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  1. I've set up a few roleplays in the past that have had a core 'battle' mechanic in them, meaning that the characters participate in turn-based battles and receive exp/level up and such as well as roleplay. This would make the whole roleplay much like a game. It seems to work fairly well, obviously depending on the number of people playing.

    The mechanics are fairly simple. You would, in addition to your character bio, have a stat table you'd have to fill out based on what build you'd want your character to have.


    Damage dealt is just Your Attack/Magic - Their Defence/Resistance. Nothing too fancy. I'd implement some sort of Limit Break/Limit Mode system for a one-time high damage dealing attack/mode. You'd be able to use Techniques/Spells (physical/magical) that add the MP consumed to the damage dealt (so a regular attack that would originally have dealt say 10 damage base, would deal 30 if turned into a Technique that costs 20 MP). Techniques and spells are named and work on the same mechanics; they can be of specific elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind) or non-elemental. Agility simply determines who goes first.

    After every battle you'd gain exp, and I'd update everyone's exp needed in the master post; if someone levels up they gain a number of stat points corresponding to their level which they can spend on their stats!

    So, what do you think? Would you want to give it a try?
  2. YES! I am so glad that you decided to do this. I was hoping you might be enticed into starting some kind of roleplay like this. It was easily one of favorite kinds because it was unique and I have always loved DnD and this is similar to that.So I will join for sure! I believe Iwaku even has a Dicechat roleplay box thing that could be used if needed.
  3. an rpg rp ,yes that'd be something I'd enjoy ^^
    ...anyone else?
  4. Haha, awesome. I've always loved making these too :D. Dicechat roleplay box...? Do you know how it works? Is it just like a chatbox for these kinds of things?

    When logged in to the dice box, you'd type something like:

    /roll 2d20

    the 2 is the number of dice.

    The d = dice.

    the 20 is the number of sides.

    So, 2 20 sided dice. 8D

    you could

    /roll 5d100


    /roll 1d6

    And stuff!
  6. Ahhh interesting! Thanks for explaining :D!
  7. Sorry for double posting, but does anyone know whether there is a character limit on an individual post in these forums?
  8. Sounds like an interesting idea, not gonna lie. Definitely willing to try it out, and hopefully it will work out.
  9. I need a rogue and a priest >:D the power of christ compels you!
  10. I'm fairly certain that both of those builds are indeed possible :D! I may need to tweak healing a bit, as the current mechanics are a prototype. Still, the topic's up on the Fantasy roleplay joining forum, so go check it out!