Twisted Fates

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  1. In the Kingdom of Elelilith, which was named after the wife of the first king, the time for preparation of the annual Elelilith Games was upon them. Bakers were swiftly taking care of their usual duty and preparing the food for the all too familiar feast that was held at the end of the games. Winners of the games would always get a cash award and a kiss from either the prince or princess, on where ever the royal would like to place their lips, as long as it was on the face. This year the princess would be the one to give out the kiss to the lucky winner. Typically winners of the Elelilith Games were males, so the prince has never had to give out the kiss. This year would be the first year that the kingdom's princess would be doing this since she is now of age, under her father's standards.

    Most of the kingdom's people were busy at their more physical jobs of setting up stands for everyone to have fun at, and to get the obstacle coarse set up for this year's games. Every year the coarse would be different, and the prince has been in charge of what there would be in it. If not the prince then the king. There were still two weeks left until the games started.

    Around this time, at 10 A.M, the prince and princess would be attending their private classes with their tutors. The prince would be training his hand to hand combat while the princess would be studying History.

    Celia, a young girl of about seventeen who was known as the princess's best friend, was helping out the rest of the townspeople with preparing for the games. This year her mother signed her name on the list for the contestants without her knowledge. Her mother has always wanted her to become a knight for their kingdom, and believed that the games were a way to show off her daughter's skills.

    Here in Elelilith women had more freedom than in the other kingdoms. It's one of the reasons why the kingdom grows in population every year since families from other kingdoms move there.

    The young, energetic girl was eager to to the castle and meet up with her friend. They had plans to go around the town and check out some of the new things that would be happening in the games this year. Of course she would need to wait until her lesson was over. Celia had been given permission to go into the room while the lesson was going on as long as she was quiet in doing so. This was how her grades in her own classes have been getting better since she listens to the lectures. But as usual, the princess would be reminded of how the Elelilith Games came into being. Celia still couldn't wait to finish her work so she could have a little fun with her best friend.