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    Table of Contents
    I.) Rules​
    II.) History​
    III.) The Worlds​
    IV.) Current Events​
    V.) Races​
    VI.) Character Sheet​
    VII.) Closing Notes​

    I. Rules
    1. God modding is a no-no
    2. I'd like for your characters to have some sort of power restriction obviously, else you might be too epically awesome, yeah?
    3. I would like to have a bunch of cool races, whether its an original race or one that you picked up and 'modified', I'd appreciate if you ran it by me first just in case.
    4. Two (2) paragraph post minimum preferably
    5. Remember, only a select group of humans have magic... and I'd prefer if the magic fit the character's personality/history or some such.
    6. For races, I ask that you send me a write-up in a pm so that I can make sure it fits in with the plans for the RP~
    7. Two character max for all players, make sure you can play them without degrading your quality though, okay? Please?
    8. Rules be subject to change at any given time so watch out >->

    II. History
    Lore, myth, folktales, pure unadulterated fantasy... people have lived with these things for their entire lives, for generations, but where did they come from? Dragons, elves, the undead, powers beyond imagining, why would we possibly bring such things to life for ourselves? In stories, fables, and fairy tales we have kept these creatures alive... but why? Is there not some speck of truth to every story? Is there not at least a single shaft of light to illuminate the darkest reaches of history? Could such stories have a much truer meaning than an easy explanation for unexplainable happenings?​
    Obviously. But this also raises questions. If such things did, at one time, exist in this world... where have they gone? Why have they not shown themselves? And for that matter, why have they not sought to confront humanity's foolish exploitation of the world?​
    Well now... That is something that I can answer. I shall tell you the story as I was told, as it has been passed down in writing and word of mouth for centuries...​

    The Beginning of Life


    The Beginning of Life (open)
    As we all know, at the beginning there was nothing... the depths of the universe wide, empty. Devoid of so much as a single shaft of light. Untouched by even the merest signs of life, but within the deepest depths of the darkness there lay something special, an untapped power. One that, eventually, would sow the seeds of all things... Magic.

    Whether you call it that or something else, manna, the power of god, etc. the fact stands... it was and is the driving force in our universe. Creating, shaping, destroying all that is, was, or will be. In the time of the beginning it was an unstable mass, balled up and driven unto a single unthinking purpose. Eventually though, for reasons unknown, it began to change. It began to move, to spread, and to work upon the unending darkness.

    As its power flared it brought about the creation of many forces: time, space, matter and all that it entailed from the boiling stars, to the planets and other debris of space following behind. But there was one mistake of that creation that was important beyond all others... at least to us. Life.

    This is the beginning of Gaea... or Earth as some may know it. And the beginning of the days of myth.. From the power of Gaea sprang forth the first creatures of magic, basic in their sentience, yet powerful in the use of their magic. They were known as Titans. These creatures of pure magic were nowhere close to peaceful nor did the idea of civilization and harmony ever occur to them. As their own powers grew they became jealous of one another... Power hungry and feeling no kinship with one another they began their terrible battle for supremacy

    Their wars spread across the globe. With each titan that fell their magics exploded outwards, lost to their adversaries but still useful in its own way. Their released magic spread its power across the length and breadth of the world, and life blossomed once more. With the release of such primal forces the unexpected happened. New life bloomed, plants and animals, fish in the oceans, and a myriad of mystical beasts each and every one attuned to the magic of this world.

    These creatures were the early start of the beasts and peoples of lore, individually their intentions far more peaceable than the elemental powers that birthed them. And so they spread, finding places of their own and, for the most part, living in harmony. Time passed, the races grew in power, intelligence, numbers... but still they found ways to coexist, mingling with one another as though there were no difference between them.



    Humanity (open)
    But all things change, and life is an interesting development in and of itself. Here on this world of magic grew creatures who had no connection to the elemental forces, the very power which made life possible. Sentient, ever learning, and prolific, this race grew and spread. They had no sense of place, wandering across all corners of the world they went.

    The elder races were intrigued by this new development, sentient beings without the powers of magic? These ancient beings decided to wait and watch, constantly monitoring the progress of these strange new creatures... Time and time again this new race proved its intelligence, its tenacious will to survive, and the other races of the world grew intrigued. Some found these new resourceful creatures a novelty, some found them pitiable, struggling as they were without magic, while others... others found them frightening. Dangerous. Yet many within the majority, comfortable in their many centuries of power, became entrenched in their lives, wanting to feel a small spark of this unusual races flare.

    With the contact of so many cultures came an inevitable transference of knowledge, and so this wandering race learned to put down roots. To find a place and call it their own. For some even how to wield the power of magic. And so humanity grew, from the hunter gatherers of their birth, to the planet spanning race they would one day become.

    The Great War


    The Great War (open)
    But as their numbers grew, so did the mistrust of the creatures of magic. More and more turned away from humanity, receding into their hidden homes and watching as this race called man stretched its hand across the entire world. It was inevitable, the surge in tensions as those creatures who saw man as a threat began to stir, and those who saw man as an ally sought to protect them.

    As stated before... it was inevitable. Humanity and many of the more civilized races banded together to fight those creatures that sought their destruction, composed mainly of those monsters that would be classified together as 'demons.' Thus began the war of antiquity. Centuries of death and destruction, a world nearly torn asunder, entire races snuffed from existence... this is how the world nearly ended itself... The powers of magic fought on par with each other, the humans slowly learning more and more with each battle, their numbers always higher than those of any other sentient creature they held their own... but the war was a loosing prospect.

    The creatures of myth saw far too much of the ruthlessness of humanity.. the tenacious spirit they revealed early on turning into a black malignant thing, struck a cord of fear in the hearts of their allies. Even so the most honorable, driven creatures would not falter, yet the war could no longer be won with battle alone, the enemy had become far too powerful... And so the human Mythos alliance devised a strategy. Magics built, their warriors fought on, their people continued to die... Until at last the magics were complete, a spell of devastating power and ambition, a spell to banish all those creatures with the blood of innocents, a spell to banish the enemies of man.

    With a crash of elemental force those creatures were sent reeling. Cast, body and soul, upon a different world, blocked forever more from their home and into a world of darkness.

    The Exodus


    The Exodus (open)
    The long war at last over, the surviving creatures of myth returned to ancestral homes to lick their wounds. The war had taken its toll, the mythos numbers slowly dwindling and all the while humanity thrived. For generations the humans continued to grow, their understanding of magic deepening, even as their numbers spread out across the world. The mythos saved the race of humanity, and in so doing showed humanity the heights that they could attain...

    But the collective memory of humanity is short, their ambitions many, and their hearts fickle. Soon humanity turned from their mythos brethren, a misguided hostility grown of the mistrust of non humans, spreading like wildfire. It did not take long for the nations of men to turn against those who taught them the skills to survive... the very skills of war they would soon use against them. With the rise in popularity of a new religion, espousing humanity's superiority over the other races, mankind slowly began to churn for blood.

    When the war finally began and the new religions called for holy cleansing, Humanity's wrath was unflinching, unsympathetic. In their hate they brought low any who were found to be of another race, the old, the sick, the young. None were allowed escape...

    By sheer force of numbers the humans kept all other races at bay, methodically wiping them from the face of the earth... but the mythos would not go down without a fight. Their collective centuries of knowledge were gathered, the magic users of every species brought together to bring about their revenge on the petty humans who had betrayed their trusts...

    And what better punishment for a rebelling child than to take that which has been given? With the combined might of magic they recreated the spell that once banished their brothers to the world of darkness... With it they siphoned the power of this world, draining the planet to a mere husk of its former glory, they tore the power and knowledge of magic from the hands of men and brought it to a new world. A new home.

    III. The Worlds
    It has been centuries since that time and man, in his ignorance, has lost what little they remembered of such creatures to the annuls of time and not one spec of true magic remains for the race of man. In its place humanity has born many new technologies, shaping their world as they see fit while remembering nothing of their past days of glory.

    The creatures of Marae still remember the betrayal of humanity, but have found that their new world truly does suit them better. Many have forgiven the indiscretions of man, in lieu of the new lives they have gained on this surprisingly fertile world. There are however a number of holdouts who think that humanity needs to pay for the destruction they caused.

    In the darkness the banished races have managed to thrive, their power only growing... as does their hate. The banished ones have vowed to return to earth and destroy those that cast them into this never ending hell of darkness... still there are those that prefer this world to the other and would rather not go to the trouble of revenge.

    IV.) Current Events

    The barriers holding the worlds apart is failing, magic is once more swelling within the bowels of the earth. The creatures of myth have begun to find themselves lost on a planet they have not seen in centuries, and find that little is as they remember. The human descendants of magi and witches are beginning to find that powers, locked away within their blood for generations, are growing by the day... what could possibly be happening?

    V. Races
    Genesis (open)

    The Genesis
    Every living thing borrows life from the glorious flow of energy that permeates the separate planes of existence. Without this life energy, there would be no life in Earth, Marae, or Junos. Genesis are living conduits of this life energy, allowing it to move from plane to plane, and then back again.

    The amount of energy passing through their bodies leaves residue, which has altered their biology. The cells in their hair and skin have become luminescent, and change in color as they react with light. The "wings" on their backs act as the collection and distribution of the energy.

    Genesis do not control where the energy is distributed. They cannot prevent the energy from giving life to a newborn or take the life from a living thing. What they can do is siphon extra residual energy that collects in their body to create small life-forms (most times colorful insects) These creations are almost always peaceful. A Genesis MUST create a creature at least once a week, or else the accumulation of energy will break their bodies.

    Genesis are immortal in the sense that old age will not kill them. Excessive physical harm will still kill them. A Genesis will live as long as needed. When a new Genesis is born, which is a very rare occurrence, one of the eldest Genesis will choose to die, accumulating energy until their body shuts down, and their energy returns to the ebb and tide of magic.

    Race by LuluRS ;D

    The Fey (open)

    The Fey
    Magic is, and always has been, an unknowable force. Seemingly infinite in its depth and power to change. For all life it was the catalyst that allowed its existence, for the titans it was a tool to be used o batter their enemies unto their deaths, but what of those lesser creatures born of the titans monumental powers? The fruit of their very life-force returning to the flow in the form of new creatures, new lands, and even new ways to utilize the magic which gave life to all? Many of the races floundered their gifts, using them as an instinctual habit rather than utilizing the gifts given to them by fate. They did not bring their full potential to bare, preferring to use the magics which they instinctively knew rather than search for new and ever improved forms... The Fey were not such a race.

    One of the eldest and most respected of all the various races of Mythos the Fey started out their existence with a special attunement to the flows of magic through the world... Its subtle changes through the seasons and the great tumult brought about by disasters of all kinds. Through their special attachment they became caretakers of sorts, for the wild places of the world alongside other similarly attuned creatures they protected the land itself, and more importantly its connection to life giving magics.

    Their interest in magic itself bred into them a love of arcane learning, inspiring their later generations to become masters of magic itself. They made many spells and incantations throughout the centuries and were well known for their wisdom and skill. As humanity came into being and slowly spread themselves across the world the Fey had a split, almost cleanly splitting themselves between two factions which had been separate for many centuries already.

    The Seelie Court
    The Fey of Summer and Spring, the Seelie court inhabited the bright places of Gaea in the times before humanity. The gentlest of forests, rivers, and fields were their domain and they were the first of the Fey to be forced to deal with humanity on their rise. Their magics were often geared towards growth and the blooming of the earth, bringing forth the potential of the plants and wildlife with which they lived. Theirs was a subtle manipulation of life energy for the betterment of the creatures around them...But that all changed when the humans began to encroach upon the Seelie Fey's domain.

    At first they found the humans to be curious and entertaining beings, showing them how to sow the land to bring forth crops and tame animals to help with their everyday lives... They soon realized their mistake as the humans began to settle in earnest in Fey lands, cutting down the gentle forests, filling the fields with crops or cattle where once grasses of all types grew freely, and bespoiling the flowing rivers. Strife between the Seelie fey and the humans continued until the Seelie eventually joined the Mythos who were clamoring for humanity to be put in their place. When the Great War began the Seelie fey fought against humanity, perverting their magics into an instrument of war, manipulating animals and even some sentients to do their bidding. Eventually they even found ways of summoning dark creatures from other plains and turning them to their purposes...

    When the human-mythos alliance banished their enemies to Junos the Seelie Fey were one of the many sent unto that dark world. Throughout the centuries of their exile the Seelie fey have changed, their magic continuing along that perverted path of manipulation, summoning and control. They now employ nightmare creatures of Junos and other worlds as their pets and slaves... The darkness has changed them, and not for the better.

    The Unseelie Court
    The Fey of Winter and Fall, the Unseelie Court made their homes in the mountains and harsh coasts of the ocean. Their interactions with humanity came later, and were generally more favorable for them. Their magics were of the weather, the manipulation of wind and rain to lessen the harshness of the places in which they lived. Humanity found their magics intensely useful.

    Much like their cousins in the Seelie Court the Unseelie found humans to be entertaining, but they did not have to deal with the human encroachment. Rather humans came to them for advice, to learn their powers. The Unseelie were respected by humanity for their powers over the weather and, because of this, gained the Unseelie's respect as well. When the Great War finally broke out the Unseelie supported humanities right to exist in the world, if not their tendency to spread into other peoples lands. Throughout the course of the war they learned to channel their power over the weather into a far more concentrated control of the elements, eventually spreading to all 4 corners of the elemental table. Fire, earth, water, and air were their tools and they used them to devastating effect.

    When the first war was over and the anti-human Mythos were banished to their new world the Unseelie Fey returned to their mountainous and coastal homes and returned to their lives... though they continued to use their new found mastery of the elements in their everyday lives... It was centuries later that Humanity began to push in on even their far away homes and cities. When the humans began their crusade against the magical creatures left in the world the Unseelie, betrayed by those who had respected them for centuries, became one of humanities greatest enemies. Their elemental magics wreaked havoc and destruction, but they could not hold. Slowly the Unseelie were pushed back, until they were eventually forced to join the desperate ploy to escape to a new world.

    On Marae the Unseelie used their magic to tame the wild weather brought on by the influx of magic brought with them from earth. They took the chance to take more pleasurable surroundings, making the forests of Marae their home. Throughout the years they have made themselves an indispensable part of the ecosystem, changing the world with their magics.

    Physical Description
    The Fey are an unusual being, having their spirits split between two different forms. The physical and the spiritual forms. In physical form they resemble humans, though their features are more ephemeral with oddly luminescent skin and pointed ears. Their magical powers are lessened considerably in this form, but their physical prowess is much higher. In Spiritual form the Fey shrink to fit in the palm of a mans hand, standing only a few inches in height. Their skin glows, they gain wings, and their magical power increases exponentially, but they are proportionately weaker physically.

    For the most part the Unseelie were a light skinned race, their time in the snow and ice making the need for darker skin rather redundant... now though, with their new role on Marae, they have slowly darkened to the point of being tanned. Their easier lives have allowed them to become more toned and softer of face as well.

    The Seelie, on the other hand, were already a race of dark skinned and energetic people, but after generations under Junos' darker sun the Seelie have lightened until their skin is nearly luminescent white, and the lesser abundance of food has made them an all around harsher people.

    Zeita (open)

    The Zeita
    What would eventually lead to the Sirens and Mermaids in human legends, Zeita are an extremely beautiful race of mystically talented singers. Zeita are ambush hunters who lure in their prey with beautiful songs, before lashing out and attacking them. Because they are physically weak compared to many species, they often try dragging their prey underwater to drown them, or take to the air with their prey and drop them from large heights to kill them.

    Perhaps because of how similar their upper bodies resembled beautiful women, they were extremely gifted at luring in humans... especially males. Like several species of birds on earth today, it would seem this species has a habit of collecting shiny objects and adorning themselves with it. Because of these two factors, the Zeita would often target cargo ships, not only to eat the crew but also to take any shiny baubles they might find aboard.

    Their wings are fin-like, allowing them both the ability to fly and give themselves an extra boost underwater; for while a Zeita is decent in flight, her real abilities shine under the ocean. There are fins located in front of her ears, which are covered by a decorative cover. When startled, this cover may flare similarly to a beta fish. While the Zeita is able to stay underwater indefinitely, she is only able to stay out of water for a few hours at the absolute maximum, because of this, they are almost always located near large bodies of water.

    No one knows for certain how they reproduce, as the Zeita are a female-only species. One hypothesis is extreme sexual dimorphism, where the males of the species look so different that they have been considered a different type of creature. Others speculate that the Zeita breed asexually.

    In some instances, the Zeita are able to become domesticated, though usually by the highest of nobles or those with huge amounts of wealth. By keeping a large bath or basin to keep her in, one might be able to keep a more docile Zeita content keeping her well fed and offering her trinkets. Though, it would be wise not to misunderstand. The Zeita have an intellect to rival humanity's, if not surpass it. Many Zeita suffer being kept like pets so that they do not have to hunt; after all, they are elegant creature that would much rather spend their day lazy and comfortable.

    In terms of magic, the Zeita have been blessed with their unearthly song, which is able to create an almost hypnotic effect in those who hear it. It would seem as though that is their only magical ability, but it is not one that can be transferred or taught, and so despite occasionally being kept as pets or companions, the Zeita had little to offer humanity during the wars. Their uselessness, combined with their habits of attacking humans and stealing from them, caused the Zeita to be banished to Junos. Race by Mao~

    Ochre (open)

    The Ochre
    The Ochre is a large, liminal creature. Their heads and upper torso resemble the fey, while their lower quarters are very similar to that of a deer. There creatures are ruminant vegetarians, living only off of grasses and leaves found in the dense forests where they live.

    An Ochre's coat is dotted with slight splattering along it, serving as camouflage. Along their spines and down their tails is a secondary coat of thick, shaggy fur, almost resembling a mane on a horse combined with the mane of a lion. The hair that grows on an Ochre's head and lower body is dense and thick. Their coats and skin can be found in shades of tans and browns, though there have been rumors of both albino and melanistic mutants being born upon occasion.

    The males typically have a thicker mane, as well as a pair of horns on their heads.

    There have never been many Ochre in the world; their solitary natures, combined with their habitat in dense forests and small breeding window means that, in human terms, these creatures could be called “Endangered”. An Ochre will have one chance to breed a year, lasting only a few days. The females will raise their young until they are about five years old, and then the baby is sent off to find their own patch of forest to care for.

    Ochre legend suggests that their species was originally descended from Fey ages and ages ago, but there is no data to back this. Still, the Ochre and Fey have always have a positive relationship; in fact, like the Seelie Court, the Ochre are able to use growth and plant-based magics. Reforestation was the Ochre' main goal before the wars, using their magic to plant and coax trees and other flora to regrow in damaged areas.

    When the humans began their growth and spread across the lands, the Ochre were troubled, but because of their solitary, and generally demure nature, they never stood up to the humans. Even when the Seelie Court lashed back, the Ochre stayed their hands, trying to reclaim what land they could while avoiding any confrontation.

    The Ochre lost a large portion of their land, yet never raised a finger against the humans, instead retreating further and further back into their forests. When the battles finally came to an end, what remained of the species was sent to Marae. Marae was a godsend for the Ochre, who immediately took to the fertile new world. Race by Mao~

    Jotunn (open)

    The Jotunn

    Humanity was born long after the fall of the Titans in the world... But still they have tales of Titans, Giants, Ogres and Trolls. Beings of immense power that some ancients felt could challenge even the gods. Does not every tale have a bit of truth to it? A reason for it to be passed down the generations as fact? The Jotunn are one such example of this.

    A race of giant elementals the Jotunn were not, in fact, Titans themselves... But they were born of their bodies as many of the other mythical races were. Supposedly the Jotunn were the forgotten hearts of these Titans, each one manifested into a slightly different race with their own spheres of influence. Giants of ice, storm, fire, and earth were born of titans with decent hearts, while trolls, ogres, and others of their ilk were born of the more malicious Titans.

    Physically the Jotunn tend to stand around 12-15ft and are known to move a little slower than other races... mostly because of the increased weight brought about by their immense size. They have very limited magics pertaining to their elemental persuasion.

    During their time on Gaea, or Earth as it is now more commonly known, the races of the Jotunn gained a mixed reputation with humanity. Many of the elemental Jotunn were known to use their immense strength and control of elements to support and help build human cities. These Jotunn were accepted by many humans as friends and allies, and were known to have fought alongside humanity in the Great War that split the mythos.

    On the other hand, the trolls, ogres, and other such born of the malice of fallen Titans terrorized humans. Destroyed and devoured with impunity and caused mischief unending. When war came they jumped at the chance to kill humans and their allies... In the end they were banished to Junos.

    The elemental Jotunn were one of the first races to feel human persecution when their anti-mythos crusade began, mostly because they were one of the few races who actively lived and worked with humans even in their cities. Over many years these elemental Jotunn had become comfortable with humans and were surprised when the public turned against them.

    Because of this it took them some time to actively enter the second war against humanity, but it did eventually happen. They were of devastating effect throughout the long war, but were often targeted because of their size and perceived threat level. By the time the remaining Mythos fled to Marae their numbers had dwindled considerably, but they have made a steady comeback since their transfer to this new, fertile world.

    VI. Character Sheet
    Name: (You’d like a name right? Unless you want me to do it... how do you like fluffy?)
    Appearance: (What does your character look like?)
    Gender: (Self explanatory)
    Race: (As I said, create one, tweak an existing one, or just find ya one you like)
    Age: (Obviously if your a human your not gonna be all that ancient... the others though....)
    Height: (Tall? Short? Average? Numerical number preferably)
    Weight: ( Fat? Skinny? Numerical number preferably)
    Abilities: (Magic affinities? Fighting skills? You name it bro.)
    Job/Role: (What'cha doin'?)
    Weapons: (Swords, axes, whips *Oho*, etc.)
    Personality: (What'cha character like?)
    Bio: (Tell me bout 'em!)

    VII. Closing Notes
    Now for all those who actually read all of what I wrote down, I thank you. You must be one seriously stubborn person to bother with all that... or you actually liked the idea.. either way I'm flattered. ^_^

    *Layout and Graphic stuffs by the lovely Mao~*
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  2. I'm surprised no one has commented yet! I'm definitely interested. I'll have to mull it over a bit and see what I can think of, but I would certainly like to participate. I just have a few questions.
    1. Will one planet be the primary location for RP, or will it be spread out over all of them?
    2. Is the earth mentioned just a modern day earth?
    3. Do the people of Junos know what happened after they were banished?
    4. Is there organized communication and/or transportation between the worlds? In specific, between Marae and Junos.
    5. Do you have any requirements of guidelines for species creation?
    6. Are non-humanoid species allowed? As PCs? As NPCs?
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  3. Ah, thank you very much for your interest Mao to answer your questions...

    1. It will most likely be based on Earth with forays into the other two worlds as needed
    2. Essentially yes, though humans with magic powers are beginning to appear around the world along with mythical creatures of all types as they find their way through portals or rifts from their worlds to Earth.
    3.The majority of the people from Junos and Marae little to no idea what the humans have been up to since they left Earth for their respective worlds. Though if there were a powerful magician skilled in skrying magics it might be possible. For most of them I suspect they might not take a liking to noisy drivers and road rage ^_^
    4. Nope. The people of Junos still consider the people of Marae to be their enemies... and, in fact, would be largely ignorant of the war between the humans and the people of Marae. As I said, a select few may have found out over the years but not many.
    As for 5 and 6 I'm playing it largely by ear... I don't want to restrict people too much, but don't want to give too much freedom... I guess it would really depend on how well the background for the race was written and such.

    I'll add a bit about sending me a pm detailing races so I can check them and see if they fit the lore I have in mind... But I would probably be at least a little flexible on the subject.

    I hope that answered everything to a satisfying degree, if not throw some more questions out there, they help me as much as they help you lol
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  4. Aaa, thank you kindly for the answers! You got back to me super quick!

    In that time, I thought of more questions, and I have some concept sketches floating around, too. I was having a fun time brainstorming.
    1. Is there a way to tell what world someone came from? (Other than how they act, obviously.)
    2. Will there be a need for beings from other worlds to hide once they are on earth, or is this such a common occurrence that humans are 'used to it'?
    3. Depending on the answer above, will there be ways to blend in as human for non-human races?
    4. What kind of incentive is there to playing humans? I feel like in this kind of a world, people are all going to gravitate to otherworld characters, and this would make the game feel fairly slanted.
    That's all I have so far; I know how useful people's questions can be for world building, but I still don't want to go throwing a ton of work on you.

    Anyway, because it's fun to see what people are thinking, and I hope to get more people interested, I'll throw out what concept sketches I have been mulling over. Keep in mind that I will be narrowing it down to just one character, but I like to plan out several potentials before to make sure I know what I want (And just in case the ideas don't mesh with yours.)

    Concept art small.jpg Concept Art small2.jpg
  5. More questions are definitely good, especially considering that they help me focus my own thoughts on the plot and such as well

    Once again to answer...

    1. In general the creatures from Marae and Junos are not exactly human in their appearance though I'm sure some would be pretty close. For those who look human I think the only way to really tell the difference would be for someone who can sense magic to tell you
    2. The rifts have only just begun to open between the worlds allowing magic to flow freely between them again... In other words it hasn't become a largely recognized phenomenon as of yet. Likely towards the beginning there will be panic as people find out that their childhood fantasies are more real than they ever imagined or hoped for, so magical creatures may have to hide their true selves... how they do that would be up to them though.
    3. Depends on the race, the character and their connections. If they can pass for human physically no problem, some though will need magical help or even just some judiciously applied makeup lol
    4. Some people will just prefer humans, there are always a few floating about. At the same time it would be good for those who like playing someone just coming into their own, curious about their new abilities etc. At least for the magic using humans. As for regular humans I have no real clue. Most likely just so they can be the normal person in a storm of oddities or some such...

    The questions are helpful so keep them up if you want okay?

    ... I love these concept sketches more than you know. Can't even pick a favorite actually... though I'm not even goin to ask about the random... chinchilla? in the top right corner of the first pic. Also any race or character you come up with I can probably fit in in some way. If I have any objections all we have to do is hammer it out a bit and we can make it work yeah?
  6. Oh, let me rephrase question #1 from my last post:
    • In most cases, it seems obvious that someone is not from earth. What I mean is, would people from Marae and Juno know just who ended up on each world? (i.e. “Oh, a X, they all got sent to Marae”, or “All the Y ended up in Juno.”) That is to say, are the populations split definitively based on race, or is it more based on who the individual was and how they were related to humanity at the time of the war?
    • If two people from Marae and/or Juno encountered each other, would they readily be able to identify which world the other came from?

    I am actually super pumped you noticed that it was based on a chinchilla! I was trying to think of non-humanoid creatures that might have been sent to the other world, or perhaps lived there already, or whatever. I don't know, designing animals is just fun. I was just playing around with the idea of nature spirits, so I wanted to play around with animals a bit too.

    I've got a few different ideas tumbling around in my head at this point. I was trying to think of a character for every side and mindframe; depending on who else joined, I'd be prepared to balance out the group and make things a bit more interesting.

    Anyway, I'll get working on actually writing stuff down and start throwing pms at you when I have things organized!
  7. Ah okay, misunderstood the question a bit then.

    I'm still thinking on that actually as it would seem easier and more logical to do things by race... but not all members of each race would have been of the same opinion about humans and on the same side in the battle... Sooo I was thinking of having the magic work by intentions instead. Maybe find a way that it searched their hearts and decided whether they should be allowed to stay on earth or sent away, something like that.

    (Edit) After discussion with my oh so cheerful helper LuluRS I've decided that it will have been by race, meaning certain entire races were banished to Junos while others stayed on earth. That means that the people of Marae and Junos would recognize that they were from different worlds. Remember though that the majority of Junos has no idea Marae turned away from humanity in the end and they probably think humanity still has the ear of their old allies... Which they totally don't.

    Also I watched you on DeviantArt and am now totally your art stalker 8D (Ma Dev ID is PrestonH btw~)

    I can't wait to hear your ideas and I love people who come prepared X3
  8. Oh, cool. Okay, that will lead to some interesting things.

    I've been bedridden for a few days now, so I haven't been able to work on much. I certainly haven't lost interest, I am just too tired to really function.

    I have to admit, I am a bit curious that no one else has popped in to explore around.
  9. I am uber interested...
    Name: Jedidah
    Appearence: [​IMG]
    Race: half Fey(solitaire trooper)/Half human
    Age: appearance:20's? Actual age: 75
    Height: 5' 11"
    Weight: 170 lbs.
    Abilities: Can perform small Glamours, create intoxicating pheromones, very nimble but not so good skill wise when it comes to actual fighting. (more of a lover not a fighter)
    Job/Role: No job; he is a solitaire. He wanders looking for a purpose.
    Weapons: A pure silver dagger with an emerald embedded in it. He picked it up from a trader 50 years ago.
    Personality: Jed is very charming and good at manipulation. He doesn't manipulate people on purpose though. It's how he has always gotten what he needed. His ability to charm and lure people leads to inner melancholy. He however, hides behind a devil-may-care smile and attitude. He is very lonely.
    Bio: His mother was a rare Fey that had the ability to manipulate the fabric of dimensions. At one point and time she found herself in the mortal realm. She had been exploring, and didn't know where she was. She saw a small child playing with his toy cars, and felt extreme sympathy and love for this creature. She wanted to bind this world to her world. The Fey had separated from this world for so long they now lacked empathy for them. After having short exploration of Earth, she decided she wanted to stay. She had many relationships with humans, eventually becoming pregnant. Instead of taking Jedidiah back to Marae, where he would be an abomination, she abandoned him in a nearby forest and left. They would not accept him as their own. Since then he wanders the world searching for someone of his kind. He resides on Earth watching mortals from afar with disdain. He believes himself to be some sort of incubus because of his erm talents.
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  10. We haven't had any posts in a while, huh? In times like these, I think its time to have an art dump of all the concept art I have made for this thread that I haven't posted yet!
    Deer Small.jpg Snake Small.jpg Deer Girl Colored.png Animated-deer.gif

    It gives a pretty good idea of what I am thinking of, and even a little spoiler for a special something I have planned for advertising purposes!
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  11. Animated-banner-1.gif Animated-banner-2.gif
    Look at what I just made...!

    The goal was to get them in the rotation for the banner ads on top of the site, but I cannot find the thread with the rules for that, so my hands are a bit tied. I've been digging around trying to find it, and it just ain't coming up!

    I guess they can be used in signatures, too. Anyway, I saved the template, so when I get bored and have a half-hour or so to kill, I'll work on more.
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  12. I'm pretty interested, and quite surprised this hasn't really gotten much recognition.
  13. Alright, I realized I was enjoying working on one character way more than the others, and that was how I finally decided. Since we weren't getting players as fast as I hoped, so I'm not going to try to balance the party.


    Name: Ansley
    Appearance: A small girl, Ansley is still considered a child, and it shows. Her face is round and ruddy, with soft features and gentle lines. Her eyes are completely black and round, often wide open with childish curiosity.

    Her hair has grown in uneven and messy, though she makes an effort to smooth out and pleat the hair in front of her chest.

    Her skin is a light walnut, and her fur is a slightly darker shade. Her mane and tail are a darker mocha color.
    Gender: Female
    Race: Ocre
    Age: 34
    Height: 5'6”
    Weight: 200 lbs, though the majority of that is from her lower body.
    Abilities: The ability to magically stimulate plant growth; Has a good handle on animals, but cannot actually understand them
    Job/Role: Reforestation; While her job on Marae was virtually nonexistent, she sees Earth as a pitiful wasteland. Her current “Job” is to get back to Marae, while helping the Earth as a side-mission for her free time.
    Weapons: N/A
    Personality: An innocent soul, Ansley has never interacted with any Ochre than her mother, and due to her shy nature, has never met anyone other than the animals and plants in her forest.

    Still, she is an inquisitive girl, and she will often times observe others from afar. She collects anything that visitors of her forest might have left behind, stashing them in a small burrow hidden under her favorite tree. While she has no inclination to leave her forest, she is still very curious to learn about the outside world. In that regard, she dreams of learning to read, but because she has no one to teach her, she sees that as some far-off fantasy.

    Overall, she is very sweet and helpful, though she is submissive and quick to put herself down and run from any confrontation. She lacks self-confidence, a problem that is made particularly worse on Earth, where she is completely disoriented.

    Bio: Ansley was born long after the Ochre were sent to Marae, and as a result, she has never experienced humanity, nor what life was like without dense forests to live in. Her mother told her a bit about the stories, though Ansley did not particularly take them to heart. She does not believe that humanity is as bad as her mother's stories made them out to be, and feelings that it must be a slanted and biased account.

    Still, the time spent with her mother was warm and nurturing. From foraging to agriculture to language and basic self-defense, her mother covered everything she would need to survive. At the age of five, Ansley was sent off to find her own patch of forest, as the Ochre spread themselves out to ensure the health of the land. She has not seen her mother since, but as Ochre do not live by the same rules that humans do, this fact does not bother her in the slightest. She has become well-acquainted with the flora and fauna in the area, and loves them deeply.

    Ansley unintentionally crossed a rift into earth, and is extremely confused and disoriented by the experience. As much as she would like to help the Earth, she is too frightened by humanity and their buildings and technology to stay to help out. She would like to return to Marae as soon as possible.

    If anything, Ansley could be compared to a supernatural Alice in Wonderland; she fell through a world which seems like complete nonsense, and has to find her bearings, and in doing so, discover who she actually is.

    Author's Notes: I'd be starting her first RP with her falling through the rift. In that regard, she's going to be pretty dependent on whoever she encounters in that RP for a while, at least. Partners beware if this isn't something you'd enjoy.

    I intentionally made her the “helpless, weak girl” cliché; not because I particularly like to play them, but because my goal was to have her have a lot of character growth through the plot, if we can help it.
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  14. [​IMG]

    Name: Violet Talone
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human/ witch descendant
    Age: 21
    Height: 5'1
    Weight: 105 lbs
    Abilities:She's really good at sketching and skateboarding. She also has a little experience in self-defense combat
    Job/Role: Editor's assistant (Trying to get into an art school too)
    Weapons: Her snarky attitude lol
    Personality: Stubborn, independent, organized, inquisitive, and altruistic
    Bio: Violet has always been an orphan. One of those cliche chicks left at the doorway of Painted Oaks Orphanage. No one knew who (or what) her parents were since she was only 3 months old when she was abandoned. When the owners of the orphanage opened the door, the first thing they noticed about Violet were her stunning, purple eyes. So they became her namesake. She grew up around most of the boys at Painted Oaks so she's slightly tomboyish, but she always knew there was something weird or different about her. When the boys didn't keep her distracted, Violet used to wander off into the woods, not even knowing why she felt like something was drawing her in. Of course the officials always got her back. The longest she stayed lost was 25 hours when she was 15.
    Living there was fun when she was little, but as she grew older she began to feel very lost. The word orphan was everywhere and when she was alone, surrounded by moonlight and sleeping girls, she'd lie awake and wonder why she didn't have a mommy and daddy. Why they'd leave her here. She'd stay up for hours, silent tears streaming down her face as she tried to figure out what was so wrong about her that her own parents wouldn't even want to look at her or hold, or feed her any longer. This was a mystery she still avoided thinking on too hard. There was one friend she'd made though, Tommy, that she'd kept with her since he arrived at the orphanage at 3 years old. He was older than her by about 2 months, so he left the orphanage before her too. When she got out, he'd helped her get on her feet. He was and still is her best friend in the world. But there was one thing about Tommy that she didn't like. He believes in magic. When he was young, he'd always make up stories about why the parents of the orphans had left them at Painted Oaks. They were popular stories too. He had Little Ann believing she was a long lost fairy from another planet for like 8 weeks. It was his way of coping. And they all had their ways...except Violet. She was always a bit too realistic for that sort of stuff even if she wished she could believe the stories like Tommy did. If magic existed, it would have come to help her by now. Less tragedies would be played on the news, less lonely children would be stuck in orphanages across the country.
    Once she turned eighteen, she tried to make a good living as a waitress for a little while, but since then she's learned that further education was the only thing that was going to get her anywhere. So she managed to snag an internship at a magazine company as the Editor's assistant by day. Her main mode of transportation is skateboard because she doesn't have a car even if her license is still valid. Sometimes Tommy gives her rides, but he was busy making miracles in the hospital..going to college. Sometimes she envied him. As a kid, it seemed like she never really had career goals...maybe because she didn't feel like she belonged among humans. On her free time, she'd normally go exploring in the woods or work on some new drawings, possibly read a book. Lately though, she's been discovering strange things within her. She's wandering to new and deeper areas of the forest, almost subconsciously following an unknown force, drawing things she's never seen before without trying to, dreaming of wars and blood and magic. She's pushed it all aside for now but her growing power can only be ignored for so long.
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  15. Name: Mark Terrance

    Appearance (open)

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Age: 19

    Height:around 5'5

    Weight: 132 lb

    Abilities: He has a knack for investigation. He tries to find out more and won't stop until he's satisfied. Along with that, he has a great sense of intuition. With both of these skills he's managed to find himself as a great investigative reporter, following leads, rumors, and his hunch. Unfortunately, most of which get him into trouble and things he's not supposed to see. Photography is also a skill that he easily grasped.

    Job/Role: Reporter/Photojournalist

    Weapons: He's familiar with a small pistol and a decent shot, but he's no expert. And no Photojournalist is complete without his trusty camera.

    Personality: Mark has always had an insatiable hunger for knowledge. This would lead him to go to places where he's not supposed to be, such as the staff only areas of restaurants and past "Do Not Trespass" signs. He's always fascinated by what lies beyond and what people keep under wraps. He practically lives by the saying "Knowledge is power". Sometimes his thirst for knowledge is pretty ruthless. There's been more than a few counts where he's stolen something, or stepped on people to get that knowledge. Anything for the scoop.

    Bio: As a young boy, he had a knack for getting into places he shouldn't be. To him, boundaries where practically non-existent and people who follow them are blind followers. He always followed his nose growing up, earning the ire of his parents. It wasn't until he was in high school that he realized he could turn his lust for knowledge into a profession. He enrolled into journalism classes and after graduation he managed to obtain a position as a reporter on a local newspaper. He loved every minute of it and always dug for stories.

    Recently he caught wind of unnatural disturbances and sightings of mythical creatures. At first, he dismissed it as some crackhead's claim to fame through a supernatural tabloid, he realized that these sightings were too close to the city for any kind of bigfoot or jersey devil sighting. It had to be something else. He had a feeling that something big was going down, and he would be there to see it. His hunch was usually right, and if he'd be able to find something truly extraordinary, the possibilities to what he could do where endless.
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  16. [​IMG]

    Name: Mujer

    Gender: Male

    Race: Faerie

    Age: 5289

    Height: 5'4"

    Weight: 134lbs

    Abilities: While he is powerless on Earth, as it has no magic of its own, when exposed to a source of magic, Mujer gains mastery over all things in nature without sapience. Plants and animals bend to his will, compelled to do as he bids.

    Also, while Faries are an immortal race, they require magic to keep their youthful appearance. They will age in appearance much slower than humans, but will still begin to look quite elderly.

    Job/Role: Mujer is a hermit, living on his own deep within the swamps of New Orleans.

    Weapons: One large hunting knife, kept on his person at all times, and one rifle, taken from the old hunter who occupied the house before him. 2 Pet alligators named Bessie and Daisy-Mae (both male).

    Personality: Few people go out of their way to seek out this particular hermit. He's more likely to start shooting at you than he is to talk. Though, you'd have to be brave enough to walk past his two pets to even get within range. Mujer keeps people, or more specifically, humans, at a distance, as he knows exactly what they've done. He's lived through both wars and seen the brutality of humans. He will never warm to them, much less trust them not to repeat their previous behaviour. In short, Mujer is a bitter man longing for his old home.

    Bio: Mujer has difficulty remembering much of his past, as without his magic, his mind has aged as much as his body. His memory comes in spurts, moments of lucidity in which he is overcome with hurt and anger. What he always remembers is: He is not human. People have hurt him. This is not his true home.

    Name: Cruxis

    Gender: Male

    Race: Genesis

    Age: 1012

    Height: 5'7"

    Weight: 112lbs

    Abilities: Cruxis, as a Genesis, is able to create small creatures from the residual energy that builds up in his body. However, as he deals with a larger amount of energy than most Genesis, he's been able to manipulate his ability slightly. Instead of creating small creatures in one sitting, he can form larger beasts over the course of time. These beasts, however, are still peaceful.

    Job/Role: Cruxis' sole job is to act as a conduit for the energies of Earth, bringing in new life force, while transferring out the old. Beyond that, he could be classified as unemployed.

    Weapons: None, he'd much rather run than fight.

    Personality: Cruxis is a man at peace with the life that he's been given, spending much of his time burdened by his work as a conduit. A sereneness lacking in the modern age seems to surround him wherever he goes, and most people trust him in the first moments of meeting him. However, this trust is quickly broken if they catch sight of his wings. As such, despite his loneliness, Cruxis doesn't seek out interaction, secluding himself away from others.

    Bio: Cruxis was born at the very end of the Exodus, when the old races had all but lost the world. His mother, human in all regards, despaired when her son was born with shining wings of light, hopes of a child without their father's blood dashed in an instant. Afraid for his life, she locked him within their home, hid him in their dark cellar to prevent the eyes of her neighbours from catching sight of her not so human offspring. She kept him down there for nearly a century, caring for him, keeping him happy, but she always had a difficult time keeping his curiosity from straying to the outside world. So, she turned that curiosity into fear, telling stories of horrible creatures that ate men whole, and of men who would slay him should he leave her side. It was an effective, though not perfect, tool. He looked out less, and no escape attempts were enacted.

    As Cruxis grew older, the amount of energy he could move began to grow, and he opened himself as a new conduit, spending much of his time simply allowing the energy to flow through him. However, his mother began to grow very sick, and with her waning strength, Cruxis was allowed out of the cellar, neglecting himself to help her around the house. One day, she didn't come to let him out. He called out to her, but got no response. Growing worried for his dear mother, he began to fight against the door, the old hinges giving way underneath his weight. He found her in the bedroom, motionless on the floor. He could feel the energy ebbing out of her and in his panic, broke the rules. He carried her out into the village, calling for help.

    They answered, but with hostility in their hearts. Wives shuttered their daughters in their homes, while husbands and brothers grabbed spades and axes. They didn't listen, unable to see past the bright wings on his back. Realizing that they weren't going to listen to him, he set his mother down and fled, praying to whatever god may or may not exist that they take her in and help her, thinking her a victim. He was saved by a small group of Fae from the Unseelie court, taken with them as they crossed over into Marae.
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  17. Name: Prince Kal'lyn Dasevros
    Image (open)

    Gender: Male
    Race: Unseelie Fey
    Age: 716 (Looks around 26)
    Height: 6'1 in physical form 2 inches in spirit form.
    Weight: 186 in physical 4.6 ounces in spirit
    As a member of one of the noble houses Kal has received basic training in a variety of weapons and magics, as per the military traditions set down during the Gaea wars (as the two wars of Earth are known on Marae), but his true skill lies in something that he has mastered in his own time and fashion... unarmed fighting. He is certainly skilled with a bow to an extent, but he excels when in close quarters. What makes his skills unusual for the fey you might ask? Rather than using his magic as a weapon to battle his enemies he often uses earth magic to strengthen his body and blows to an exceptional extent. Though that skill only really works when he is in his physical form. When in spirit form he tends to bolster others with the earths power or build defenses when fighting large numbers of enemies

    His only other skill of note is a certain flair for dealing with animals. His loner attitude often means he spends his time deep in the forest with naught but the local wildlife for company... Generally he considers them better company than the majority of sentients that he has known.
    Job/Role: Noble of the Unseelie Court
    Weapons: He carries a bow and a small quiver, though he rarely runs out of arrows. Magic comes in handy for such things...
    Resentment, powerlessness, a complete lack of direction... Its what comes of being the spare child. The Dasevros family are prominent nobles, known throughout Marae for their skill and devotion to the proper stewardship of their people. Military might, diplomatic leverage, magical development, every generation of Dasevros have produced exceptional practitioners of these various disciplines.

    His family all racked up achievement and respect during the Gaea wars... but Kal was born several centuries after their end and the Mythos self imposed exile to Marae. A seeming lack of interest from his family as well as the general consensus that he has little use or importance have left him slightly bitter. He tries to keep away from people and their problems, hoping they will leave him well enough alone... But we all know that never happens and in truth... he can't keep himself from helping where he can. A little gratitude can go a long way...
    As stated before, Kal'lyn is the youngest of his siblings, and the only one of his family actually born on Marae. All his elder siblings were born and raised on Earth, fought in at least one of the two wars for the planet and earned their places in Unseelie society. Varyn, the eldest brother, is known as one of the greatest generals to come from the Dasevros line. Dashieva, the eldest sister, is known for being a master diplomat, famous for bringing several races into strategic alliance during the wars, Zevi the youngest sister, who is a magician with few equals... And then there was Kal'lyn.

    Born in a time of peace and lacking any obviously exceptional skills Kal spent his first few centuries trying to gain the favor of the people... and generally failing in the most miserable of ways. Over the last 2 centuries or so though he has steadily moved away from his attempts at pleasing the populace and gaining the respect of his family. Instead he took to keeping himself entertained, experimenting with his magic, wandering the forests and wilderness of Marae, visiting the various races and learning from them... and doing his best to ignore the lonely ache he felt when he thought about what he should be doing with his life.

    Now though... things have begun to change. Members of various races have gone missing, the flow of magic on Marae has changed, and whispers of odd happenings abound. At these strange tidings Kal'lyn returned home, only to find his family in an uproar. The walls between worlds were failing, and as far as anyone can tell it was opening rifts in between the worlds, taking magic and creatures from Marae and depositing them on Earth. Messages flew through the lords halls about missing persons on a regular basis, and the mages scrambled for a way to seal the rifts before the horrors of the Gaea wars were visited upon them all over again.

    But those who had fallen through the rifts could not be left on Earth, and someone needed to scout ahead in the hopes of finding what might be responsible for these worrying tears in the wall between the two worlds. His siblings scrambled for the chance to make themselves useful, each one pushing themselves forward as a choice based on their individual merits. The argument had gone on for quite a while before Kal had managed to break into the conversation... Finally a chance to prove himself. He would go, expendable as he was as the 4th child.

    A better magician than Varyn or Deshieva, better warrior than Deshieva or Zevi, and a better diplomat that Varyn or Zevi. Kal could handle all possible facets of the mission to an adequate degree, where his siblings may have struggled he planned to thrive. His father gave his consent, and Kal'lyn set off for Earth, using a rift a little luck he hoped to find the truth.
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  18. Name: Reid Clinton
    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler

    Gender: Male
    Race: Homo-superior (the next evolution of homo-sapiens)
    Age: 18
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 145
    Abilities: Teleportation, Telekinesis, Telepathy, and if very desperate he can slow down time for a very limited amount of time.
    Job/Role: Student, but works a clothing store.
    Personality: Very noticeable, outgoing, kind, nice, sweet, and sometimes romantic. He has trust issues, but makes friends quite easily.
    Bio: (In progress)
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  19. Mao and Lulu, Accepted. Amazing jobs you two~

    Vanessa Accepted, but I hope you remember to put spaces between your paragraphs, it seems like a small act but it really helps with readability.

    Exsesmyr, Accepted. I like the journalist angle... should be fun to mess with his head~

    Jed, Accepted. Watch your formatting and paragraphs yeah?

    Jed, Exses, and Vanessa... your chars have been accepted but I would love more history on them you know? Wanna know what makes them tick and all that jazz.

    Nations and Chi I'll be sending yall messages on your chars soon kay?
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  20. Thanks for the feedback. I added a bit more to his personality, and I'll put a little more into his history when I get the time