Trust is Deceiving.

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Walking the snow-covered streets of Minnesota Isabel could feel the winds chill, slowly biting its way through her thick gray coat. Her eyes, still blurry from the tears that had been escaping just a few minutes ago, tried their best to see through the winter mix - snow dancing across her vision. All her life he was all she knew... now he was gone. How was a girl supposed to live without her father? How did people get through the holidays without someone by their side?
Biting into the soft skin at her bottom lip she huffed out a breath of exhaustion. John wouldn't have wanted her crying like this. "I'll always be with you" he had said. "No matter what happens." Even as a child Isa hadn't necessarily believed him. It was just hard to take in the fact that this day had actually come.

Distracted by her grief Isabel hadn't heard the sound of squealing tires across a slick icy pavement. She hadn't heard the sound of a car stopping... nor did she realize she was hit. That is, until it was too late. Lying on the frozen earth she was in shock, her ribs in pain, yet it wasn't enough to bring her back to consciousness. It just wasn't enough.

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Chad stared out the window of the Ambulance, he felt distant tonight, detached, and in a sense 'not himself'. He attributed it partially to the weather, but there was something else, something he couldn't quite put his finger on. As for the weather, it had been snowy and icy the last couple days, very cold, with just enough dampness in the air to set everything on ice. The roads were like one giant slip N slide, it seemed like they were getting calls to wreck after wreck. Damn tourists didn't know how to drive in Minnesota during winter. It was a busy week for an EMT, and being new to the job, Chad was more than a little jumpy.

In an instant, the Radio lit up with the code for a Hit and run. This was it. The sirens exploded into the night, sending waves of whirring noise into the crisp air. Chad held on tight to his seat as the driver took off like a mad man through the streets. Chad zipped his coat up, as he saw the scene of the accident up ahead. A girl laying on the frozen ground with people standing around. Was She dead? Chad hoped not, he hadn't seen a DOA yet, and he didn't want to make tonight his first time.
Sonya was in between jobs. Recently let go of from a hospital in another state, she tried to follow potential jobs and ended up here, still with everything she had from the start and nothing more than that. She lived in her Dodge Charger 1969, with no house, no real place to stay. The car had been given to her by a friend when she first lost the job. She had no car... and just like that, he had given it to her. But now, he was thousands of miles away.

She was barely even affording to pay for medications, most importantly, her schizophrenia.

It was easy to tell she wasn't all in there, for one, her car was jam-packed with all types of things, and the other reason was, the look in her eyes spoke enough.

At the moment, she had been in her car, snacking on a bag of chips that had cost her a dollar (Money was starting to get incredibly tight), and in the middle of biting into one of them, she heard a car skidding to a stop, but not before making contact with a girl. It was a horrifying sight to her and she immediately rushed out of her car, going to where a large crowd was forming on scene. It was all rubberneckers, though, and no one was really helping. No one moved forward and everyone was waiting for an ambulance.

She moved past the crowd a little and knelt down near the girl, trying to remember what she used to do two years ago.

Sonya looked the young woman over and then brushed some of the hair from her cheek, "Hey sweetheart, can you hear me? Come on, sweetie, wake up, the ambulance is probably going to be here soon.... My name's Sonya.... what's yours?" She wanted to try and talk to the girl, get her awake, keep her awake until the ambulance came, take her mind off of the pain. She just wanted to help someone.... she had loved working at the hospital...

"Come on, dear, wake up..."