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  1. I wanted to make an Twilight RP. ^^ I thought it would be fun. The idea is after the last book of the series, were going to talk over and create a new plot. Something for the characters to fight against. We can use old enemies or new enemies, and add new characters to the old. I'll be playing Jasper and Bella but the res of the characters are up for game.

    1.Take the nasty smutty stuff to inbox please? :3
    2. You can have up to three characters
    3. Have at least five sentences for reply please?
    4. If you use any of the old Characters you don't have to do an entire sign up sheet, just request for the name and wait to be accepted.
    5.. Don't sign up unless you have actually read the novel or watched the movie
    6. If you decide to be an enemy make it interesting ^^ Throw in some drama!

    New Character Sheet Sign ups
    Name: (David Huford)
    Breed: (Human, Vampire, or Werewolf. If werewolf what pack? Jacob or Sam's?)
    (If vampire) Special Power:
    Coven: (Cullen or Volturi)
    Mate or Crush:

    In Character Thread:
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  3. I'm in for this RP, but I'm not sure if this is still active ... is it?
  4. (I'm not sure, but you can join mine.)
  5. [[Thanks for the offer, I read through the mini plot, and it didn't click with me. Sorry :( ]]
  6. (Don't worry about it.)
  7. Yay cookies!
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