a mental institution, and why was Aiden so interested in her. "I mean look at me, at least I could be qualified as crazy but you...not you..." Maybe they were both in the same boat, but from the way she looked her parents were probably still loving on each other and she was probably being loved on by them...then again she wasn't very good at telling someone's home life by looking at them. She was more of a analyze your personality on first glance type of person.

    "But then again you can be some secret psycho murderer and I should be the one afraid of you instead of vice versa..." Another one of her stupid jokes, she hadn't even known why she tried to be funny cause I always failed miserably. Her humor was either too dark for the person she was talking to of they just hadn't gotten it. Delilah finally looked up from her book closing it and her eyes landed on Alex, her new roommate.

  8. "Delilah, huh...Nice name,"Alex commented with a genuine smile. Maybe this girl wasn't so bad after all even after there had been a long pause before the introduction. At least there had been an answer and that's what counted. Perhaps the girl had just been frightened enough to destroy things and now she's not much of a threat. Alex kept trying to convince herself that this woman was harmless in the hopes of gaining a friend, or at least someone to keep her company in this odd place.

    While Alex was about to look back to her pad of paper, she spotted movement. Looking up she saw the girl's drawing pad....float over? It hovered about the ground as if someone unseen was carrying it over. Opening again, Alex's mouth was parted in awe as the object approached, stopping in front of her. A pencil moved across the paper and produced smudged letters. They spelled a name, "Aiden' it seemed. What the hell? This must be some paranormal shit....why am I questioning it considering I can talk to freakin' animals? Well...because it floated! This chick, Delilah, can speak to a spirit?! That's cool, but...weird as hell...Alex thought to herself as Delilah made a comment.

    Then Delilah asked a question, one Alex had previously been fearful of answering. Now she didn't mind as much, seeing that this woman possessed a rather unique ability just like Alex herself. Excitement welled up in Alex's chest. Maybe Delilah would be the first to believe her! Maybe she'd understand and not think Alex as a loon like she currently felt like. As Alex was thinking before she could answer Delilah cracked a jest of sorts, speaking of murder, which was nothing to joke about but seemed appropriate in this given situation and received a light laugh.

    "Well, yeah. I'm not a murderer and I'm pretty positive I'm sane. I was thrown in here because...well..I can communicate with animals. Like, I know exactly how they're feeling...and can project thoughts on them, uh, like speaking. It's pretty weird, but I feel I can admit this because your ability is much more extraordinary,"Alex began.

    She continued as she looked around the room, peering upwards. "So, is this Aiden like a spirit that follows you around? Or did you yourself use some weird brain power to float that over to me?"she asked, bewildered and almost giddy with disbelief.
  9. "Speaking to animals huh? That's sounds way better than what I've got" she said actually believing her without a shred of doubt. Because with everything that she's seen, speaking to animals hadn't seemed to bizarre. Then she heard her question and the delight in her voice, the delight that caused Delilah to giggle softly then caused her to retract slightly because that little giggle had been real...she just actually laughed. "Aiden is a spirit that follows I got him I'll never know but he's like tied to me...almost like the way to tie a balloon to your wrist to keep it from floating away" was she going to go in much more depth than that, probably not...but what she had told Alex and been the most that she's told anyone.

    "So we were thrown in here for the same reason...well that's nice to know that I'm not sleeping with someone who likes cutting birds wings off or something worse..." In fact that had been her main fear coming in here. Being paired with someone who was actually crazy, she could handle dead people and spirits...but having to deal with a crazy person sounded worse than holding hands with Jason himself.

    "What about you, why can you talk to animals...have you always been able to do that cause if there's a puddle of acid that gives you that ability please tell me where it is cause talking to animals sounds way better then talking to dead people and air" In fact she had given another small chuckle but quickly shut up realizing that she had done it again. She had laughed more in these five minutes than she had her whole life. In fact this was the first person she talked that hadn't been some floating annoyance over her head.

    Aiden had seemed to hear her thought and threw the cover over her face causing her to roll her eyes. "Jeez Aiden, no need to be jealous" she pulled the cover off her face and then looked down after making eye contact with Alex. She hadn't even asked the girl how she felt about her talking to Aiden, if it creeped her out she would stop but Aiden would probably throw some fit making her have to speak to him again. "U-Um sorry I hadn't asked but if me talking to Aiden creeps you out then I can wouldn't be the first person that looks at me as if I have a horn growing out of my head."

    People disliking her and not speaking had just been so natural to her, so now that someone was actually speaking to her she hadn't known how to act, or how to actually conversation without it getting awkward. Maybe Alex would be different, it wouldn't hurt to have at least one friend in this nut house would it?
  10. Alex offered a shrug in response to Delilah's response. Conversing with a spirit seemed cool, but she believed that communicating with animals was amazing considering her love for them. Both abilities had their pros and cons and both of them were stuck with them so they best find some appreciation. Delilah's connection to Aiden seemed more harmful though since he had already proved to cause some destruction, assuming he had thrown the lamp. Also, it seemed like a more severe problem to doctors and authorities. Believing you could speak to animals was one thing, but making things float or talking aloud to something that wasn't there was another thing. One that irked people more.

    To Delilah's comment Alex could only nod in agreement and relief. "I'm also glad I'm not stuck with a real crazy...but at first, I don't know. You really scared me..."she said. Under her breath she mumbled barely audible, "And still sorta do..."while rubbing the back of her neck awkwardly for a moment.

    The joke received a laugh. At least this girl had a sense of humor. "No acid, no toxic waste. Just...genetics. I developed my ability over the years with little outside influence,"she answered honestly. In truth speaking to animals seemed waaay better than speaking to spirits. That was just Alex's opinion since she adored animals and the connection she had with them, often loving them more than she loved most humans. Animals weren't as judgmental as humans, that was for sure. Alex remembered communicating with her horse, who she had bonded with over the years and now missed dearly. After hearing of where she was being sent Alex had run to the barn to fetch her horse. All she had to speak of was danger, projecting her desperation on the horse. Instead of spooking and refusing to budge, the horse projected emotions of kinship and protection, more than ready to accept a bit in its mouth and a saddle on its back to run off. If only humans were that accepting of my predicament...Alex mentally commented.

    A blanket was thrown over Delilah's face suddenly, making Alex flinch. Soon she calmed again, remembering that Aiden, a spirit, existed. It seemed he had thrown the blanket in an act of attention seeking, receiving a verbal response from Delilah. While it was very fascinating to witness Alex was still a bit uneasy.

    "You can talk with him if you isn't advised when we're in the view of nurses though. They'd keep you in here longer. You should follow my plan of acting as normal as possible in order to be free. Then, I plan on dropping under the radar to go to somewhere I can be free from human judgement...Even if that seems impossible. It's better than rotting here,"Alex replied.
  11. "You're does seem pretty impossible, but what's the fun in everything being possible right?" She smiled wishing she had her own little plan. But something deep down kind of told her that she wasn't getting out of her anytime soon. Alex had a chance of getting out of here if she acred normal, but her on the other hand. She couldn't act normal even if she tried, so many things weren't right around her and so many of those things she couldn't explain. "I hope you do get out of this hellhole though, your dream sounds amazing" she almost envied the girl, having everything so put together...while she was roaming with her maybe she could learn a few things about being "normal".

    She still sensed her hesitation though, and even though she was so used to this kinds of treatment it still burned a little bit. "Aiden wouldn't hurt you...unless he sensed that you were trying to harm me...that's why the lamp was shattered, it was only because the pervert of a male nurse rubbed Aiden the wrong way...but I can't change your thoughts if you're afraid. I just want to make sure you don't sleep with one eye open or something"

    Why was she justifying herself, Delilah knew how this whole scene was going to work fact it was too obvious. The girl would pretend that she liked her, laugh a few times but still be afraid...and then pull back slowly day by day until finally all they share are good mornings and good nights. But before she could open her mouth once more, the door to their "room" opened and in stepped a woman wearing a nice pants suit with a little badge on her chest that said Martha. The woman looked between them and stepped in their room fully slamming the door behind her. "Hello my little freaks..." Nothing but venom could be heard in her voice and Delilah felt her skin begin to crawl. What the hell had she meant by 'little freaks'. Martha steeped in the floor between their beds and scoffed looking between both of them with a sick and twisted smile.

    "A little girl that says she can talk to animals and a little 'psychic' that pretends that she can talk to dead people so tthat she can get some attention, you two...I'm gonna have fun with you two..." Delilah was trying to keep herself calm so that Aiden hadn't flipped out and threw something else. Alex was right...if she wanted to get out of here she had to try and pretend to be normal, and to be normal she needed to tame and cage her wild and rambunctious lion.

    "Stand up now, I'll be showing you two around the institution and if one of you freaks decided to pull something funny...well I dare ya' now get the fuck up! If I have to say it again you'll both be getting it" Delilah hadn't even hesitated once she heard the woman's voice pick up. She had seemed like someone who wasn't supposed to be messed with because she seemed to be larger than both of them combined and more scarily looking. "Come on ani-freak...hurry the hell up so I can show you two around!"
  12. The dream Alex had for herself was lofty, but she would face the challenge of completing it anyways. Delilah seemed pleased by the plan, offering luck which was met with gratitude. "Thanks. I sure hope I get out of here too,"she replied with a faint smile, still off put about the episode and the realization of her predicament. Alex was in a mental hospital. Somewhere she never believed she'd be. The initial shock had ebbed away and now she came to the full realization that she was stuck here. Forced to undergo a treatment she didn't need in a place she didn't want to be. There weren't even any animals here, which made acting 'sane' easier, but saddened her.

    To further quell Alex's anxiety Delilah reassured that Aiden wasn't malevolent towards her. Although a bit of a creepy statement when one assessed it, it comforted Alex to a degree. This spirit did't seem as if it wished to harm her, although Alex would only be cautious because she could be indirectly harmed if the spirit channeled its energy towards a nearby threat. Even when assessing that possibility Alex was beginning to feel a bit more relaxed. She had spoken too soon.

    Just then the door opened quickly and in came a professionally dressed woman that radiated authority. In a cruel voice she addressed the two as freaks, again leaving Alex shocked. Why would a worker meant to help the patients harass them like this? It was unorthodox and left Alex outraged. Jaw clenched tightly, hands curled into fists after setting aside her doodling and pencil. She didn't like what this woman was going on about, calling them freaks as if they were lesser and even going as far to say she would have 'fun' with them. This woman looked like a villain, which both unnerved Alex as well as angered her. She wouldn't tolerate such treatment without a word.

    After a small pause, standing up stiffly Alex spoke up with a confident posture and said, "We're not freaks, I assure you. And watch the language, please. Aren't you supposed to be a professional?" It was as if she was scolding the woman, even though she tried to portray a sense of politeness with the word 'please' and her slightly assertive, not aggressive voice. Something told Alex that such speaking would only piss the woman off, but she wasn't a doormat and wouldn't tolerate abuse on her very first day in this wretched place. Hopefully she could report this foul woman to one of the higher ups to get things sorted out. What she didn't know was that such accusations would fall on deaf ears.
  13. The woman had been just as surprised as Delilah had been. What the hell was this girl thinking by trying to piss her off. She looked over at Alex confusion in her eyes that was eventually cut short by the chuckle that the woman emitted followed by a small smile. "Oh looks like ani-freak has some balls" It was as if the room's aura had changed from light and awkward to frighten and dark...all because one woman just wanted into the room. Martha had taken slow and calculating steps over to her with a joker like grin on her face. "Looks like I have to teach you a lesson a little early don't I ani-freak"

    It was as if everything slowed down for three seconds then picked up as Martha wrapped her unusually large hand around Alex's small throat pressing her thumb down enough to cause some damage but not enough to kill her. "We're going to break down that little fiery spirit of yours and then once you build it up again I'll break it down again personally!" She shouted in her fave then threw her down to the ground placing her foot on her chest. Delilah could only stand there in horror as she tried to find her voice to scream.

    Were these the voices that she heard as she was walking down the hallway. Were these the fearful screams and painful cries that seemed to be stuck in the walls of this place. Martha had pulled out a whip that was hidden on her waist and drew it throwing down a powerful lash to Alex's shoulder then another and then another. It seemed to be ages until Delilah finally found her voice and screamed for the woman to stop. Martha had turned to face her death in her eyes and a sadistic smirk cursing her features.

    "First rule freaks! You don't disobey my orders" she threw another lash at Alex this time hitting her stomach then she began to speak again. "Second rule! You don't talk back or give me sass!" Another lash. "Third never tell me to stop or I give you more lashes" she had turned to Delilah with these words and cracked the whip in her direction causing her to fall on the floor. "And last rule, you're under me and you do as I say, cause if you don't these punishments will get worse..." She threw on more lash at Alex then pushed some loose hairs out of her face then smoothed her suit back down before walking back over to the door the haunting sound of her heels clicking against the ground. "I'll get you two some time to think...then I'll come back to give you guys your tour...welcome to mercy vale, freaks"

    Delilah waited until she heard Martha shut the door then kept still until she heard the click of her heels become faint. Then when she heard the clicks no more she made her way over to Alex hyperventilating. "A-are you o-o-okay..." Her breaths were short and barely there as she remembered her words and the frightening tone that she had.

    "Welcome to Mercy Vale freaks"
    more like welcome to hell.
  14. The steely gaze Alex was giving the woman shattered when the woman, identified as Martha by a name tag, grabbed her throat in a crushing grip. Out went Alex's breath in a fearful puff, leaving her hungry for air. The woman yelled in her face, threatening as hell. She finally got her breath in the form of an audible grunt, which was released when she was thrown onto the ground. Shoulders collided with the tiled floor, resulting in a thump. A boot was harshly forced upon her chest and this prevented her from scrambling to her feet. Too stunned to struggle, Alex could only await what punishment was about to be dished out.

    Now in the woman's hands was a whip. You gotta be kidding me! This is some medieval shit! Thought Alex frantically. Before much more action could be make to escape, a lash struck her shoulder and pain surged through her body. The leather licked her shoulder, leaving a sting to remember. More lashes followed, the boot on Alex's chest preventing her from rolling away. No frantic pawing at the woman's pant leg could do anything to dissuade her enemy from attacking. Each harsh lash was punctuated by the woman explaining the rules, demanding obedience. Cruelly, a lash fell upon Alex's stomach. Releasing a scream Alex kicked her legs at the air desperately. A welt was sure to be left across her stomach, the thin white shirt she had been given doing nothing to protect her vulnerable flesh.

    Finally the woman quit, straightening herself out and bidding an ironic farewell. The door slammed shut behind her, heels retreating, off to torture some more patients perhaps.

    The whole ordeal had come as a great surprise to Alex. She couldn't fathom how anyone could be this cruel to those they believed were suffering a mental illness. They were supposed to be nurturing. Hell, Alex would have tolerated some gruff words and glares accustomed to grumpy nurses in most hospitals, but this was a new level of intolerable. How was this facility still up and running if their employees could perform such punishments? That shit had to be illegal. Alex was left thinking, laying on the floor. Adrenaline masked the worst of the stinging pain, bit she'd be certain to feel the bite later.

    "Yeah, I'm fine alright,"Alex grumbled darkly as she eased herself to her feet using the aid of the bed. Rolling up her short sleeves and noticed an angry red mark on her skin, left by the whip. "This place is unorthodox,"Alex practically growled. Turning to Delilah with eyes full of passion she asked rhetorically, "How could a place like this still be up and running? This is some shit from a dystopian novel."
  15. She honestly hadn't known how to react, but she had known that this place...this place was crazy. "Well there are multiple answers to your question but I can only think of one that makes the most sense...." She sighed walking around the room her nervousness picking up. She had been put in cuffs after being knocked out just to go to a mental institution. She understood that scenario for being locked up or escorted to a prison, but not a mental institution...especially if their being known to help. "They don't care about us...they don't want to help us, hell it looks like they would rather kill us than help us" she sighed placing her head in her hands as she sat down her back sliding against the wall.

    The fake smiles, the screams, the cries, the cuffs. Her parents were so fooled by all the sweet little pamphlets, all the smiles and "nice" nurses. But now she was screwed, fucked, over with. They both were. Delilah bit her her lower lip trying to piece everything together. "You can't do that if you actually expect to get out of here in one piece." Delilah had looked up at her sighing softly. If she actually wanted to get to her dream and make it out of here then that tough macho act had to go. "Now I understand you might not be the type of girl to submit, and then again I may not know a damn thing cause we just met, but if I'm spot on...then you have to at least pretend that you'll do whatever these sick twisted people tell you to do"

    Why did she care? Why has she even told that woman to stop? She only got herself screwed over too. Now Martha was going to give both of them hell like she had already had. Delilah breathed out and got up off the floor brushing her pants of the imaginary dust that she felt on them. She moved back to her bed quietly then sat down trying to forget the scene that she had just witnessed. Why had they already been through so much and this stay hadn't even really started yet. If that was what they had to deal with already then what was actually in store for them here.

    Delilah pulled her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around her legs staying quiet. Had they actually belonged here, maybe this wasn't a mental institution but was actually a place for people like them. A place that broke their spirits down and made them believe that their gift, was a figment of their wild and crazy imagination.

    "I guess we're just stuck in our own little version of hell..." She mumbled to no one in particular as everything just ran in her mind slowly. Delilah felt Aiden's presence over her then saw her drawing pad float over to her with a newly sharpened pencil. It hasn't taken much for her to sneak these in and she was pretty happy that she was surrounded by nothing but idiots. "Alright...I guess I can draw something" she said softly as she began tracing nothing but lines. In her mind she knew that she wasn't going to get out of here now that she had seen what these people are capable off. A seed of fear began growing at the pit of her stomach ne aide even though she didn't want tithing about it she knew, these people were just as capable of toture as they were murder.
  16. Dazed and still taken aback Alex sat at the end of her thin mattress and stared at the door. Both anger and fear welled up inside of her, coiling together to make a dangerous concoction. Whip marks stung as a stark reminder not to cross the authorities, no matter what cruel methods that fancied to employ. The sudden futility of her current situation only served to further frustrate Alex, wearing away at taut nerves. Only a short while had been spent at the hospital yet already problems were blossoming as rapidly as weeds and clouding Alex's head.

    In a futile attempt to clear her head of such weeds Alex buried her fingers deep into her hair, short nails scratching lightly at her scalp in a puzzled gesture. It was as if reality had struck her like the blow of a club. The rug was pulled out from under her. No matter what metaphor was used to describe the situation the scenario was the same. Alex was stuck in this mental hospital and would likely be subjected to more cruelties. Although Delilah voiced the concern of standing down in order to come out unscathed, such a feat would pose a challenge for the feisty young Alex. She simply couldn't fathom this level of cruelty and wasn't prepared to balk yet, although the red marks on her shoulder and stomach reminded her to show caution.

    Alright, Alex. You can handle this. Deep breaths. the young woman mentally instructed herself as she eased herself further back onto her bed. This way she was closer to the window, which was only two feet by two feet and protected by very sturdy metal bars. Flying near was a tiny blue feathered jay. With haste Alex reached out towards it, sensing by the lazier flapping of its wings and the more calm attitude that it would be less likely to fly off. Hey!she alerted it, luring the bird closer until it perched right outside the window on the short stone ledge. Beady black eyes stared at Alex, confusion radiating from the small animal who could hardly understand how this human was so compelling. Alex simply conveyed her distressed emotion, using very simple language to request the bird find her property and carry on the sense of danger she was in to the animals she was acquainted with. Not that they could do much, but Alex wanted them to know what was up. Conveying simple cardinal directions which the bird instinctively possessed, all Alex had to do now was will the bird in the proper direction. After releasing a shrill tweet it turned and flapped away, luckily in the proper direction. If this didn't work Alex would be sure to try again with a different bird later, as sometimes they got lost.

    The brief interaction calmed Alex down some, rate of breathing slightly lower than before. Alex relaxed her muscles to the best of her ability and cast a glance over at Delilah, finding the girl was managing to occupy herself. All Alex could do was stand up and pace back and forth like a caged animal in the attempt to clear her thoughts and formulate more ideas. To continue to rebel, or not to continue to rebel. That was the question. Her inner fire pointed to more sass, but fear warned of more punishment for both her and her poor roommate. Fear won, as it always did no matter the creature or person it targeted. So Alex sat with a huff and eyed the door.
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