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  1. Edit 1/3/15: Looking for roleplays yet again! Please take a look at all of the below characters, everyone is free game at the moment.

    I am interested in roleplaying a few pre-made characters that I have in my repertoire. By no means do you have to use a pre-made character of my or your own creation, and these are not pre-made plots or scenarios. I rarely make new characters these days because I do not have the time to flesh out entire backstories like I used to, I simply want to use characters that already have an in-depth backstory that I can expand on by continuing to roleplay with them. Sometimes, one character may have a cameo appearance in the story of another, because most of my characters live in the same 'world' together, and I enjoy roleplaying multiple characters at once on occasion. If you find one of these characters interesting, please send me a message and we can work on figuring out a setting and basic plot. Character information will be updated as their stories progress.

    My Characters:


    Reference Image (open)

    Neon was born to human parents but there has always been something a little odd about him. He was born with what appeared to be black pins all along his right arm, and nails that were black. Long before he was old enough to know his parents he was abandoned because of his differences, for his parents were afraid of what he was. The adoption agency tried to cover his arm at all times so as to keep him from being singled out, tried to give him a better chance of being adopted. For a while he grew up in foster care this way, knowing he was different but never knowing why, always keeping his deformity hidden from the world.

    At about the age of 9 it began to get worse, and he started to develop a bright green stripe in his black hair that no human should naturally have. This quickly led to his nickname 'Neon', which stuck in a permanent way. But besides these traits, he was perfectly human. He began to learn how to perfect hiding his arm, and let everyone assume he had dyed his hair for fun. It wasn't until around the age of 13 that everything suddenly changed. Still living in the adoption agency and sure now that he would be here until he was old enough to be kicked out, Neon learned a dangerous new trait - it was on this day that Neon's life would be forever intertwined with the vampires. For he learned that his smell, and blood, was intoxicating to them. Not long after this first encounter, Neon disappeared from the adoption agency for good.

    Nine long, hard years later Neon resurfaced into society. He has a job (though it isn't an ideal situation), a place to live, and some semblance of a normal life. He does everything in his power to put his past behind him, but it's hard when you've spent the past 8 years being conditioned by vampires to be a blood toy. His past will keep following him, as even now he's working for a vampire, but at least all he has to do is look pretty and do his work, a mostly normal table waiting job, with no blood involved. Up to this point Neon is still solidly convinced he is human and will adamantly deny any claim that he isn't.

    Marcel LeBlanc

    Marcel is an ancient vampire, dating himself back to somewhere in the late 1400's, a farm boy living in the South of France. France at this time was under the rule of King Louis XI, when French royalty was at constant war with each other, and feuds were commonplace. When asked of his past, he tends to claim he doesn't remember much past the last five hundred years, but it is more likely that he just prefers not to delve into deep story telling. Due to this Marcel's past is fairly cryptic, and very little is able to disturb him. He has been estranged from his 'blood family' for many years now, but seems mostly unaffected. Somewhere deep in the forests of Romania lurks his vampire brother by maker, and somewhere around the fringes there is an anomaly he once called his 'nephew'. He is content to live in a more modern world, residing now deep in the city of Chicago, where humans are just beginning to realize that there is more to their world than they once thought.

    Having grown up in a very poor part of France, Marcel cherishes luxury and ownership. At present, he owns a supernatural bar/club by the name of La Clé Secrète, themed around an old Victorian decor. Very popular among the more adventurous humans, it sports almost entirely supernatural bartenders, servers, and dancers. His most recent problem has stemmed from one of his servers, whom he knows is supernatural but not yet what kind. The young man has attracted much unwanted attention to himself in the vampire community, and his protection of this unknown is stirring unease in the local vampires. As a result, Marcel is trying his best to form a more permanent bond of ownership over him, and cease the growing undercurrent of distrust in an already rapidly changing world.


    Reference (open)
    Ravier copy.jpg

    Reference (open)
    Ravier2 copy.jpg

    Ravier is a not so old vampire that has already made many mistakes since being turned. Always somewhat of a punk, he was born in the 1800's to a well-to-do family in England. Expected to take on the family business eventually, he rather wasted his youth in bars and brothels, which eventually led to his death at the age of 22. After this, things quickly spiraled out of control. Despite his obscene activities the once engaged young man was now dead, and in a series of stupid decisions enraged both the city and the vampire community. After the discovery of four freshly dead bodies on the doorsteps of people he hadn't liked much in life, he managed to get his maker blamed for the deaths and burned at the stake. The local vampires, certain their discovery in this village would be inevitable should he continue to exist, attempt to kill him. Ravier succeeded in escaping England with his undead life, but news spread quickly that he had been ostracized.

    About a hundred years into his wandering, he discovered information that led him to his great great uncle on his mother's side, at the time living in France after being turned several centuries before Ravier. He tracked down this long lost blood relative, hoping he might drum up some pity for himself and take the young ostracized vampire under his wing. When he got there, he learned that the supposed uncle had recently receded into the forests of Romania, content to live away from the large boisterous human populations. Instead, Ravier met his supposed uncle's vampire blood brother, Marcel. The encounter didn't last long, but Ravier did not have any interest in helping the young vampire other than informing him of where his uncle had headed. After this brief encounter, he headed to Romania. Here he did find his uncle, and found was invited in to his mansion in the woods for a very short time. His uncle was not pleased to have him there, and Ravier was rejected once again.

    Feeling there was nothing for him in Europe, he hopped a boat to the United States of America. It was here that he encountered the demon that changed everything. Now, Ravier is suffering the consequences of drinking toxic chaos demon blood, turning his skin blue and purple and seriously altering the his vampirism. He has no idea what's happening to him, but to be perfectly honest, he's not so sure it's a bad thing..


    Reference (open)

    Tala has changed, and it is not for the better. Once a wolf, she now inhabits a human body, with no recollection of how or why. The village she wanders into just after waking up quickly drives her away, calling her a witch for her alabaster white skin and hair, and strange green markings. A wolf trapped in a human body is running for her very life...

    Fiolana Rizzo

    Fiolana is - was - a normal paleontologist at a natural history museum. A couple of years ago she'd been hired there to work for the museum as a residential paleontologist while she periodically worked on her dig finds, which she'd collected enough of to have work on for a while. She was still a little fresh to the field, but had been in it long enough as a graduate student beforehand that she had a lot of slack from some of the top names in paleontology, those that would fund her field work and research. And when she made her last find, several places had given her job offers, wanting the media attention that followed a good find. After spending a year cleaning and analyzing bones, she was currently at work on an important paper.

    Only a few months into her position, everything changed. The dinosaurs she had been studying? They weren't as dead as she had originally thought. One late night in the museum proved to her that nothing was impossible, and after a vicious attack she found herself waking up in a hospital bed. An ancient curse, brought back from the deep secluded jungles of China, has been passed on to her. Her first transformation was the worst, but that doesn't mean things have gotten any better.
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