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    Name: Loki Laufeyson
    Lora Laurent
    Age: 1,048
    Appears Early Thirties
    Birth Place: Jotunheim
    Gender: Male, but that's always fixable
    Sexuality: Humanoid, Horse, Dragon, whatever...
    Marital Status: Separated
    Species: Frost Giant; God of Mischief
    Ethnicity: Asgardian
    Occupation: Plotting Things, Causing Mayhem, Revenge Against Odin and Thor, Ruling Asgard
    Education: Tutored by Asgardian scholars and taught tricks by his mother
    Languages: Any language he needs to know
    Religious Views: "I am your God. Kneel before me."
    Political Views: Don't even get him started.
    Family: Laufey - Deceased - Biological Father
    Farbauti - Deceased - Biological Mother
    Odin Borson - Foster Father
    Frigga - Deceased - Foster Mother
    Thor Odinson - Foster Brother
    Sigyn - Possibly Deceased - Wife
    Narvi - Deceased - Son
    Vali - Deceased - Son
    Lokison (Son of Satan) - Son
    Maya - Black Cat

    Favorite Color: Green
    Favorite Food: Mint Chip Ice Cream
    Favorite Movie: The Exorcist
    Favorite Book: The Bible
    Favorite Quote: "Great liars are also great magicians." - Adolf Hitler
    Favorite Song: "Communication Breakdown" - Led Zeppelin
    Theme Song: "Bohemian Rhapsody" - Queen

    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 525 lbs
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Green
    Scars: Various
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: None
    Abilities: Loki, like all Asgardians, has superhuman strength. His strength isn't superior to Thor's but is almost equal despite their difference in frame and build. Another attribute that is like his supposed Asgardian brothers would be that his tissue is rather dense, making him a lot heavier than he really looks. This also helps his incredible durability even when he doesn't use his magic to make himself stronger. It also helps his longetivity. Loki doesn't stopaging, but he'll be tens of millennia old before he truly looks old. He's not even immortal, but he is pretty close to it and is immune to Earthly ailments. What he gets from his Frost Giant side, though, is his large stamina. He can go twenty-four hours undergoing strenuous activity without any kind of rest or nourishment before he's even close to fatigued. As far as his magical abilities go, Loki has more than a rabbit in his hat or a card up his sleeve. Loki has the ability to generate and control a great quantity of mystical abilities for a variety of purposes, of which can be used to further enhance or augment his physical diagram, like his speed, strength, and stamina, but only temporarily. His magical abilities are equal to Karnilla, the most skilled sorceress of the Nine Realms. Being a telekinetic, Loki can influence the movement of objects and people with his mind, and as such, this power proves to be devastating and chaotic in nature. His known abilities include the ability to fire powerful beams of concussive force, generate highly durable force fields, bestow superhuman attributes to living beings or inanimate objects, or teleport himself or others across dimensions. He can also bring inanimate objects to life, or mystically imbue objects or beings with specific but temporary powers. He has, for example, augmented the might of human criminals as the Cobra and Sandu. These magical effects remain only for as long as he maintains the spell that created them. Loki has also once cursed Deadpool with an indestructible Tom Cruise's face, which proved to be powerful enough to withstand being run over by a train and direct contact with a nuclear rod without receiving a single scratch. He has also once used his magic to turn Invisible Woman's psionic shields against herself. Loki's power has been said by the Silver Surfer during their early encounters as sufficient to "decimate a planet", and according to Dormammu, Loki’s magic nearly rivals that of his own. His psionics aren't even at their full potential yet, and shapeshifting is another thing that he's very well known for as he tends to bend his gender whenever he feels like it.
    Physical Description: Loki's image is very distinct. He has long black hair that stays to just about his shoulders that looks pristine and slicked back on a good, regular day and like he'd just spent the last twenty years doing drugs on a bad one. His eyes are green just like his favourite colour, and most of his wardrobe tends to bear that colour as well as black and faded gold. Unlike Thor, Loki's muscle is a lot more lanky and wiry along his frame making him a lot more lean. One of the reasons Loki never wanted to bulk up was because he relied on his abilities and trickery more than brute force and physical comment. And, frankly, he was much smarter than Thor and didn't see the need to attack first.

    Personality: Loki is a hard one to crack if you pay attention. On the outside, Loki is simply an evil man who wishes nothing more than to rule Asgard and all the other nine realms if he could get away with it. His desire for power stems from a lack of recognition and equality his entire life. He doesn't seek ultimate power; he merely wanted to be equal to the family he believed was his own. He was always in Thor's shadow, and it has forever imprinted itself into his mannerisms. Loki has a huge issue with equality, and because he had none of it he has turned to believing that the only way to be seen as anything more than below someone is to be blatantly above them. Overall, he sees himself as superior to others. Nobody is as intelligent, nobody is as strong, and nobody is as worthy and deserving as he is to rule the throne or even rule over people in general. People are beneath him now. They have been all along and they just didn't see it. He will make them see it.

    One way he tends to feel superior is with his wit and sarcastic, condescending remarks. There is no better way to show that you possess more intellect than another person than to use words against them. He loves to be the smartest one in the room and often believes he is as such; he usually is as well. Loki gets a kick out of getting a laugh at the expense of others. Often times he'll get on people's nerves with it, and that's exactly why he enjoys it so much. He loves being a pain in the ass and continues to let it be how he spends his time when he isn't plotting things or too busy keeping up an appearance of the cool, calm, and collected version of himself.

    A side of Loki that people hardly ever see, maybe about seven people in all of existence, is the one that shows he's possessive of those he cares about but never lets them know because emotion is a sign of weakness, weakness which he believes he doesn't have. It takes a long time for someone to break through the frosty, pun intended, exterior to reach him and make him care. Most of the time he'd rather stick to a physical relationship that can keep him entertained because that's what most people are: entertainment. However, even when he does care about someone it takes a miracle and a half for him to openly admit it and not just push them away like he's been doing his whole life. People thought they were above him and he didn't want them, so now he doesn't want them even when they've proven enough to care. If you fuck him over once, your odds of forgiveness are slim.
    Strengths: Loki has a genius level intellect and possesses a great deal of knowledge of the mystic arts, gifted with mastery superior to that of a Sorcerer Supreme's. He is also extremely cunning and skilled, an expert battle strategist, and highly skilled and charismatic manipulator, which is evident by the ease how Loki repeatedly succeeded to regain the trust of his fellow Asgardians, despite his numerous crimes. And not only that but Loki is a formidable combatant in his own right, particularly as a swordsman or in the use of his various energy manipulative powers in combat situations, enough to hold his own against Thor on numerous occasions and beat the Disir into (literal) submission. He also has an almost indomitable will that shows when he sets his mind to something. He may like to toy with his prey and he may like to prolong victory to make it sweeter, but once his mind is set to something you can be damned sure that he'll follow through.
    Weaknesses: As far as physical and magical weaknesses go, Loki's powers are weaker on Midgard than they are anywhere else because unlike Thor his birth mother is not Gaea. And even though he maintains some very influential abilities, he cannot read minds nor directly control thoughts. He also tends to get in the way of himself by way of the fact he has a severe superiority inferiority complex. Loki is his own worst enemy in almost every fashion. He often trips himself up with his own hatred of his brother, and his foster parents, his lust for power, and his way of alienating himself which sends him to his defeat even though a plan might be so cleverly thought out. If he wasn't such a fan of bravado and showmanship then he could have been victorious a long time ago; however, all of these things taken into consideration, his biggest downfall on Earth specifically is the fact that he doesn't understand human nature and often times underestimates human, mortal opponents which has led to his defeat more times than one.

    Likes: Loki rather enjoys reading books that are considered literature, usually on the subjects of art and philosophy. Despite the fact he loves mischief and tends to destroy things, Loki really has an appreciation for the arts and the finer things in life both to Asgardians and humans alike; he even leans more towards the human fine arts. He even enjoys philosophy of mortals and thinks of ways that could actually apply to his own taking over of the worldAsgard. He is rather fond of amusing himself by way of making people mad or confusing them. Irritating people is just too fun. And, given the fact he's fathered three humanoid children and two fantastical children, Loki can admit that he's rather fond of sex. He enjoys sex in both of his gender forms, and among all of the more strange things related to sex, pain is probably his favourite. He's a bit of a masochist and more finitely a sadist. The most complicated thing that he happens to like, though, isn't even a thing. The "thing" in question happens to be his mother and his brother, Frigga and Thor. The rest of it happens to be simple things like winter, night time and darkness, astrology, the sky, and trickery.
    Dislikes: Thor and Odin are as close to the top as someone or something possibly could be. His "father" as he's convinced has no emotional ties towards him nor does he have any in return. If Odin wants him gone so badly and wishes him dead, so be it. Loki will return the feelings and bears nothing but hatred and resentment towards the man for not giving him the throne as is his birthright and not loving him equal to Thor. He also doesn't like Jane Foster to an extent because he feels that Thor doesn't deserve to be happy, but then again Loki isn't satisfied with much. Excluding people, Loki cannot stand being mocked or ridiculed. Being belittled is just something he refuses to put up with, and it often times results in his getting very angry, very quickly. He also hates the heat and summer because of his Frost Giant nature, although he didn't know why he hated the season until he discovered he was not truly an Asgardian, and he hates others who show superiority because that is his job; he is superior to everyone, no question about it.
    Aspirations: Loki's aspirations are very widely known. He simply wants the throne of Asgard, although any kind of throne will do. Other than his goals to rule one day, one day soon, Loki has the real goal of getting to see Thor and Odin cast under his shadow and letting them be at his feet now. He will have his time as king. Putting Odin in his place and finally wiping the look off his face that Loki got so tired of seeing would be the biggest victory that Loki could ever have, and once he does that by taking up the throne of Asgard he plans on getting revenge on Midgard and taking over them as well. He'd love to see S.H.I.E.L.D. stop him now that he has the throne under the guise of Odin.
    Fears: While Loki puts on the facade that he is fearless, there are actually quite a few things that can strike some kind of fear into him. He really hates thunder because of what usually ends up coming with it. He also isn't very font of love or commitment, yet he has an issue with abandonment as well. Deep down he wants people to love him but is scared of them leaving, so he pushes everyone away to avoid people coming close because they can't leave him if they don't get close. He isn't quite afraid of so much as uncomfortable with people touching his mouth with their hands because of the time when the dwarves sewed his mouth shut. There's also the issue of giving birth, which has sadly happened more times than he would ever like to think about, but his biggest fear of all happens to be vulnerability. He can't be seen as weak in any fashion.
  2. Name: Natasha Romanoff
    Natalia Romanova
    Age: 30
    Birth Place: Stalingrad
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight (couldn't find anything definite)
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Species: Human
    Citizenship: Russian, American
    Occupation: Superhero, intelligence operative, master in all things espionage
    Education: Espionage training through the Red Room Academy, other unknown
    Languages: French, Russian, Latin, English, German, Chinese, and various others
    Religious Views: Atheist
    Political Views: Anything that gets the job done
    Family: Unnamed mother (deceased) - Ivan Petrovitch (foster father) - unnamed brothers (possibly deceased) - Vindiktor (older brother, deceased - Alexi Shostakov (husband, divorced)

    Favorite Color: Gold
    Favorite Food: Strawberries
    Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (she watched it once with Clint)
    Favorite Book: The Chronicles of Narnia
    Favorite Quote: "Just because we do bad things does not mean we are bad people."
    Favorite Song: "Uprising" - Muse
    Theme Song: "You're Going Down" - Sick Puppies

    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 131 lbs
    Hair Color: Red-auburn
    Eye Color: Blue
    Scars: Bullet wound on stomach, various other slight marks
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: None

    Abilities: Government treatments have slowed her aging, augmented her immune system and enhanced her physical durability. Black Widow wears two bracelets equipped to discharge the "widow's bite", high-frequency electrostatic bolts up to 30,000 volts, capable of stunning even a superhuman opponent at a range of 20 feet, shoot tear gas cartridges and act as a radio transmitter. They are activated by sensors keyed to her wrist musculature. Sometimes she carries plastic explosive discs, and of course she uses automatic weapons, combat and knives. Her catsuit is composed of a Kevlar-like substance, its fingers and feet lined with microscopic suction cups activated by an electrostatic charge, which allow her to adhere to any standard building material surface. She also has impressive interrogation skills and competent scientific mind and hacking skills.
    Physical Description: Her hair is naturally red, though as a spy it changes lengths and colors quite often. Right now it's shoulder length, straight, and part down the side with side bangs (like Captain America 2, except with a side part and bangs). Her eyes are blue, (however sometimes she is required to wear colored contacts for a mission or whatnot), and she's got an appealing figure and is in tip-top shape.
    Personality: She is down to earth, very calm and collected, and able to keep her emotions easily in check from all her spy training. However, this does not make her cold and emotionless, as she does have emotions and she does show them. She is very determined, and she wants to remedy her past and wipe out her "red ledger." She is an intelligent woman and has difficulty learning to trust people, but once you've got her trust it's complete.
    Strengths: Master martial artist, expert acrobat, expert marksman, multilingual, expert tactician, master interrogator, talented hacker, master seductress, expert spy.
    Weaknesses: Sometimes, her loyalty will go too far and she'll risk her life or other's lives trying to save a friend (her reasoning is that it's hard to find good friends nowadays and you've got to treasure the ones you've got). This can be seen in her friendship with Hawkeye.
    Likes: Coffee and movies. It doesn't seem like she'd like that kind of things, but she isn't just some ruthless killer - she's a woman and a human being and nothing enjoys her more than sitting on the couch in a pair of sweatpants with a mug of coffee and a good movie on the television. She loves rain and thunderstorms, and just getting to relax as she doesn't get very much time off.

    Dislikes: Idiots. She hates when she's completing a mission, and some dipshit gets in the way and screws everything up. It's her belief that everyone should be able to voice their opinion, but it's also her belief that if your opinion is stupid and you know it you should keep your mouth shut. She hates the cold. The cold reminds her of Russia and her time in the Red Room and the Black Widow project.
    Aspirations: To wipe the red out of her ledger.
    Fears: Being captured by the people from the Red Room. It's one of her greatest fears that one day, someone will find her and force her back. She says love is for children, but the though kind of worries her. She's been taught all her life to fight that she's not sure she knows how to love. She's scared of losing someone close to her, and she's terrified of that thought that the horrible things she's done in her past will come back to haunt her, especially if that's the reason someone close to her gets hurt.

    ((It's not nearly as detailed as yours, but the details I do have about her past and age and abilities and stuff like that come directly from the Marvel website, I even directly quoted some of it because I do not have enough time to reword the entire thing. Even though it's not as much as yours, I tried to hit along the same points and kept the same form, just so I could give back as much as possible. If there's anything I'm missing or you would like me to add, please let me know!))​
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