Turn the poster above you into a dinosaur

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  1. me and barren are actually the same person?
  2. Isabelloraptor!
  3. Dianadon!

    Didn't wanna take the example but didn't sound as good...:P Ah well...
  4. B. Weavesaurus Rex-The Weavel burger king.
  5. Bern x Lambda still best ship
  6. DianopteryxNotARaptor
  7. Hardcore sub elitist!!! I will pay to have good subs haha

    I just can't take dubs seriously. I admit I grew up on dubbed anime, but once I got into the habit of watching subs, the other kind makes me cringe so much xD
  8. Xnijmaiappodonosaurus.
  9. Meganikus Kunisaurus
  10. Mabushiisaurus Kaginensis
  11. Meganadon
  12. Neko Archytrilopisourus
  13. Inky Poetificus
  14. This thread = wut
  15. Chaosalronasaurus.
  16. Lovelessaritops
  17. Sakuradon!

    One of the few dinosaurs that can be scientifically proven to be pink.

    And shoot lasers from it's oversized eyes.
  18. Neckothedin Archiasaur