Tsukihime Remake

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  1. Tsukihime. That's a name that brings back A LOT of memories for me for a couple reasons. For one it's where Type-Moon got their start. What started with Tsukihime would go on to Fate/Stay Night, various spin-offs, and most recently the Fate/Zero anime. Back in 2008 it was teased that Type-Moon would be remaking Tsukihime. And now almost five years later it's not just promises anymore. In December they showed the new designs for Arcueid, Ciel, and Akiha. And now comes the first actual trailer.


    I personally am psyched. I'm sure sooner or later there will be a group that does an English patch (And I'd bet money it's Mirror Moon) and when there is I'd highly recommend you look into it if you liked Fate/Stay Night or other Type-Moon works. And for fans of the original? Well, it looks like we won't have to ask a certain someone if it's sad anymore...
  2. Cool story bro, needs more Fate/Extra CCC.
  3. I knew you'd be the first one in this topic.
  4. This is a great piece of news, even if I thought that it was about a new anime series at first because the old one is not that great. I enjoyed the original Tsukihime even though the art was quite dated. However, I cannot help but notice that character designs have became more generic in this remake from the looks of it, with the Only Six Faces syndrome being quite visible. With that said, I may just check out this new version when the English patch comes out.