Turn the poster above you into a dinosaur

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  1. I thought of this randomly.. Very simple game. Make the poster above you's name sound like a dinosaur name.


    If Diana posted above me I'd say something like "Dianasaurus Rex"

    Lets see how this goes!
  2. Isabelloraptor!
  3. Dianadon!

    Didn't wanna take the example but didn't sound as good...:P Ah well...
  4. B. Weavesaurus Rex-The Weavel burger king.
  5. Arachiosarus!
  6. DianopteryxNotARaptor
  7. Nekoplora Archyuridon!
  8. Xnijmaiappodonosaurus.
  9. Bloodisaurus Magdalinensis
  10. Meganikus Kunisaurus
  11. Mabushiisaurus Kaginensis
  12. Meganadon
  13. Hey, hey, hey!
  14. you're not krieg, bomb, go away
  15. Well, Melon is from the South, Grumpy.
  16. >Grumpy is Irish
    >Not English

  17. Just a couple additions:
    Year 1 - Garrett and Tatia try to prove Garrett is a better match. Leannah struggles with her feelings for Garrett, although slight, she cares for him which might become an issue for Seth. Ends with the expulsion ofboth Tatia and Garrett. Tatia returns to her husband but Garrett stays hidden within Rhydelle to plot his vengeance. (ties up the lose ends with Tatia)

    Year 2 - Leannah definitely struggles with handing the reins of the kingdom to Seth. Everything else yes.

    Year 3 - Definitely attempt against her for the first miscarriage. Everything else yes.

    Year 4 - Stress causes the next miscarriage. Yes to everything else.

    Years 5 - All yes.
  18. Lovelessaritops
  19. Neckothedin Archiasaur