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  1. "Bryce you worthless piece of shit! Wake up." Bryce heard his father yell from down the stairs for the millionths time. By now he just purposely does things to piss him off. He finally decided to get up and yelled, "I'm up old man. Calm down." He said as he got dressed, getting ready for school. Appearance wise Bryce looked nothing like his father. His father was a few inches shorter than him and had brown hair with a 5 o'clock shadow, he was a stocking 50 year old man too. Bryce was actually a handsome young man, tall, muscular, he was in pretty good shape, he had the right amount of muscles. He also had fair skin but it did suit him. He had black emo-like hair and his facial features showed mystery and toughness. The only thing Bryce and his father had in common was the same dark grey eyes, on occasions Bryce's eyes for some strange reason change into a lighter, more intense stormy grey color. Bryce very rarely showed any emotions so it was always hard to tell what he was thinking.
    After Bryce was ready he ran down the stairs and walked over to his motorcycle, he grabbed his backpack on the way out. Once Bryce got on his bike he drove off to school.

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  2. Unlike what most people would depict to be a typical teenager, Aras Ephines actually preferred getting up early to getting up late. Thus it was no surprise that by the time her brother had gotten up to come check on her, Aras was already gone. She was off to see her father. Aras's brother and their father had a strained relationship, and for the most part, Jake forbade Aras to go see him. Aras made it quite clear she wasn't going to budge on this, however, and try as Jake might he could never manage to stop her. It didn't take long for Aras to arrive at her father's house, it was right next to the school. All three places were in a small triangular area, luckily for her. She spent her time with her father doing simple things, taking in the trash, making him breakfast, basically just taking care of him. She did this silently, just like he remained, until she absolutely had to go. They hugged and then parted ways. A daily routine. Aras arrived at school just before the bell.
  3. Just as Bryce made it to his first class sure enough she was there. Aras the girl he had hated since he first moved here when he was 12. He couldn't stand her for some odd reason and everyone knew they hated each other, "Oh great the woman is here." He said in a sarcastic tone as he took his seat next to his best friend Ryan. They were complete opposites, you would be surprised when you found out they are friends.
  4. Aras simply gave him the finger and strolled past. She sat alone, completely secluded from the rest of the class. Every time someone came near and sat down in the past, Aras had just moved, so no one ever even tried anymore. She pulled out her notebook and held it almost directly against her chest, leaving just enough room to write. Even though no one could see what she was doing from where she was sitting she didn't want to risk it. When class started she put in her earbuds and continued on. Not like teachers actually gave a crap about what she did.
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  5. Bryce rolled his eyes, "Wow giving me the finger. Big woop." He said sarcastically. Ryan sighs, "Do you two always have to fight?"
    Bryce looked at him as if he was dumb, "What type of question is that. Of course. Oh and by the brainiac, she can't hear you."
    Ryan looked and noticed the ear buds. So did the teacher once Bryce mentioned she couldn't hear. The let out a sigh and walked over to Aras and pulled out one of the ear buds, "Aras put the ear buds away."
  6. Aras glanced at the teacher with a look of pure boredom. Were they really going to do this? Now? The teacher had to know it was hopeless. The second he turned away she'd put them right back in. If he took them from her, she had a spare. If he took the spare, she still wasn't going to listen to him! Why did he bother her? She wasn't failing his class, wasn't that all that mattered? After the temporary putting away of her ear buds, Aras shot Ryan a death glare. This was his fault, she assumed. Almost everything seemed to be. She quite frankly couldn't remember how her hatred for him had started, all she knew was now every little thing he did -including breath- pissed her off beyond belief.
  7. Bryce rolled his eyes, "Don't give me that look woman. Its not like I did it on purpose so why don't you stop with your little temper tantrum."
    People sighed knowing they were going to have an all out feud.
  8. Aras waited till she was positive the teacher wasn't looking and threw an eraser at the back of his head. A typical, boring eraser. Good luck proving that came from her! She looked down and suddenly realized the reprocutions of what she had done. She no longer had anything to erase the scribbles on her notebook with. Well shit, that sure was smart, wasn't it? She mouthed out cuss words silently, shaking her head in anger.
  9. "What the fuck!?!" He said rubbing the back of his head and glaring at her. Suddenly a realization came to him and he smirked as he picked it up"Oh real mature dumb ass. Next time you might actually wanna think before you do shit like that."
  10. Aras didn't hear him. She already had her headphones back in. She had been watching just long enough to see him freak out when she hit him with an eraser, and not a moment more. Inside, she was laughing. Outside? Nothing. She refused to let out more than a tiny smile, the usual expression she showed the world. As for her notebook Aras decided to just scribble. That'd work, wouldn't it? Sure it was sloppy and nasty... but it got the job done.
  11. Bryce rolled his eyes then without thinking he tossed an extra pencil he had with him at her and it hit her on the head. He smirked amused then the teacher sighed, "Aras, Bryce. Principles office. Now."
  12. Aras sighed quietly and got up. Again, really? Thank goodness her brother understood and her father didn't care. As she made her way to the door, she turned back and patted her legs like Bryce was a dog and she was calling him forward. She ignored the teacher completely, and whether or not he had anything to say about this.
  13. Bryce let out a growl then realized that probably was making her point then went after her. When he got to her he flicked the back of her head, "I am not a damn dog woman."
  14. Aras frowned and rubbed her head. Ouch! She grabbed his wrist tightly once they were outside and marched forward. She just wanted to get this whole thing over with. Hopefully, she got ISS. She loved having ISS. She could do whatever she wanted in there without being lectured, and often, there weren't many other people around. Once she was the only one there. Oh please let her get ISS! It would be the perfect place to work on what she was working on now.
  15. Bryce stopped her and easily jerked his hand away from her and crossed his arms. She maybe tough for a girl but he still easily over powered her.
    "First off don't touch me. I am perfectly capable of walking there without you trying to drag me."
  16. Aras rolled her eyes. Oh yes, please, let's just stand here listing off a bunch of nonsensical rules while the principal waits in the office. She let out a small grunt and clapped her hands together like tiny mouths, in the same motion most people did when they said 'Blah blah blah'.
  17. Bryce rolled his eyes and walked past her. As he walked away he said, "You know, you are a very annoying little girl." He said as he continued walking.
  18. Aras attempted to ignore him and placed one of the two earbuds back in her ears. Try number three, this time leaving an ear open to hear. She began playing the song she was going to play tonight, out of town. She mouthed the words along but refused to sing. The last thing she wanted this guy to know was that she performed. He'd probably show up and make comments the whole freaking time.
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  19. Bryce rolled his eyes as he headed to the gym. He didn't want to waste his time on someone like her. He had a tournament to focus on. Once he got to the gym he began his intense training. He always has a tendency to overdo it when it comes to training.
  20. Aras actually did go to the principals office. There, she was shocked to find the principal was insistent on her talking. She never communicated verbally, or well, almost never. She groaned and let out the quiet voice that she was the owner of, simply telling him to send her to the ISS room. The principal was so tickled to see that actually work that he did exactly what she wished. That was where she planned to spend the remainder of her day - even lunch.
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