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  1. Okay, so these are things I'd thought of before and haven't gotten to take off. For some reason or other, the person I was RPing with went silent. But I liked these ideas and I want to see if anyone would be willing to try them with me.

    A note before I begin: some of these ideas will contain futanari, which I am very interested in. Also, while I love a good plot, I also want to emphasize the sex with these. Maybe make it 50/50 between plot and sex. If you're not okay with that, that's cool, but this might not be for you.

    Magic mirror: This I want to be futaxfuta, but it can be FxF. MC goes and buys a mirror from a flee market. This mirror, however, turns out to be magic and creates a duplicate of whoever looks into the mirror (that's YC). MC is lonely and takes their duplicate, YC, as their lover.

    Mutants: In this one I want to play a woman with six arms. She received tabloid attention for her mutation as a child and is thus very shy now. She hides her extra arms in a fat suit. She then meets either a woman who understands her and is accepting of the extra limbs, or is a mutant herself - possibly futanari.

    Spirits: This one unfortunately died out because I couldn't post over break. The idea is two spiritual entities - one dominant, the other submissive - travel the world making trouble by inhabiting people's bodies and using them for sex. What they like most is taking a normally dominant person and making them submissive and vice versa. Must be willing to do MxF, FxF, and MxM, because these spirits will do all of these.

    Post here or PM me to know if you're interested in any of these choices.
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  2. Well I am definitely interested in the magic mirror one. :D It sounds like a lot of fun to do.
  3. Sorry, Kiramoto, but someone already asked for that one. Magic mirror is no longer available. :(
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